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The Real Problem With an Independent Run for President

The Real Problem With an Independent Run for President

Ryan Cooper

Green Party radicals and dopey coffee magnate Howard Schultz agree: American voters don't have enough choice. If you don't like the options put forth by the Republican or Democratic parties, with rare exceptions you can either cast a largely symbolic protest vote or go pound sand.

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And thus, we remain doomed to power by oligarchs who have completely captured the 2-party farce.

The American experiment was clearly a failure.


The American experiment is only a failure because, We the People, 95% to 5%, have chosen to become addicted to the Liars & Thieves of the parties of the Duopoly.

We have not evolved sufficiently to make use of our brains to recognize when those we choose to govern us, are in actuality lying & stealing from us.


Getting an indépendant party on the ballot is extremely difficult. Ralph Nader can explain the hoops he had to go through to get on the ballot and still there were several Sates that did no allow him on the ballot. This is by design after the Populist Party united poor blacks and whites against the corporate parties of the late 1890’s. The result was the Populist Party won in North Carolina where the black officials were murdered and a coup d’etat overthrew the North Carolina government, enacted the first ‘Jim Crow’ laws and began the ‘conquer and divide’ policies by sowing racial hatred amongst the rank and file.
Every corporate CEO knows that as long as they buy ‘both’ politicians in any given election, they have all their bases covered. It is not “half fraudulent”, it is completely fraudulent. Differences exist only because not every corporation sees eye to eye, however they’re all in agreement of undermining the 99% at all costs… including a coup d’état if necessary! This is why politicians in both parties must avoid ‘hot topic issues’ like Medicare for all, Palestinian suffering, free tuition, raising the minimum wage, electoral reform and higher taxes on the rich. It might as well be a “single Party State” as corporate minions are instructed to go to town on peripheral issues like gender inequality, LGBT rights, gun control or flag burning in order to get corporate backing for their political runs. Democracy is an illusion if neither Party represents average Americans… and who can seriously argue that either Party has represented average Americans ever?
This is why it is essential for the people to take over one of the political parties. I’m not sure if this is possible, but we must try or else the planet will shrivel up and die in the very near future. Both Party’s represent the 6th mass extinction and are unwilling to budge. The good news is that people who really do represent the public interest are out there. The recent victories by people like AOC show that there are cracks in the corporate armour that both Party’s rely on. The internet can bypass the State propaganda apparatus (mainstream media) and possibly galvanize the public to crush corporate influence once and for all. In more developed countries, corporate influence is illegal as it should be. It is high time that we either take control of one of the Party’s or else we will have to grab our ‘pitchforks’ and go after the 1% to save us all.

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We had a chance to change our ways when Jessie Ventura won the Minnesota governorship.
We just couldn’t see our way to ditch the big money crowd. We are being bought wholesale yet today. Without a MLK type leader we are doomed to our passivity.

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Getting an independent party would not be difficult if Democrats and Republicans tired of being fucked refused to bend over and take it anymore, and supported a candidate worthy of their time and money.

Bernie Sanders showed this in 2015 when he announced his candidacy.

Only a few million of us Americans helped him raise the funds necessary to stand with the two bleached blondes.

It was the Duopoly Establishment that fucked that all up. Bernie wasn’t given an honest chance with all the dirty tricks he faced.

How any informed citizen remains loyal to either corporate party amazes me. The corruption they support is sickening.

With the support of millions, a third party candidate could do wonders.

Unfortunately, Zombie addiction to corruption, hate, and deceit accounts for the 95% who continue to vote for the lesser evil.

You cannot fight lack of values. You can only help them open their closed eyes to it.

How many more times must we do that?

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I believe the next MLK is now being revealed.

Her name is AOC.

For those not tuned in, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Is there a reason why this article starts out with “Green Party radicals”? What’s your point Ryan?

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Who are the “Green Party radicals”? What the hell is the Green Party? In fact, what is there other than the US Duopoly? We (that is you are we, you in the US, although I’m writing from Germany, Europe) have maybe 10 years or probably no more likely a couple. As they say as the plane passengers barrel toward the ground, "bend over and kiss your asses “Goodbye”.

Just who

Here’s what could be done for a start.

  1. The establishment of statuary, independent, non partisan electoral authorities to administer and conduct elections, registration of voters (and political parties) and to determine electoral boundaries.

The developed world cannot believe that having Democrat and Republican representatives on the boards of electoral authorities (so that they are ‘bi-partisan’ could be anything but a joke.

  1. End first-past-the-post and ‘winner takes all’ voting systems. Single member electoral districts should also be reconsidered and be replaced with proportional, or mixed-member proportional to erode the current ‘one party system with two Right wings’, (as Gore Vidal called it).

Here’s two examples of how its done elsewhere: https://www.elections.org.nz/ https://www.aec.gov.au/

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_transferable_vote and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant-runoff_voting