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The Real Reason American Workers Have It So Hard

The Real Reason American Workers Have It So Hard

Leo Gerard

Americans are not happy. And for good reason: They continue to suffer financial stress caused by decades of flat income. And every time they make the slightest peep of complaint about a system rigged against them, the rich and powerful tell them to shut up because it is all their fault.

The Democrats - especially the current 'leadership" AND Biden are (at minimum) complicit in this

Millennials Are the Most Indebted Generation. They Can Thank Joe Biden.

  • Joe Biden, is at the center of the decades-long campaign by lenders to eviscerate consumer debt protections.

  • None were as consistent or deep in their support of the lending industry as Joe Biden.

  • Biden opposed even modest protections for borrowers.

    • While it is true that Biden forwarded amendments that would benefit mothers attempting to collect child payments from fathers declaring bankruptcy, he only appears to have done so after Elizabeth Warren found an ally in then-First Lady Hillary Clinton on that very issue. Usually, Biden opposed even modest protections for borrowers. For instance,
  • Biden’s record on the debt crisis could be disqualifying.

One of the reasons I asked to join the Judiciary Committee, was so that I could work more closely with the attorney general and solicitor general and thereby put a stop to busing. Joe Biden, 1977


Joe Biden Holding Kickoff Fundraiser At Comcast Exec’s Home

including Blue cross Exec It was a CLOSED DOOR fund raiser

But he says he won’t take money from federal lobbyists.

but a fundraiser scheduled for the first day of his campaign also shows the limitations of such a pledge.

Biden is set to attend a fundraiser Thursday night at the Philadelphia home of Comcast executive David Cohen, according to an invite first published by Politico and later obtained by HuffPost. While Cohen is not a registered lobbyist, he does oversee the cable giant’s massive Washington lobbying operation, which spent more than $4 million and involved more than three dozen lobbying firms in the first quarter of 2019 alone.


he opposed busing to desegregate schools. In the 1980s, he pushed tough sentences for drug crimes. Later he supported free trade agreements and voted in favor of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

He voted for the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement, then switched sides and declared himself “a fair trader.” As vice president, he flipped back to support Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership.

He once opposed gay marriage

his support for the 2005 law that made it more difficult for people to declare bankruptcy

accepting campaign contributions from bank executives.

He voted for a measure aimed at outlawing gay marriage in the 1990s. He was an ally of the banking and credit card industries.

He chaired the 1991 Clarence Thomas hearings that gave short shrift to the sexual harassment allegations raised by Anita Hill. He backed crime legislation that many blamed for helping fuel an explosion in prison populations. He eulogized Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), who rose to prominence as a segregationist. He backed the Iraq war.

“I worry whether he is ready for the times,” said Chris Schwartz, a Black Hawk County supervisor in Iowa who says Biden is not in his top five choices among the candidates but is prepared to support whoever is nominated. “He has just gotten too many big issues wrong over the years.”


  • I accept church rule personally, but not in public life. (Oct 2012)
  • No church needs to provide contraception under ObamaCare. (Oct 2012)
  • Romney will appoint pro-life Justice; Obama will not. (Oct 2012)
  • Constitution does offer an inherent right to privacy. (Oct 2008)
  • Allow women to choose, but no federal funding. (Jul 2007)
  • No public funding for abortion; it imposes a view. (Apr 2007)
  • Supports partial-birth abortion ban, but not undoing Roe. (Apr 2007)
  • Accepts Catholic church view that life begins at conception. (Apr 2007)
  • Nominees should agree on constitutional right to privacy. (Apr 2007)

In fact, Biden was a driving force in the fight against busing and federal school desegregation

Biden’s record of voting and pushing for anti-busing measures goes back to when he first took office as a Democrat Senator from Delaware in 1973. He was not subtle. Biden’s original position was support for busing only as a tool to break legally-required segregation. But Biden soon joined the ranks of the Senate’s more outspoken busing opponents. As historian Jason Sokol noted in a 2015 article for Politico, Biden told the Senate in 1975 that he was “convinced that busing is a bankrupt concept.” Sokol also unearthed a 1975 U.S. News and World Report interview with Biden in which the he identified the real racists: busing advocates. Busing, according to Biden, “implied that blacks have no reason to be proud of their inheritance and their own culture.”

In 1979, after receiving donations from Coca-Cola, Biden co-sponsored legislation that helped the soft-drink industry skirt antitrust laws. In the 1990s he voted against regulation of credit card companies, one of which just happened to be his largest single donor

Throughout his subsequent career as a US Senator, he would go on to champion several pieces of legislation that disproportionately targeted black Americans and helped institutionalise mass incarceration including 1994’s infamous Crime Bill, then boasting on the Senate floor: “The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has 70 enhanced penalties… The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 100,000 cops…The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 125,000 new State prison cells.” As recently as 2007, Biden still called the bill his “greatest accomplishment.”

Biden’s populist, blue-collar image is likewise difficult to reconcile with his long-standing proximity to corporate and financial interests and propensity to defend the ultra-rich.

In the 1990s he voted against several measures aimed at the regulation of credit card companies, one of which (MBNA) just happened to be his largest single donor throughout the decade. Even as issues like corporate power and economic inequality have increasingly entered the mainstream for Democrats, Biden has insisted: “I don’t think 500 billionaires are the reason we’re in trouble. The folks at the top aren’t bad guys.”

The list goes on and on. From having a decidedly mixed record on pro-choice legislation, casting a vote for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, expressing his fondness for noted torture proponent Dick Cheney, and declaring anti-LGBTQ Republican vice president Mike Pence a “decent guy”,

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American workers who only believe they should keep working harder and not questioning their beliefs are just as much of the problems

PS Can’t stand Dump or Biden.

Plus if they started using their thinking instead of just being fetus fetishers maybe we’d get somewhere.

We do not have a job problem we have a poor pay job problem.

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I keep hearing that manufacturers can’t find qualified candidates for their openings.
Well, manufacturers, how about creating your own apprentice programs like Germany does?
Why should young people pay a ton of money to go to technical school and then take a low-pay job at an unheated factory where they won’t receive sufficient wages to pay off those school loans?


Also, you know what would help raise wages: UNIONS.
But Republicans have done everything in their power to squash unions since 1945. Now, they’ve got the Supreme Court to give them the Janus decision bankrupting public sector unions and they will do it to private sector unions next.


I wonder as a fervent Catholic how he feels about the Death Penalty; and will he tell us?

Super wealth for some requires struggle for others.