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The Real Plan? To Make America Ungovernable

Can you post a link to Solnit explaining here position?

Seems like things could go either way, but I would like to believe in and work towards just, fair, equitable, kind and inclusive solutions. As a teacher and student of history, I encounter incidents otherwise.



Hi Damie,

Warm thanks for your inquiry. Rebecca Solnit has come in for some scorn on the left for seeming to go a bit astray lately, at least in the tact department. In 2010 she wrote what might be her best work, a unique historical exploration of disaster optimism:

A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster

I’m a bookish type, with a preference for long-form thinking like this. I don’t know what Rebecca Solnit might have had to say about our current predicament.

WHo will pay for what - ranked choice voting?
RCV was the subject.

Sorry about your foot
Yep a couple of states have it, and good on them.
I’m all for RCV, and paper ballots hand counted. Which organizations are working on those?
I don’t see them.

i read this article because of my familiarity with the author’s published views, going back well over 10 years. Mr. heinberg was one of my earliest guides into the very unsettling and frightening territory of perceiving ecological, environmental, and last and certainly least, economic meltdown looming on industrial civilization’s horizon. I hadn’t read anything from him in recent years. This article showed me that he remains among the most astute analysts, not just of scientific matters but political ones as well, among us. He has no trite easy solutions to offer because he’s an honest man and there are no trite or easy solutions to the increasingly monumental and dystopian challenges we face. He is in summation a red pill radical who does his best to inform without unduly alarming, much appreciated by other red pill radicals like myself and many other readers of CD.


I was making a joke about the usual arguments…
Never mind my jocularity or my seriousness.
It is a strange phenomenon.
In both real and virtual life.
I know how Andy Kaufman must have felt.
I am suddenly singing the misfits song in my head

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I shouldn’t do this until after I finish a pot of coffee.

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“Ever since Raygun ascended the throne four decades ago the GOP’s mission has been to disinform.”

Yea, it didn’t start with Trump.

But as is frequently the case with liberal criticism, the author lays most of the stress on the power of right wing parties and media mouthpieces to disinform implicitly passive masses.

The author’s big picture devotes little space to considering what is stated in one passage only:

the idea that the US right is boosted by “anti-elite and anti-establishment sentiment among less-educated, economically insecure whites who have been left behind by neoliberal, globalist-oriented economic policies embraced by the Democratic Party.”

Of course there is a strong argument for the above.

But even this formulation focuses narrowly on ‘swing-voting whites’ - not the impact of the Democratic Party’s failure to represent policies most citizens favor; a failure which, arguably, causes a much broader swath of low income people of color, the young, and older progressives to stay at home, to disengage.


~FAIRVOTE.ORG is evidently the organization to get in touch with –
I’ve had no contact with them, actually.

Yeah – took a long time to heal – but medicine does some really strange things
in how they handle broken parts of feet – you don’t go to a bone person any more –
you go to a podiatrist – which hasn’t worked that well for me –

Reciting this story to encourage all to take good care of your feet – and be aware of
some of this … just in case …
Previously a podiatrist gave me a “boot” to wear which probably weighed 30# and
had a heel higher than normal flat shoes. Was supposed to come with some guidance
that you had to get this uneven height straightened out – but I never got it – in fact,
I never even got to see the podiatrist. Immediately, I had them replace the “boot” with
a smaller and thus lighter one – but still very uncomfortable for my hip – and also for
my shin which it was constantly banging on. Found a new podiatrist – who gave me a
much smaller “shoe” which was even with my regular shoe wear – but there’s another
complication – if you have a stress fracture they don’t immediately see that on the X-Ray
until it starts to heal. This means if you don’t take it seriously enough – and put a lot of
pressure on, you can end up with a leg or foot that doesn’t work well and a lot of pain.
(Most of that happened to my daughter.) For me – it was just one broken toe – but next
time I saw the podiatrist, it was a second toe – and then a third. Since I had been walking
on my foot under the presumption that it was something minor, I don’t know if the breaks
existed or whether walking on them caused them. Took 3 months to heal.

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Thanks for the link , bookmarked - I was not aware of them (oddly) They need more promo.

geez, sorry about the situation. I’m curious (if you don’t mind revealing) are you on Medicare or for profit insurance? Wondering if they are treating Medicare patients differently these days.

Heinberg is one of the most consistently astute writers and thinkers that I have heard and read over the years. Thanks to Common Dreams for publishing this.


uh, possibly Both are correct - laughing&crying@the same time-

Couldn’t tell you much about Medicare –
other than they did pay for my foot –
Until we get corporate control out of the DP for beginners –
I think there is every intention that they will destroy Medicare –
and/or treat Medicare patients differently until they can do that –