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The Real 9/11 Conspiracy


The Real 9/11 Conspiracy

Sonali Kolhatkar

I remember watching the towers fall.

My sister called early in the morning to tell me to turn on the television. My husband and I, who had been working closely with Afghan women organizing against the Taliban, stared at the screen, aghast as the buildings crumbled.


9/11 was bullshit before the buildings fell. The "news" readers were explaining that the buildings were going to collapse just minutes after the planes hit. If there is a Newton in their lives, his first name is Fig.


There's no doubt in my mind that the US was complicit in 911. Just look at who the members were of the Carlyle group. You don't need to dig too deeply to see the long standing partnership between the Bush Family and Saudi Royals. Watching those buildings collapse at free-fall speed, especially building #7... well, it doesn't a rocket scientist to understand what really transpired. The American people need to pull their collective heads out of the sand and start asking for the hard questions. We owe it to the families and first responders of the dastardly deed.


The real conspiracy theory is the fairy tale told to us by our corrupt government.


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The real reason why the average person believes the official line on the 9-11 events? People are gullible idiots. They have this enormous brain on their heads but for some reason, in most cases, that brain does not function. Has the size of the human brain grown/evolved faster than the average human's ability to use it? Perhaps...


Let's see. The US, after the Saudis attack us, attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Gee, what country lies directly between Afghanistan and Iraq? What country remains the ultimate target for US aggression in the Middle East, waiting for a president with more balls than Obama (i.e. Hillary Clinton)? The neocons have been slavering over a war with Iran for decades. The US will not disengage from east-west staging areas for a ground assault on Iran until our ultimate goal is realized. Like I opine, the PTB await a president willing, on their behalf, to falsely promote any rationale that will finally bring us to war with Iran, the ultimate target from the very beginning. Until that goal is realized, I do not believe the US will exit from Afghanistan or Iraq.


I wonder how many towers have been dropped in the Middle East since 9/11 and how many more children must die before the bombing stops.


With all due respect, regardless where the patsies/terrorists came from or who "supported" them, the enormous crimes of 911 could not have been accomplished without massive official/semi-official "spook" involvement. The Pentagon pilot couldn't fly a piper cub (according to testimony of his flight instructor - (worst student he had in over 30 years) much less accomplish the very involved/technical maneuver he is claimed to accomplish to hit the pentagon between the ground and second floor without a mark on the lawn!! We use drones everyday operated from thousands of miles away - no mountain for a mule....or depraved conspiracy.

The truth likely will never be known, just as JFK's assassination, but we are meant to believe the patsie Oswald was the sole perp in that case, and 19 terrorists/patsies with boxcutters on 911. Far too many unanswered questions and highly suspicious actions or lack of actions

The likelihood is the 28 pages are a Red Herring or other political ploy to effect some depraved strategy or other - the Saudis are war criminals in their Yemen civilian bombings regardless.



A journalist investigates. A journalist has an open mind when presented with alternatives. A Journalist does not simply repeat what a given Governments claims are the facts as fact. A journalist does not dismiss evidence presented by others , based on science and evidence because they do not suit that journalists biases.

This "journalist" has repeated verbatim the narrative of Assad using barrel bombs and the Russians as targeting Hospitals in Syria. This "journalist" ignores WTC7 and the work of some 2500 engineers and scientists that refute the official version of 9/11 along with all of the other evidence suggesting foreknowledge of the events too numerous to list here while bemoaning the fact that it suggested she a "gatekeeper" by those who wonder how such evidence can simply be ignored.

As such I can not take her seriously as a journalist.


We use conspiracy for actions that fit two parameters:

  • They are planned between a group
  • An effort is made to keep them secret, with whatever degree of success

If we are saying that government and corporate actions are not conspiracies, we must say either that they are not planned (as opposed to being planned well or poorly), or else that no attempt is made to make them secret.

Any takers?

Outside of the typical but stupid practice of casting aspersion on any theory that involves dishonesty in government, conspiracy theories are not only natural but necessary to any reasonable understanding of current events: insofar as government and corporate motives and actions are indeed concealed, self-government, self-direction, and autonomy require making educated guesses about what these fundamentally psychopathic institutions are up to.

