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The Real Reason Dilma Rousseff’s Enemies Want Her Impeached



Rest assured this being orchestrated with the help of the US Government just as the "unrest" in Venezuela was.

There a full court press going on against what are known as the BRICs countries which is headed up by Russia.

The Western banking system can not tolerate a rival and so they ensure countries gravitating to that alternate banking system are punished.

With a Russia it sanctions for "aggression" even as the champions of those sanctions bomb countries the world over. With. Brazil it protests and unrest all bought and paid for and orchestrated from abroad much like happened in Chile and Iran before.


You nailed it, SuspiraDeProfundis. Great article here on this topic.


Thanks for that Link. Escobar rarely pulls punches. I love his detail and insight.


The article is pretty dated (2015?) and there's been plenty of water under the bridge since. However, Suspira is likely correct that there IS a hit on all the BRICS nations for daring to challenge the global hegemony of the U.S. (petro) dollar.