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The Real Meaning Behind Obama's Trade Defeat


The Real Meaning Behind Obama's Trade Defeat

Robert Kuttner

The labor movement won big in the defeat of the trade package Friday. But a lot of the commentators are somewhat mystified.

After all, the labor movement is a smaller fraction of the workforce than it was when NAFTA was approved over labor's opposition in 1993. And the industrial workforce today is a much smaller percentage of the total. How could this have happened?


The one percent is perplexed that Kim K.'s booty is not large enough to eclipse their duplicity on this “trade” deal. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come. However, I fully expect a song-and-dance routine to arise in congress and “compromise” on some “principled” issues allowing for the ninety-nine percent to be fast-tracked up the…


Mr. President:
Give this up, don’t issue anymore threats in an attempt to get this piece of sh*t legislation passed – WE [the 99%] deserve much better than what you have ever given us. Now slink back into the wall like the cockroach you ARE!


I find BS pieces such as this so frustrating.

The House will vote again on the TPP tomorrow. And, enough Democrats will cave that it shall be law. Just as happened just weeks ago, in the Senate.

Can Kuttner really be this naive?


It is refreshing that he is brave enough to be “naive”


Nancy Pelosi, thank you for your last-minute efforts to help pull America’s smoldering corpse from the fire.

Unless you are in total agreement to pass ownership of this country and its people to the cabal of wealth and foreign powers, how can you let your allegiance to the “Commander in Chief” trump your sworn commitment to the public? The time is long gone to reaffirm your loyalties.


Nothing brave about naivete and blind tribalism, as evidenced by all those Democrats and pseudo-liberals who’ve not yet managed to abandon Obama, even after all his betrayals.


Naivete is not tribalism. To be naive is to be open to new ideas and creativity not authoritarian closed off thinking. Dare to be naive.


Thank you, Mr. Kuttner. In my opinion, this is your finest article in some time.


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Isn’t it funny that they call it his “spidey-sense” in the comic?

i mean, if i were Spider Man, i’d say “My spider-sense is tingling.”

But i digress…