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The Real Nuclear Threat


The Real Nuclear Threat

Robert C. Koehler

If war were only “itself” — the violence and horror, the conflagration and death — it would be bad enough, but it’s also an abstraction, a specific language of self-justifying righteousness that allows proponents to contemplate unleashing it not merely in physical but in moral safety.


And don’t forget world-wide there’s 750 land-based nuclear reactors. 440 of those are nuclear power plants, just ticking time-bombs for terrorism, hurricanes, earthquakes or human error. Once sea level rises, the underground switching vaults will flood, just like they did at Fukushima and probably finish off the naked ape, who’s not smart enough to shut off something so dangerous. They can’t be moved. It takes 30-40 years to decommission them. Antartica is now seen to be melting and losing ice mass on both the Western and Eastern sides. New estimates are growing by the month about the flooding. Instead of one inch or one foot by 2100, global sea-level-rise is estimated to be 20 feet by 2100 (and, as usual, that’s a conservative estimate they say.)

Fukushima continues to destroy many species of the Pacific Ocean.

www.enenews.com for the ugly truth.


The cynic in me suspects that the long-term strategy for Iran is to go ahead and work the deal, wait for a time (probably prescribed, at that), claim that Iran violated its agreement, and then bring McCain’s hit song to the top of the chart.


The mere fact that the question of nuclear weapons in the hands of the other nine nations is not even mentioned, is indeed one of the great hypocrisies of our time. It is also proof that a functioning democracy has disappeared from the corporate controlled political circles in spite of the demands of the 99%.


None. Next question?


A “peace treaty with the military-industrial complex”? Are you kidding? Too many centrists now think they have to suck up to the military.


The 99% are not too busy working – they are out of work. They are not buying the latest shiny toy, they’re broke and their ‘vacation’ is on the streets of our cities. It is true they may not have time to worry about nuclear proliferation–they are busy worrying about where they can get a meal. A heck of a lot of them are veterans of our endless wars. Many of them have brain damaged from being in the war zones. They see the rich people walking by them as they sit on the sidewalks and they are getting angry. Many Americans that have lost their jobs, their homes and their dignity are getting angry too. Old women are being evicted from their homes and children are on their own as they mothers have to go to work in some poverty level job to try and keep a home and food for their children.

The government of this nation are tossing austerity to these people while at the same time they are throwing billions at the banksters who caused the collapse of our ecomony. No austerity for the bankers or the Israelis.

It is all going to blow up if our government doesn’t pay attention to the voice of the people. The people do not want war. They don’t want new shiny nuclear bombs. They don’t want to attack any nation. They want the government of the United States to pay attention to the people of the United States… Those greedy psychopaths in Congress must be swept out and replaced with people with compassion and empathy that are not Democrats or Republicans. Those are the very greedy psychopaths I am talking about. Get rid of the!!! Our nation needs to end the wars, tax the rich, take care of the people and protect the environment. It is up to us to find these honorable people with compassion and empathy and get them elected and maybe avert the coming collapse of our society.


Not a totally unrealistic assessment. I pray for unnecessary paranoia.


Thanks Bob. Well thought out and well presented article. I too, have noticed the terrible hypocrisy of the way the US, and the other nuclear nations, talk about how terrible an Iranian nuke would be. But, with our government talking about expanding our nuclear arsenal, and funding Israel to kill Palestinians so they have extra money to expand their nukes [there are thousands of Israelis who do not like Bibi’s militarism] everyone is ignoring history.

USA has used nukes against civilians. And while we have invaded many nations, Iran has not invaded any country for centuries. Actually - even as in this country, there are secular power groups in Iran who would like the bomb - the very conservative mullahs who at this time hold the real power in Iran, are totally against nuclear weapons. It is against their religion, and they seem to take their religion a little more seriously than some of our so called Christians who are willing to perpetuate wholesale slaughter in long [and profitable for the machine] wars around the world. They especially don’t seem to mind killing lots of black and brown people.

Our present wars are racist, immoral, illogical, and illegal. They are being used as entertainment that does not allow the horrible reality of what they really do to be shown. People do not, as a rule, enjoy the actual pursuit of war. There is a lot more suffering than glory, and after the ticker tape, the great majority veterans are left to die in hunger and despair. Why are we not more outraged that 22 of our people who are veterans kill themselves every day. 22 Every Day. That is 2,420 deaths so far this year. (Oh, Jacob, my heart is breaking!)

After WWI, there was an awakening that war was a perversion of humanity, and many nations, including the USA signed a pact making war illegal. It seems most of the signing nations have broken this law. But if the people insisted that those who broke that law were prosecuted in the same manner that murderers and thieves are prosecuted, it might make the law more useful. Any court in the country can bring charges against war criminals. When leaders suffer consequences for their acts of war, the law may be less casually ignored. Surely that would be worth trying.