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The Real Cost of Higher Education


The Real Cost of Higher Education

Bri Holmes

This September, millions of young Americans will start college, but at what cost?


"Last year, the student loan industry spent at least $4.5 million on lobbying efforts, followed by $1 million in political contributions. Sallie Mae, a publicly traded company and the nation’s biggest student loan lender, has spent about $3 million every year since 2007 to lobby against bills that would aid college graduates."

And what a return on their investment (legalized bribery being what "campaign contributions" truly are) they got!

"Every year, Wall Street companies rake in almost $45 billion in revenue from higher education, largely derived from student loans."

True patriotism coupled with "family values" would have billionaires funding tomorrow's inventors, innovators, and geniuses. Instead, by turning higher education into a path largely taken by the children of elites, the nation's future brain power is being downsized... drastically.


The neo-feudal debt peonage student loan system in the US is a disgrace. It is but one part of the major failing of the financial takeover of the country. Mortgaging one's future is not what a civilized society would ask of one. It is past time to recall the power from the money "masters" and restore it to the people. The "suck it up" economic model of Thatcher/Reagan is a proven failure for the 99 percent.


So what is Ms. Hillary doing, why she is attacking Bernie's proposed free tuition at public schools saying she doesn't want Trump's kids to go free:



Dear Ms. Holmes -
Kind of a quibble here . .
The student loan complex should not be referred to as an "industry" because they do not make anything - well, except for predation and misery.
Cartel? Conspiracy? Rip-off artists?
But on the whole, an excellent article.
La Lucha Sigue!!


Well said. Thank you.

My son has a heavy student loan debt and he does not have a BA to show for it as as student loans did not cover all the ever-increasing tuition and fees expenses and I could not afford to take out a Parental Plus loan to make up the difference (I personally blame GWB and the Repugnicants for messing with Pell Grants and student loans). The student loan debacle is yet another reason for not allowing privatization of public programs. My sister will never pay off her student loans (she went back to school in her 40's to pursue a Masters in Archaeology and she, too ran out of money). Both worked and went to school to keep their heads above water.

As a 60's flower child, I recall the socioeconomic divide wherein the elites went to college and the others unable to afford college, went to work. Our nation is running backwards more rapidly than forward and the 99% are barely holding on from paycheck to paycheck. But the New World Order proponents (and PNAC cabal) are sated because they have their minimum wage-no benefits labor pool.


Bernie's tuition proposal would apply only to public institutions. The Trump clan and their 1% brethren will not be enrolling in public institutions ... they will be enrolling in Ivy league or European institutions.

Its hard to believe Hillary is really this dumb. The only conclusion to be drawn is that she is just consistently deceptive.


My daughter graduated from medical school in mid-June...by July she had received a bill that took her breath away. Zero leeway, zero compassion, zero understanding of the need to find work and earn a paycheck...the system is created by predators who take flight and start circling the instant you walk out the door with that diploma in your hand. They attack ruthlessly and relentlessly until you yield everything you have...your hopes, dreams and future, all to line their pockets.


The premise that an education will create a job is the first lie.

The bankruptcy act of 2005 actually gives corporations more rights than our citizens in bankruptcy. Please think clearly about that statement.

If you want to commit a crime in the US, just start a corporation.


...and there is a plethora of books (and attorneys) to help the newly created "corporation" establish offshore accounts. Just ask Mitt Romney and Blain Capital about hiding assets offshore to avoid taxes.


There are ways to keep the predators at bay: your daughter can work on a Native American reservation at any number of clinics that have been established with casino money or she can work in clinics in rural areas. If she does this for five years, her loans will be forgiven. Read more here: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/2013/10/30/get-rid-of-student-loan-debt-without-paying-for-it "Get Rid of Student Loan Debt Without Paying for It" in US News. I know of reservations in Idaho, Arizona, and Washington state that are not far from major population centers and several towns in rural areas that have much to offer new MD grads. Good Luck!


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