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The Real 'Hoax' in America Is Record Wall Street Profits as Nation's Jobless Millions Cannot Afford Rent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/06/real-hoax-america-record-wall-street-profits-nations-jobless-millions-cannot-afford


meanwhile Biden promises to NOT give us universal health care in time of pandemic–a UBI when millions are out of work --promises to increase our green house gas emissions with fracked gas-to continue the illegal wars we were lied into(even presenting one of the main liars in the convention along with anti-choice Republicans)-and the congressional Democrats play the patsy to the Republican tactics for the millionth time --leaving the people exposed to disaster by immediately giving up their only leverage by voting for that totally inadequate relief bill(unless of course you are a wealthy corporation owner --then you were bailed out with $trillions–just like in 08)–
so were to go from here?? I propose we DO NOT vote for either candidate for president–work hard to elect Dems DOWN BALLOT–flip the Senate- increase the hold on the House(and get rid of that elitist ice cream eater as speaker)–try for a veto proof majority–I submit that if the Democrats actually came out for jobs(FDR style)-universal health care(M4A)- environmental sanity-- student debt forgiveness and debt free collage-legalizing pot, or even a few of these they would wipe the table with the Republicans and it would be clear to the establishment Democrats that we are tired of their handing us the crappy end of the stick in support of their very republican values while gas lighting us with every speech


I hate to break the news to Will Bunch, but the average rent paid in the USA last year was around $1200 a month, and most likely considerably more in Mr Bunch’s Philadelphia.
The stark reality that faces every American now is that Powell’s plan has come to fruition. We are finding out that the economic boom that supposedly started with supply side economics and played through the coronavirus was built in a foundation of sand, and debt. And only now, as we see our castle America sinking into that sand, do we see what has really been going on. The wealthy have built up their nest Eggs. They now have the infrastructure they need to survive the global warming apocalypse. The truth is, they no longer need us. That is why much of the working class in America and many other nations, are being tossed aside like a used Kleenex.
In the ugly vernacular of big business, our services are no longer required.


Thanks much, Will Bunch, here here and all that! We’re watching disaster capitalism simultaneously supercharged on both micro and macro scales. No doubt Naomi Klein will weigh in soon on this bizarre disaster-futures stock-market we’re watching. Meanwhile, Nick Baker also has a lot to say about it:



Yup, while I’m no financial genius I can tell everyone in the know what to look for in the next 3-4 months. Watch the markets closely. When you see hedge funds start selling off assets, run for the hills. They and their wealthy clients don’t need the markets to enrich themselves any longer. A great blood letting is coming.


Yes it’s a hoax, but what’s going on is confusing also. Richard Wolff explains what’s going on in the link below. His interview starts at about the 3:00 min. mark.

"Yes, This Bubble Will Burst! - Richard Wolff on US economy / RT America Platform


Well said, though prepare for the right wingers who think that they’re Democrats to continue to try to shame you into voting for the other pathological liar, neoliberal, warmonger all the same. They won’t learn until either the Democratic Party is taken back from the Republicans who presently constitute it’s so called leadership, or the Party is burned to the ground, which is likely sooner.


The right wing faux centrists, who enable neoliberalism and help prop up the collapsing order and with it the outright fascism of the official Republican party, should be made to watch and learn from Professor Wolff and Chris Hedges.


The takers created the system that just keeps taking.

The world has always only worked for a small percentage of people .

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They want to evict America, so its empty of
“tenants”, so they can tear it down and make it into a playground for the rich only.

Cities especially, they are trying to use all sorts of tricks to push working people and the poor out of cities in the coming years. Get ready, its just beginning.

They will use every trick in the book.


There really is only one party, the rich peoples party.

The alternative parties are also fake, because they hide the issues with which they could win.


Which begs the age-old question - who cleans the toilets in Galt’s Gulch?


This “hoax” is the root of the ever widening wealth and income gap and has been getting proigressively worse ever since Congress committed $20 trillion of taxpayers’ money to bail out too-big-to-fail banks when they crashed the economy in 2008.

Seeing how those banks controlled 25% of US bank assets in 2008, 50% in 2016, and having a green light for their march to monopoly, expect this trend to continue.


The two are connected, the less they pay out in wages, the more profits they make. Soon they will be able to operate without practically any workers, even importing many of the ones they do hire. This will mean astronomical profits. Rents in cities will soar, and all the old buildings will be torn down for various made up reasons. “Energy efficiency” I bet will be a big one. Putting families on the street.

So its easy to see what Real Estate Developer Trump is doing. he’s getting the country “ready for Donald” .

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The reason we’re forced to revisit the absurdly flawed CARES Act is Nancy Pelosi’s rush to get hoodwinked by Steve Mnunchin. Party unity lapdogs like Bernie and The Squad voted for a giant tax cut for the rich, oversight BY MNUNCHIN, and no triggers for further relief should the pandemic-induced collapse persist. Apparently, the Ds even fund-raised off the CARES Act after the POS passed unanimously. This while The Fed was engineering the largest transfer of wealth to the shareholder class ever seen.

Now, Mnunchin, McConnell, and Meadows have already wrung a 33% cut in Nancy’s follow up HEROES Act with more slicing yet to be done. But Will Bunch would have us believe that we need to return to “The fierce urgency of now that briefly allowed Congress and the Trump administration to pass relief bills in the first weeks of the coronavirus crisis,” when the ineptitude of the d-party was on full display and everyone but the wealthy got time limited crumbs?

How about instead, someone who isn’t so busy getting her hair done in a black market salon that she doesn’t have a goddam clue negotiates this time?


Couldn’t agree more. Both are powerful orators, that speak truth to power.

Evita, after paying a temporary staffing agency $10k and being led to believe the job in America was for a job as an administrative assistant.

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How about tossing all the buggers out.

If you are capable of running to hills. And if there are any hills to run to.

I’m going to be one of the ones just stuck here, and it will be purely a matter of chance, whether I survive. So there is no reason to watch for signs. I prefer to live while I can.

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They’ll keep a few slaves who are careful to be eternally grateful that they are allowed to be slaves.

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