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The Real Meaning of Donald Trump




"He did so by initially upping the rhetorical ante, adding that exclamation point (which even Reagan avoided).'

For several years now I've felt the exclamation point should replace of the eagle as our national symbol. It's so, like, to the point. It's perfect (!)

Nice piece.


"the ultimate American narcissist" - bar none


Bernie should also be given credit for pointing out the way this country has left the vast majority of its citizens behind in terms of inequality, rigged elections, the influence of money and so on. He's not directly saying make America great, again, but his platform of take back the country from the 1% points out, by default, that this country is great only for a privileged few.

He's also done a great service to progressives by appropriating resources away from Clinton's lesser of two evils smear campaign against Trump. If Clinton gets the nomination, you can expect her to pull out all the stops to portray herself as the only acceptable choice for president, something I regard as very much open to question. For sure, any progressive who votes for her only insures that the system will continue to produce more like her. She will never get my vote.


There are plenty of us progressives who will never vote for Clinton, primarily since we believe she will, as you suggest, go nuclear against Russia - if Obama doesn't do that first (see http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/06/indications-u-s-planning-nuclear-attack-russia.html and, more recently, http://www.globalresearch.ca/obama-requests-eu-support-for-possible-war-against-russia/5521560 .

To be certain she does not make it to the Oval Office, we will have to vote for whomever is the Republican nominee.


I don't necessarily buy the notion that Trump's rhetoric is all that unique. It's just less subtle.

It doesn't matter though. When the campaign season is over, the people that control the narrative in this country will go back to telling us how wonderful everything is. America is pretty great for them and they won't let us forget it. For members of the national media, inside the beltway politicians, Wall Street and Silicon Valley hucksters, and so on and so forth, everything is working perfectly thank you very much. These are the people who think leaning in is a revolutionary action and that if they say "innovation" often enough angels will descend from heaven to mesmerize the masses with song. America is the greatest it's ever been for them.

They will not continue to project a narrative that America is in decline. The only reason they are even moderately entertaining the notion that it might be, and reluctantly at that, is that the people have forced them to so they can explain why so many aren't voting for their neoliberal candidates. But, it's not a notion they accept. It is not true for them. They will not project it to us or the world. They are trying to get people to reject it now and they will bury it if given the opportunity to do so.


When the MSM attacks a particular person or country, you can bet that there might be some virtues to their target. It's when they start praising that you begin to worry.


You make some good points and if I had no choice between HRC and Trump, Trump would get my support, but thank goodness for Jill Stein!


I would never vote for Hillary Clinton, I'd sooner piss on the ballot. That said, the best prospect for long-term, progressive change in this country is for Hillary Clinton to win in November and behave like Hillary Clinton.

This wildly unpopular, warmongering neoliberal gorgon –who will kill or otherwise wreck the lives of untold numbers of people with her lack of good judgment, belligerence, corruption, arrogance, stupidity and cravenness– will puncture like nothing else what little remains of the myth that the Democratic Party is anything other than wholly evil, and that this system has anything at all to offer ordinary people.

If Trump were to win, the Democrats would do two things: first, blame Bernie Sanders' young supporters (oh, how they would LOVE this, they would bash and scream and harangue and finger-wag and shame shame shame young people with "look what YOU did to America with your filthy idealism!") and second, go back to passing Republican legislation (by just one vote) while pretending to be an opposition party.

I'm sorry it's come to this, people, but with Bernie having had this primary stolen from him, Hillary needs to be elected, and we need a mass movement in opposition to her to overthrow this oligarchy.

That said, I would encourage everyone to vote against Hillary Clinton and leave it to Diebold put her in the White House.


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Trump knows that the American people are fed up with the two warring/whoring corporate-owned parties, which is why he feels safe saying whatever that comes out of his mouth. However, he takes seriously issues such as "free trade", needless wars, and a government that takes orders from the 1%, and it is such issues that make him a much better person than Killery. Hence most people, including those who are now supporters of Sanders, prefer him to HRC.

Tom Engelhard's view of John Wayne was not without controversy: many people saw Wayne as an original loudmouth, a chickenhawk that played the hero in Hollywood for so long that he started to believe that he was one. Wayne thought that, unlike JFK, he would've sent in the marines and take over Cuba. Unlike Kennedy, he was an airhead who just couldn't comprehend the nuances of JFK's foreign policy. As he grew older and fat, Wayne often needed to wear corsets to look presentable, especially when he was on a horse, but often derided younger actors who might not be accomplished horse-riders. Shortly after his death, another fake hero also loved to be seen as being "tall in the saddle" - a B-grade actor famous for introducing to this country something that Bush Sr accurately described as "voodoo economics."


As I've repeated many times, Every concerned American should carefully look at their ballot, and if Bernie is not on it, write him in. There should be a write in space in every ballot, so a Republican or an Independent or a Green should have that space on their ballot. Write in Bernie's name in that space.
* Bernie's campaign is based on a popular revolution, of a regaining of freedom for We the People, not they the 0.001%. What could prove this more than a staggering majority of We the Disenfranchised People writing in Bernie Sanders?
* The momentum is there. This is what we want! Let's just disregard the desires of the lying Red Queen and her sycophants, and the Republican crazies. That is all just Kabuki to get our minds off Bernie and Populism.
* Let We the People show the 0.001% where we stand. Vote in Bernie, then don't just sit back and say "Show me." We will have to stay involved, we'll have to vote out the government officials, the Congressmen and Senators who will lie, who will say anything, for lots of cash, for special deals.
* There are a handful of honest citizens in local, state and federal government. Seek them out and support them, but always watch them to see that they don't fall prey to the almighty $.
* Seek out and vote out the rest of them. Fill in the cesspool and drown the bottom feeders in their own slime. Then, perhaps we can build anew on the new land formed.


But Andy, he's not running. So you'll have to vote for Trump-or Jill Stein, peas in a pod, in my opinion.


Ha Ha. Bernie is preparing to go to the Convention and work on a progressive platform for the Democrats. It's what he said he'd do when he started on his campaign. He will support the nominee, and work on building a progressive platform. Knowing this, I just sent him $50.00. As for Jill Stein, most people would say "Jill who?". Hillary will pick a junkyard dog for Veep. Someone to snap and snarl at Der Drumphenfuhrer in language he can understand.It won't be Elizabeth Warren (I'd be happy to eat my words), but it will be some one very interesting-and pretty vicious who can think on his/her feet.


There was an article in the SF Chronicle a few days ago about Bernie supporters calling up super delegates at 2.00 AM, and asking them if they wanted to support a criminal and a warmonger (Hillary) This did not go over well. And it did nothing to change anyone's position. If I stepped on the dog and knocked over a potted plant trying to find the fucking phone in the middle of the night thinking there was some god-awful emergency I had to deal with, I would be some pissed when the "emergency" turned out to be a sanctimonious jerk questioning my morality. The article did make it clear that these phone harassers were not official Bernie campaign people. Reassuring, that.


I'll vote for Hillary and all her baggage. I'm a moral reprobate. I would never vote for Trump under any circumstances.


Why-it's what Weaver has been publicly suggesting.Only I doubt that he would be stupid enough to encourage actual Bernie campaign operatives to do the harassing.


From what I have read, they are Democratic Party activists in their 50's,60's and 70's, who have a long running high regard for Hillary Clinton. That's unfortunate and misguided perhaps, but understandable and not corrupt.


Ah, but there's the sticking point - "who will kill or otherwise wreck the lives of untold numbers of people." We might then well say, with Robert Oppenheimer (head of the Manhattan Project), "I am become death."