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The Real Cover-Up: Putting Donald Trump’s Impeachment in Context

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/08/real-cover-putting-donald-trumps-impeachment-context


Good, analytical article - at a time when melodramatic “he said she said” inundate the MSM.


Reagan and Bush both allowed crimes off-shore with the CIA doing nasty things south of the border and lies to take the oil in Iraq. Sheeple became more poor. The infrastructure was ignored. All the money flowed to those with power. Trump is a 3rd generation mob-type criminal using the US for personal wealth, power and doing great damage to all but himself… Extorting the President of Ukraine by allowing his friend Putin to have hot war on them while preventing them from getting weapons to defend themselves while demanding they give political dirt on Trump’s opponent requires impeachment. All of it is criminal. Either support the Constitution and Democracy or forget about it and kiss the Dictator Trump.


“Nominally conservative” Bush is not quite accurate. He is a right wing mass killer, ordering the deaths of thousands of Iraqis.


Yes — Bush should have been impeached along with Cheney (both should have been in the dock at the Hague, but America considers itself above that law).

Obama in his naive attempt to build bi-partisan bridges with the zombified GOP, said we should look to the future and not prosecute the crimes of the Bush administration. Bad choice on his part.

But you’ve got to start somewhere. And it may as well be the criminal grifter, malignant narcissist in Chief. He should’ve been up for impeachment on Day One for violating the emoluments clause. Now the US finds its credibility strained and it’s national security full of holes just from the last 2+ years.

Just get it done already. The US and the world are truly in peril.


The only silver lining to the Trump administration has been the ugly turf war between the long-established, neoliberal, ‘centrists’, and the two-bit grifter, con man D.T. The bloodletting has spilled out into the open, exposing not only the orange fuhrer’s blatant petty offenses, but exposing as well the hand of the organized crime oligarchy which has been running the global shit-show for the past half century. It has brought out into the open the corrupt dealings of the NSA, FBI, CIA, the leadership of BOTH political parties, as well as the world financial powers. The Idiot Trump could never endure, we must make the most of his disrupting presence to expose the entrenched criminal enterprise before he leaves the stage.


Bacevich may be “conservative” but he is very close to spot-on with this analysis.

“The cover-up” of course goes far deeper than either the Trump cover-up of his crimes, or “the establishment” cover-up of the crimes which led to Trump. USAmerica is built on, is the inheritor of, and remains the real-time perpetrator of some of the greatest crimes in history: colonization, mass murder, enslavement, grand theft continental, empire, and today’s “neoliberal globalization.” And capital – whether of the “centrist” neoliberal globilization form, or the “nationalist” Trumpian oligarchich form – will keep that biggest cover-up going forever if it can.

At this point i’ll take Sanders’ “our revolution” attempt to restore New Deal social democracy in the USA.

But in order to actually account for all the ongoing crimes against humanity and crimes against ecology that continue under this massive cover-up, we will need to impeach the whole system. We need a successful “trial and conviction” in the court of mass consciousness. And then we need literal de-colonization of the whole political economy: end the USA, abolish the limited-liability investor-owned corporation, end “the consumer economy” mass-marketing profit-driven manipulation of human ego and desire, and carry out worldwide land reform, wealth reform and political reform, to establish ecological and social economics that give the Earth and humanity at least a chance to recover from the past few centuries of escalating industrial and military onslaught.

And the funny thing is: I’M BEING REALISTIC.


If you recall, Dennis Kucinich was the only one in congress to bring forth articles of impeachment against the Bush/Cheney criminals. Of course it went nowhere because there weren’t enough brave members to sign on and help with pulling it off and ousting two WAR CRIMINALS.


And walking free and having a good life. Aaaah, u.s. justice…

An early argument in this piece bemoans the fact that congress is not doing the people’s business because they are going for impeachment. BS, BS, and MORE BS. Congress hasn’t been doing the peoples business for a long time. And even in this context, the House has indeed passed many bills that will never see the light of day under McConnell. Bills on subjects that we Care about - gun control, opiate crisis, etc.

