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The Real Madman


The Real Madman

Masha Gessen

“Putin is the real world version of the person Trump pretends to be on television,” historian Timothy Snyder wrote in this space during the presidential campaign. A year after Snyder made that observation, the tables are turned: Trump has become the real version of the man Putin plays on television—an unpredictable, temperamental, impetuous man who will push reality past the limits of the imagination.


It is unsettling that our Congress (the ONLY form of legitimate redress we have) does nothing to remove the clear and present danger to our country (AND the world). On top of which, even if the seditious Republican politicians could actually bring themselves to put country over party and remove this fraud, we'd still be left with Pence, Ryan, ad nauseum.
Peripherally, the longer the investigation (or is that "investigation?") into Russian influence on our election takes, the longer Don stays in office, thus normalizing his madness. Just recall what W got away with.


Nikki Haley is not from Oklahoma -- she was governor of South Carolina!


Make Congress take a stand on Trump's violation of the emoluments clause. Put their feet to the fire. If they vote to declare Trump not in violation of the emoluments clause then go to the Russian influence issue. The Congress will not impeach Trump until the people make it known they won't re-elect any Congressman who doesn't support it or until it is too late. Trump, by his own unilateral actions could get the US involved in a potential nuclear conflict before Congress summons up the character to do what is right; get rid of Trump! Trump is mentally ill. At this point, I don't care who you put in his place as long as they are not mentally ill.


Putin and Trump - Trump and Putin! How come nobody makes the connection that goes beyond the two autocratic leaders? Maybe Trump admires the oligarchy/gangster elite that took over Russia once Putin emerged as referee. Looking at what Trump has been doing to America, one sees that he is imposing the rule by oligarchs (this time corporate) and billionaires that seems an American version of elite rule that in time will look more and more reminiscent of Russia's oligarchy.

Is it possible that Trump actually does see oligarchy as the eventual goal for America because he saw Russian oligarchs taking over and making a mess into a economy again? People say Trump admires Putin but in reality he just might be admiring the Russian oligarchy style of government with Putin at the head in a role that he would like to take on for himself with the presidency.


Agreed. The emoluments clause, though, appears to The Owners and politicians as yesterday's news, i.e., irrelevant or unimportant. As observed, all Congresspersons must put country over party (aside from wearing flag pins, that is) and remove this sociopath immediately.


That's also my impression.


Very confusing article. Madmen, Yes, but who is the better or worse ...? For my taste Gessen is obviously too prejudiced about Putin to write an objective assessment. And we do know about Trump already. So what is new?


Gessen obviously doesn't even understand the Crimea backstory; so, how can she claim to be sufficiently knowledgeable to evaluate Putin. One huge difference between Putin's actions and those of our recent presidents is that Russia is nowhere near as in debt as we are. Twenty trillion; and, all we can do is keep printing dollars to pump into the MIC and the financial sector; hiding our economy's true statistical nightmare from the public; and, accelerating trying to take over the rest of the world through military force, before much of the rest of the world abandons the petro dollar and we go bankrupt. The U.S. oligarchy is intentionally rapidly exacerbating poverty in this country; but, we commoners are generally so dumbed down by the MSM and our sub-standard educational system that we keep singing their praises.


If the Neo-Cons and the Clinton Liberal Interventionists get their way and get their war with Russia one villain who'll be responsible is this Gessen.

Go ahead, block this comment.


This article represents a classic neocon interpretation of reality, yet another bash Russia piece thinly disguised as an anti-Trump piece. Those Russian troops in the Crimea were already there, assigned to the Russian naval base at Sevastopol.

Gessen made these comments about the 2013 sarin gas attack:

"Then the Kremlin suggested that the chemical attack had been staged in order to justify US intervention. (This is a standard line that was deployed as early as 2013, even as Russia was promising to disarm Assad.)"

Gessen must not have read the article in the London Review of Books by Seymour Hersh. It was that article (“The Red Line and the Rat Line,” April 2014) that convincingly identified ISIS troops and Turkish intelligence as the origin of the sarin gas rockets, clearly an attempt to draw the US into the Syrian conflict. Obama saw through the ruse and resisted pressure to attack Syria. Even the NYT, center of the neocon universe, no longer lists the 2013 sarin gas attack as one of Assadʻs crimes against civilians.


Putinphobic gobbledygook.


White Man has Failed! and there's a "Madman @ the Wheel" Democracy has Failed! Citizens Un-tied Creating Paradigms with Cannabis!


A "madman" would not be systematically hastening the total demise of the US middle class to achieve a neofeudal Murka that the 1% has been working toward during the past four decades. Trump is not "mad", he is just stage four of the democracy destroying disease first diagnosed during Saint Ron's revolution.