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The Real Reason Trump Wants to Reopen the Economy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/13/real-reason-trump-wants-reopen-economy


Trump lies have been compounding with each passing week. One example is that meat shortages Americans are experiencing are not driven by COVID-19 caused reduced US meat production, but are actually driven by a third of US produced meat continuing to be shipped to China.

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It is really hard to win an election if most of your Base is dead or sick. Therefore, it’s very easy to simply declare a national emergency, sign an executive order cancelling the 2020 election until “a time when we no longer have the Covid-19 emergency”. Which means…never, since he won’t have widespread testing.
Welcome to President for Life, Donald J. Trump. Who will replace him upon his death is up for grabs. It won’t be Pence. Ivanka is a good bet. Meanwhile the body bags pile up.


This will probably backfire, demonstrating again that the Orange Apocalypse is cerebrally challenged. As the cases and deaths will skyrocket with a clutzy and hasty reopening, especially in the retarded states like Florida and Texas; the economy will continue downward just as Dr. Fauci warned.

We have just recently seen consumers aren’t buying it and have not been “stepping up to the plate” as “good Americans” and shopping until they drop.They are worried they will drop if they shop too much in the wrong places. Seventy percent of the economy is consumer spending, no consumers no economy.


Having the poor by reason of their circumstances being forced to work in dangerous conditions for barely survivable pay has been the worked-for goal and much desired by the capitalist class for as long as we’ve had capitalism. The fraud of calling the poverty-stricken circumstances of the poor and desperate as one of freedom and liberty for the facile reason that force they’re under is not the force of law (ignoring the force of circumstance), is alive and well today: It’s one of the fundamental frauds of the ‘free market’.


Not sure Robert Reich is on the ball here. This article sounds very partisan against Trump and ignores how Biden is just as bad at virtually everything. It’s what you get when they are both Hyper-Capitalists.

Trump is not hiding the intention of why he wants to lift restrictions on work… to get money into the hands of working people. Republicans are openly hostile to relief packages or UBI / handouts. No secret there so the “real reason” is out in the open.

Also, I just heard that the House can compel Fauci to testify if needed. According to discussion on KPFA (Free Speech Radio) the House can terminate his salary and threaten to hold an impeachment inquiry to compel him to testify. Need further proof of this procedure.

More and more people are venturing out of their homes to participate in the essential business economy. If restrictions are lifted, more people will go to work and more customers will show up to pick up their items or get services. Trump giving customers and workers the freedom to participate without government intervention is his “liberation” ideology. That ideology conflicts with pure safety.

I don’t see Democrats as the party of bigger government and control over citizens. Democrats should be for regulating businesses to provide a safe environment for conducting business. Trump is trying to give businesses immunity from prosecution after lifting restrictions to operate. Democrats should be fighting against “immunity from prosecution” and opening the economy in stages based on safety and need. I have not heard a good plan laid out by Biden on this.


Um, Biden isn’t president at this time.

If that was his intention, he wouldn’t be threatening people with losing their unemployment benefits if they’re too afraid of catching the virus to go back to work.


USA has suffered more than one death per minute from this scourge for the past 6 weeks, according to CDC stats. Possibly at some point we’ll see how much it takes to provoke backfiring.

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Well I’m sure that Pelosi will stop Trump from doing these evil actions … Ha Ha Ha


Biden is the presumptive nominee for President and he has to provide an alternative path forward with specifics at the same level of detail or better than Trump’s plan. Not seeing it.

I meant Trump wants to lift restrictions on work so workers get paid for working. Trump does not believe in unemployment insurance or social security and doesn’t give a flying F*K if those are lost. There is nothing hidden in his attitude there.


May be of interest:

Because ByeDone (R-Visa) is not sentient. He is merely a potted plant. Plants can’t speak coherently or formulate plans.

Would someone in Canada consider adopting an old man and his house rabbit? Not a lot of room needed. Just want out of Trumplandia ASAP.

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Prof. Reich is right. This pandemic is the breakthru the Democratic party hoped for. The longer it lasts and the more damage it does boosts their previously nonexistent chances to win the presidential election in November.

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Florida, one of the last states to issue a shelter-in-place order and one of the first to reopen, has stopped releasing medical examiners’ statistics on numbers of coronavirus victims because the numbers are higher than the state’s official count.

You can bet this is also going on in other states particularly Red ones.

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Let’s just see when Trump decides to “re-open” his rallies, in person and not by video screen.

If it’s safe to go back to work, it’s safe to have his adoring mouth-breathers cheering him on in a closed arena.

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Since Pres. Trump has used the Defense Production Act and other means to assist and shield employers he ought also protect the workforce by offering free Covid-19 medical care to worker and family and offering a $400,000. life insurance policy to help the families of those workers who unfortunately perish.

Reich has it backwards, the Left wants the shutdown to inflict maximum damage to the economy because it was Trump’s biggest campaign issue.