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The Real College Admissions Scandal

The Real College Admissions Scandal

Jessicah Pierre

In what’s being called the largest college admissions scam ever, a number of wealthy parents, celebrities, and college prep coaches have been accused of offering large bribes to get rich students into Ivy League schools, regardless of their credentials.

The parents facing charges allegedly paid up to $6.5 million to get their kids into college.


Both the admissions bribery scandal, as well as the legacy admissions scandal, are “real.” Both pale in comparison to the scandal that the author nails in her final two paragraphs:

"Today’s college admissions scandal is just another illustration of the rich encouraging working- and middle-class people to turn against each other — and blame people of color — while they quietly rig the game for themselves.

“Instead of pointing the finger at each other, the victims of these manipulations should come together to take the monster of economic privilege down.”


Bill Maher’s take on the admissions scandal was short, sweet and to the point:

“Rich people lie, cheat and steal, and their children are stupid. What a shocker.”


That actress from Fuller House has a daughter who basically said she didn’t care about her education- another shocker.

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The prestigious schools are just a conduit for the transfer of wealth.


That was a good monologue on this scandal, and Maher also questioned, who would want to attend these “a**hole factories.”


I think some of the top schools’ admissions management would be thrilled to ditch legacy, but they will need a big push. The practice is entrenched. That is the kind of thing big bucks is for.
Um, rich minorities do it too.

Using sports to get into good schools is an old trick. A law in recent years required that these athletes also had to meet university academic requirements. I personally think that some college level sports such as football push their athletes to such a degree that combining that sport with an academic load is ludicrous.