Pelosi’s actions and non-actions (particularly the non-actions) have allowed a rogue president and and his horrible administration to commit atrocities on a daily basis. Impeachment should have been called for on his first day in office. To put it off and off and off, only to finally give a shit late in the game when it is at least as likely to do harm as good, betrays Pelosi as the corporate shill she is.


The reason Bush/Cheney skated on war crimes is that Nancy Pelosi was made aware of their torture regime and said nothing to stop it at the time. She and other top Dems have tried to portray their CIA briefings on “enhanced interrogation” from 2002-2007 as incomplete and that they questioned the legality of waterboarding. Nonetheless, it took them years to put together their torture report. In the meantime on went the torture.


I am shocked this got published here.


Good stuff.


From article: Holding promised security assistance hostage unless a foreign leader agrees to do you political favors is obviously and indisputably wrong. Trump’s antics regarding Ukraine may even meet some definition of criminal.

Is that what happened? And no president ever did any kind of “antics” like that before? Or no other politician, for that matter? In fact, isn’t the picture much clearer in Biden’s case (given his resurrected quote) that he did exactly the same thing, in Ukraine, with the state prosecutor’s firing? And what happened to that crucial context viz. Ukraine and Obama admins. Nuland, Biden, Clinton, et.al. fomenting overthrow of Ukraine president (through tactics used by neo-Nazi-type political groups) shortly before Biden’s son was awarded, er, appointed to the board of an oil & gas company?

No doubt status quo ante is a powerful force. And no doubt mountebanks of all stripes will mount new 3 card montee diversions to avoid identifying and dealing with the most crucial issues facing the country. But, really, when was the last presidential election that actually did that?

There’s a pretty good case to be made the a primary purpose of the impeachment brouhaha is to knock the pins out from under the investigation of who exactly instigated the RussiaGate farce and did it to amount to an internal coup against a sitting president?

So who really knows which way the wind will blow through all of this? My fervent hope is, like Capone sent-up for tax evasion, this one little event will blow both major parties to smithereens. Sort of a necessary precursor to getting a government that actually works according to the will of the people, don’t you think?


Yes I remember. And I donated to his campaign. And what did the Dem’s do? They disemboweled him politically for pulling the curtain back on the D’s crimes. Kucinich was used as a warning to any other Dem’s that had integrity and honesty would lead to their political death within the party. And that is what they are trying to do to Sanders right now for literally representing the interests of the people over the interests of the capitalists and elite.


So many words, so much elite bullshit, so little truth.
Impeaching Trump is the required thing to do.
Hounding him in every other way is too.
Doing street strikes against his businesses.
Harassing him constantly.
Suing him.
Making him the butt of comedian’s jokes.
He is the worst president ever, and every day he does something to harm the country, the biosphere, women’s rights, children, the federal courts, etc.
Bacevich, all your sophistry is just a cover for your cowardice, and a stealth way of supporting Trump.
I despise you, sir.


I was a delegate for him at the state convention in Colorado. I SMELLED the writing on the wall but he was the first prez candidate in my lifetime that CARED about “We the People”. Bernie now bears that torch and once already they have fucked him just like Dennis. Will it be ALLOWED to happen again in 2020?!

In MY perfect world? Sanders/Kucinich!


Well. Let’s not also forget. Many of this crimes were exposed by another whistleblower (the wrong type), who was tortured (by UN statements) and sentenced to 35 years in prison for just exposing them.

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The only quibble I have with this article is that the move to impeach will not be motivated out of finding ones “moral compass” . There very few of those Politicians that act on their morals.

It will be motivated out of self interest and for political gain.


When Obama was first getting notice as a Presidential Candidate for President, a friend of mine was sending me his every speech and she was really stoked by his candidacy. I tried to warn her off. I suggested Kucinich was the only genuine article and should be whom she supported.

Like you i hope that same mistake not made again.