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The Real Irish-American History Not Taught in Schools


Another informative book on this subject is ‘Late Victorian Famines’ which shows that the British Empire deliberately starved its colonies during this period through its food and tax policies.

That the repeated famines in India, Ireland, China and other English military conquests were largely caused b English food and tax policy. In large part there was enough food being produced to feed the indigenous populations in English colonies however the British tax and ownership policies confiscated much of the available food in the name of taxes and land ownership and remitted it back to British homeland.

In other words the so called ‘famines’ in the late Victorian period were part of deliberate policies that starved many of the population under British military occupation.


St. Paddy’s Day isn’t really about Irish as much as it is about caricatures of Irish. As someone with great-grandparents, from Ireland, on my mother’s side of the family, the caricature of the Irish is a bit offensive, so I don’t go to the parades anymore.
Exception: I’d go if Mr. O’Malley were in it. I need some help with a Coffee Ring. Cushlamachree!


The Ayn Rand novel???


I researched it. It is totally unfounded nonsense.


I’m guessing the land you’re sat on once belonged to the Native Americans and I’m guessing you in your enormous hypocrisy aren’t losing much sleep over that.


I think you’ll find mrsannhitts prefers simplistic, platitiudinal history, it allows the bigotry and hatred to flow more easily.


I think we in the CA Central Valley got all of your rain. In fact, I once lived in Portland, Ore. for about 11 years and I quite honestly think it rained more here over the last two months than what I can recall ever seeing in Portland given the same time span. A neighbor’s wooden window frame has now sprouted a weed. /facepalm