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The Real Reason to Worry About Immigrant Voting


The Real Reason to Worry About Immigrant Voting

Emily Schwartz Greco

While Donald Trump blathers on about a rigged election — a theory downplayed by a wide range of experts and his own running mate — and urges vigilance against hordes of undocumented people casting imaginary ballots, one real problem with this year’s elector


Supreme Court Chief Justice William Reinquist wrote the book on voter harassment, and intimation in Arizona in the 1960's, and he Reinquist was never properly punished for his evil ways, either. Hell, Tricky Dick Nixon, and the US Senate anointed him Supreme Court Justice.Then followed Ronnie Raygun, and Mr. voter harasser, and intimitator himself Reinquist became Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Yea, there are real reasons to worry about immigrant voting, and until the voter harassers, and intimitators are properly punished, we will always will have reasons to worry.


The law here in Ohio is no politicking within 150 feet of the entrance to the polling place. Considering many polling sites, that allows the mixing of partisan vigilantes with people exiting their cars to vote. Don't laugh; as an election pole worker responsible for that site it fell to me to move a group of partisans away from an entrance fronting a parking lot, and that election was nothing like this one. I can imagine groups of rowdies challenging people parking their cars, not on their eligibility to vote, but on their choice. A vision courtesy of Donald Trump.


The Anglo ruling crass has to accept that those people lowest on the totem pole who cut their grass and drive their taxis and descended from their former enemies and colonies; the Spanish Conquistadors, enslaved African Warriors, Great Amerindian cultures and Mohammedan enemies, will be in the majority by 2020. Best to learn to live together as friends with interesting ways than as enemies to be impoverished, feared and reviled.


Given the transparent vote suppression tactics of GOP dominated legislatures

Who's really driving the big rig?


Let's not use proficiency in the English language as a guide for who should vote. If that were one parameter, then the current GOP candidate wouldn't be voting in his own election. My junior high English teachers would have given him a failing grade, had he written and spoken in their classes as he does as a man of his years and position. Please!


Is Lady Liberty still imprisoned on that island offshore of the USA?

How symbolic.


The real reason that most her on Commondreams (like their Trump-supporting brothers) worry about immigrant voting is that most of them will vote for Hillary.


Thankfully, in my city, most people walk to their polling places.


You used to be so respected, now you are treating the community here the same way BWilliamson does.