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The Real Legacy of Stephen Harper


The Real Legacy of Stephen Harper

Meg Borthwick

Want to know what the real legacy of the Harper government is? Look no further than Canada After Harper.

Edited by veteran journalist and contributor Ed Finn, Canada After Harper is a collection of essays by such notable Canadians as Maude Barlow, David Suzuki and Linda McQuaig that essentially outline all the ways in which, as Finn points out in his preface, "we have fallen far short of creating the 'just society' that Pierre Elliot Trudeau claimed to be his goal."


just got off the phone with my brother in Toronto. He says that the the Canadian election is becoming a ridiculous US-style spectacle.

At least in Ontario, the Conservatives have managed to make the election about each Party's stand on whether Muslim woman should be allowed to wear niquabs in public. The NDP refuses to agree with banning niquabs - and so are being smeared with being "pro-Sharia and against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms" (becasue woman never freely choose to wear them) and their poll numbers are plummeting!


Harper is Canada's Bush.


It appears there concerns about the Conservatives trying t suppress the vote again as they did last election with errors being made in voters cards and the like.

They key battleground province is Ontario as that province appears to be the most malleable. Currently The Liberals led by Justin Trudeau lead there. This very interesting because Justin Trudeau has taken his party to the left of where the NDP seem to be. The NDP want to balance the budget and pledge austerity wherein Trudeau feels Canada should incur a deficit and invest in infrastructure.

I do not think the NDP losing ground because of the Niquab issue in Ontario. I think they lose ground because the Liberals are gaining NDP support because of policy positions on the economy.


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Yeah, in the last provincial elections would-be NDP Premier Andrea Horwath, in spite of her hunky steel-mill worker heritage was positioning herself to the right of even the PC's Hudak. The NDP is pretty much useless.


So it is likely to be back to another Tory plurality-minority government because coalitions are "un Canadian" or something. And when is Canada going to get rid of "first past the post"? What is with this way bad ideas in polity seem to seep upward across the 49th like osmoses?


The corporate stranglehold over all of the following is as true in Canada as it is in the U.S.:

Food production
Pharmaceutical drugs
(Big) retail
& all sorts of militarized "arms" of government

And because these select groups of Big Money Insiders write the policies that govts. enact, I challenge the use of the WE frame allotting to Canadians complicity for what Shadow Elites are effecting all over this planet.

Nationalism sounds just like cheer leading for a particular team, but human beings are FAR more diverse in their beliefs, policy positions, actions, etc.:

"We are no longer leaders in environmental protection; instead we are ruinous to the environment and it's only going to get worse with tar sands expansion and the emphasis of corporatism over the very air we breathe."


Yes, he is and Canadians actually allowed him to have a second term like we did after 4 horrible years of Bush's runaway corporatism and the militarism which includes the appalling surveillance state that we live with every day. And, like us, the consequences of that stupidity for Canada are staggering. Harper is despicable. Such "leaders" cause the suffering of millions while they make their fellow oligarchs even richer.