Of course, that does not at all mean that all conspiracy theories are reasonable any more than all psychological or literary or linguistic theory is reasonable.

However, in this case, recent events should make it obvious that the attack on 9/11/01 was an inside job and false flag. We have had a good few responsible and enterprising commentators--Kolhatkar, here, but also Noam Chomsky--deny or at least denied at one time that this could be an inside job. It turns out that they were not correct. The reasons that such intelligent commentators were thoroughly fooled is worth considering. Since I myself was fooled as well, maybe I have a leg up on getting this started.

Chomsky's take, apparently after discussing the matter with engineering colleagues at MIT, was that the physics of the collapse of the building was complex and difficult to use as proof. He concluded that it could not be an inside job because logistics of planning and execution could not be kept secret. Sadly, this probably constitutes a major error in analysis based on a misunderstanding of what an inside job is and how it is likely to operate. I say sadly not so much because I am disappointed that Chomsky can be so misled--he's human, apparently--but because this means that such actions are far, far more easily planned and executed than I or most of us had believed.

Chomsky observed that to set up the buildings in advance for demolition required the collusion of too many people, people who would have varying self-interests and who would not therefore reliably keep a secret. This principle is actually rather good. It does indeed mean that George Bush could not likely have gone to the various chiefs of police and companies and military and so forth and arranged such things. The principle is well described by Edward Luttwak, of all people, in his early study Coup d'Etat. Basically, the more people you must inform of a coup or other dangerous conspiracy, the more likely it is that someone will turn you in and get you fried.

But of course, that is why American black ops people do not contact a lot of people within a country to arrange coups, and also engage in a lot of other violence and rotten play that take less organization than coups--like false fire events, in this case. The CIA, particularly, has been performing and overseeing such things since at least 1953, which surely means that there are sophisticated means and trained experts inside and outside of various organizations who can be tapped for such activities in ways that have been tried and refined over decades.

I am probably just as glad to not know all the details, but certain things may be regarded as obvious. The standard operating procedure for corporations who wish something illegal to be done is to hire it out. If it is particularly objectionable, you hire someone who is not likely to empathize with victims. If someone is to be killed, the killer is likely brought from across country and returned quickly. If the target is famous or there are many people, you probably hire foreigners. So you might hire dissatisfied Saudis to kill New Yorkers or Americans to kill Muslims more easily than you can hire Muslims to kill Muslims and Americans to kill Americans--though the latter can be done if you can divide people by race, creed, income, or gender orientation. You give them a lot of rot about terrorists or people who are not nice to women or whatever--a false flag event, ideally. But still, it would not be likely that Allen Dulles would have hired Irish mafia from Boston to kill John Kennedy, for instance, and the reasons for that are probably easy to understand.

Now, in the case of 911, where the Saudi government has seen fit to make large threats in response to threats of exposure and where the foreign nationals that we do know about were Saudis, what we would be looking for would be an adequately close connection between someone with the power and influence within the US to assure that defenses would be down and investigations nominal, and at the same time someone with sufficient connection to someone in the Saudi Kingdom to mandate parties to handle the logistics.


The modus operandi of the fascist, Amerikan Empire is always to use patsies when they do their egregious, political deeds and assassinations. If you look back in history, there is always a patsie that is framed by the CIA, the FBI or other government agencies. like the so-called blue ribbon commissions which are designed to further provide cover for the Deep state.

Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan Sirhan, and the alleged 19 Saudi hijackers have been all patsies. And this scenario will not stop until the people that did 9/11 and are found guilty and responsible for the murders of 3,000 innocent people are brought to justice.


