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The Real Cover-Up: Putting Donald Trump’s Impeachment in Context

When you read this article you should realize that, sadly, at this moment Impeachment will keep America’s “eyes OFF prize” — quite the OPPOSITE of what this nation needs right now.

It will reduce the 2020 elecoral race to Party Power Games, and ignore America’s most pressing issues (such as healthcare, climate change, education, environment, citizen impowerment) … EXACTLY as the self-denominated “centrist” candidates wish to do as they fight to SiLENCE any issue-oriented progressive candidates who aim to QUESTION or, heaven forbid, CHANGE how this nation is run, and who does the running.

So impeachment is likely to help do the DNC desired bidding … though it will likely make it easier, in the end, for Trump to hold onto power, as much as they will not admit it. What it will NOT do, is help create a means to solve major problems or aid in the citizen empoerment needed to preserve deep aspects of a floundering democracy.

For most of those leading the charge, “[the] object of the [impeachment action] is …”, as this article says, “to return power to those who created the conditions that enabled Trump to win the White House in the first place.”


Very good peice. Non-partisan - rare these days.


At least some of the layers of curtains are being pulled back to reveal parts of the corrupt mechanisms, the two Russians living in Florida as an example, are making some on the right to go “hmm…”

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“What are the real crimes? Who are the real criminals? No matter what happens in the coming months, don’t expect the Trump impeachment proceedings to come within a country mile of addressing such questions.”

Yes. We know. We get it. We understand it. We understand the whole column. And it’s still a good thing to get rid of Trump. These things aren’t mutually exclusive!