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The Rationality of Continued Austerity in Greece


The Rationality of Continued Austerity in Greece

Dean Baker

The NYT ran an a piece by Hugo Dixon that boldly proclaimed that if Alex Tsipras, the prime minister of Greece is rational, he will get tough with his left-wing supporters and impose more austerity measures. This is an interesting notion of rationality.


Thanks Dean Baker for that perspective.

However, I think the best “tough” and “rational” approach that could be taken by economist journalists, would be to call out those who attacked Greece in the first place i.e., Hedge Fund Manager billionaire sociopaths and their neoliberal buddies of the IMF, FED, Bank of England, and the ECB.


Read your post after posting mine. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.


What Syriza understands well ahead of the banksters is that, in fact, the EU needs Greece more than Greece needs the EU. Just watch—“somehow,” like a heroin dealer not wanting to lose addicted customers, the banksters will find a way to keep Greece on the EU string rather than face all the damages and ripple effects of a Grexit. Maybe they’ll pass the same deal that Germany got in 1953 when crushed by its post-war obligations—Europe wrote off half Germany’s debts and put the rest on a much longer plan for manageable repayment. It’s either that or face an “odious debt” legal challenge that Greece would probably win.


The only way to win with wall-street banks is to not pay them a penny, break the chains of Euro zone, it’s a cover for total US/Zionist domination in due time. US corporations hate rules against GMO, pesticide treated factory farm products that are forced down our throats by flooding our super markets… They want to basically corrupt all of Europe like they have the US, Canada and Mexico


Well said there chum, I’ve been trying to sound this alarm every chance I get. Don’t pay a single dime to the criminal enterprises that want your body parts in lieu of interest payments. Please Greece show backbone and lead the world in a revolt against capitalism!