And as a result of 911:
Let us not forget the 5000+ American service men and women who lost their lives after being sent to fight an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
And the tens of thousands of injured soldiers who come home missing arms and legs and with severe brain trauma.
And the thousands of Vets with PTSD and countless others who can not cope and end up taking their own lives.
And the death of 550,000 Iraqi civilians.
And the plight of 2,000,000+ Iraqi refugees
And the disgusting enhanced interrogation (torture)
And on and on...
It seems that we have a lot of blood on our hands
The war on terror? Who are we kidding.
Yes! Bring these people to justice


Sonali, Please !! cui bono from 911? Obviously the defense industry, oil barons, and Israel. Were there any bodies found on the drones used ?? In Shanksville ? Simply a hole in the ground and no bodies or plane parts. At the Pentagram, a hole in a wall...no bodies, no plane parts. How dumb do they think we are. As for Secretary Lehman, a Kissinger acolyte, an advocate for a massive military buildup under Reagan and a member of the 911 whitewash, what exactly is he asking for now ? No rational person believes the towers, especially bldg 7, came down due to fires. Who had access, who owned, who insured and who benefitted ? Israeli dual nationals. A dual nation, Chertoff's company manufactured the scanners used in airports. Gee, I guess he made a couple of dollars. AIPAC determines U.S. policy as well as extracting billions for Israel every year while infrastructure, health and education are Too expensive to afford per Hillary. How propagandized are the American sheeple ? No wonder there is despair among the masses. A man shot his wife the other day because he could no longer afford her meds yet a 'foreign' entity receives billions with a b every year. God bless America and we thank you for your service !!!


the Saudis attacked,,,no one ...


Thanks for your reply. What is so unfortunate is that the MSM is complicit in letting this same cabal of criminals that are still in power in the Deep state, get away with these crimes and that means to me, it is just a matter of time until it will happen again when the need arises!


I agree.

Also, did the Saudis have the capacity to use the Stand Down order so that U.S. military planes would not attack the alleged hijacked aircraft?

How about the pinprick to the Pentagon that supposedly was created by a plane.

How about no debris around the alleged crash in Pennsylvania.

This is also way off the mark:

"And one irrefutable fact kept arising over and over in my mind: 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals."

The Saudi hijacker item has NEVER been proven. Does Ms. Kolkathar really believe a passport was found in burning rubble?

Some of those named on the list ARE still alive.

There are also qualified Demolition experts who recognize how building 7 came down. It was set up to come down.


This is a disgusting comment because it takes PROFESSIONALLY RENDERED propaganda that was repeated by ALL the "experts" and "important people" 24/7 and then blames the Programming on those programmed.

People get UPSET when you challenge their sense of reality.

I saw a Psychologist interviewed on this subject and she explained it this way: That a person's belief system is like home to them.

To tell people that members of their own government in complicity with outfits that knew a lot about controlled demolition (and my bet is on Eric Prince and company, here) created this catastrophe is something they CANNOT believe. It threatens their whole concept of being a patriotic American along with any trust in media, government "leaders" as well as church "leaders."

Hey, Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Chris Hedges, and PLENTY of respectable intellectuals are still not allowing themselves to see the whole truth on this ugly sore upon the nation's body, collective consciousness, and spirit.


Excellent post.

I am halfway through Ole Dammegard's book that focuses on the assassination of the premier of Sweden about 25 years or so ago.

Ole explains that having studied assassinations for 30 years he recognizes a particular template that is ALWAYS used.

I recently read Michael Parenti's book on the Assassination of Julius Caesar and what's remarkable is the tactics used 2000 years ago are STILL the ones being used.

An inside group works to demonize the entity they wish to get rid of, and that entity is ALWAYS on the side of Justice, expanding human rights, and frequently a proponent of peace rather than war. Then the inside group plans the way they will do the deed by studying the individuals' habits and moves. They make sure they have a getaway plan, usually have control of the press/narrative, and have a patsy at the ready. The patsy usually has a chequered enough past to carry at least some suspicion.

It's a formula!


I think the number of people whose deaths they are responsible for has grown exponentially since 911 was the PLANNED trigger utilized to unleash already planned Middle East Wars, as per The Project for a New American Century (which might be read as the blueprint for this very thing).

Add in the tolerance for torture, the evisceration of Habeas Corpus and key Civil Liberties and Constitutional Protections, and the later manipulations of Wall St to purposely redirect wealth to the upper-crust 1%...

The amount of Deaths ultimately authored by this cabal is phenomenal.