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The Real US Syria Scandal: Supporting Sectarian War


The Real US Syria Scandal: Supporting Sectarian War

Gareth Porter

The main criticism of US policy in Syria has long been that President Barack Obama should have used US military force or more aggressive arms aid to strengthen the armed opposition to Assad. The easy answer is that the whole idea that there was a viable non-extremist force to be strengthened is a myth – albeit one that certain political figures in London and Washington refuse to give up.


The media's complicity in the generic "oops" narratives covering the effects of wars/actions throughout the world is and has been a tragic sin of omission for quite some time. Military actions, despite all appearances, are thought through very carefully. Letting the Rumsfeldesque messaging of "unknown unknowns" propagate is, as the founders would say, poppycock. Let's save some lampposts for the denizens of the dark art known as M$M.


Shakespeare penned the words:

"How can thinking men think so wrongly."

Responding to this quote, I'd question if they think at all:

"It took a remarkable degree of denial and self-deception for the Obama administration to believe that it was somehow acting to rescue the Syrian people from the bloodletting when it was doing precisely the opposite."'

Seasoned attorneys look for patterns.

Was a case FIXED FOR war against Iraq? The answer to that is clear and it's affirmative.

Were those behind this push FOR war also advocates of torture (called other names)? Again, the answer is affirmative.

Are those who plan, advocate for, and carry out wars willing to bomb humanitarian entities like hospitals run by "Doctors Without Borders"? Again, the answer is affirmative.

Were these very same wars part of a blueprint that was published under the title: "Project For a New American Century."

The answer is yes.

Does the MIC and the very weapons' contractors that so many generals turn to for hefty retirement income profit vastly from war? Again, the answer is affirmative.

Are U.S. govt-military-defense contractors (entities that are NOT representative of the interests of the American people, as a whole) currently selling major arms to Saudi Arabia even though its sociopath sheik leaders are enjoying using these weapons on the impoverished Yemeni citizens next-door? The answer is affirmative.

Are U.S. govt-military-defense contractors likewise selling major arms to Israel that it has a habit of using on neighboring populations? Again, the answer is affirmative.

The goal has ALWAYS been continuous war and it apparently is in existence for 3 reasons:

  1. It creates enormous profits for the MIC/weapons suppliers & bankers
  2. War abroad enables tyranny at home (NDAA, Patriot Act, mass surveillance, etc.)
  3. It helps to reduce the population--an apparent GOAL of the global elites.

In short, the Obama administration had ZERO interest in reducing the blood-letting. The PATTERN of martial opportunism, a/k/a imperialism is well underway. Clearly, the moves that some pundits interpret the way sports' casters do plays in football are designed to PROLONG the killing.


Most at risk these days are peace makers, journalists who dare to tell the Truth that deviates from official narratives, doctors trying to help those inside war-torn lands, and persons of conscience!


The Press must force Obama and Hillary to accept responsibility for these horrendous war crimes and admit to and denounce their flawed and failed policies, which have caused the death of almost half a million people and the displacement of many millions more in Syria alone. This campaign season, when they must face journalists on a daily basis, would seem to be the optimal time for this to happen. That this country’s Press does not means that they are not merely negligent and unprofessional, but actively complicit in these war crimes and subject to all the condemnation and retribution that Humanity and Karma can bring to bear.


Yes. Very well said.


Thank you.

Each day's events mortify me further.

Even Mother Nature is screaming... but the boys with the war toys play on in the killing fields... telling us THIS is security.

It's the mentality of the father who beats the shit out of his kids "for their own good."

And George Lakoff essentially links these together in the profile of the strict father-oriented Conservative household.

What Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover put into place is now back in style and it's empowered by technology.

Sure to prove fun for all.


I see compression of civil liberties escalating over the course of the next 4 years with a major shift beginning at the end of 2020 and reaching a crescendo by 2024.

The next 4-8 years are going to feel like Tribulation. Of course, for the millions tossed out of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine and other nearby zones due to war; and to the thousands evacuating Central America and Mexico due to the U.S.-sponsored campaigns of carnage added to NAFTA; and to those on the front lines of climate chaos... the process is well underway.

Survival of the Fittest, and/or those lucky enough to not occupy one of the growing Kill & Destroy Zones is being put into action... on Steroids.


There is a bit of good news.
On Sunday the rebels in the area close to Baghdad where the CIA and Hillary began this war finally gave up.
700 of them left town and went to northwestern Syria.


Bush and the neocons have laid out the plan, which is to go after the Axis of Evil. Iraq, Syria, Iran are all on the list. Using the ancient divide between Sunni's and Shiites is the perfect means to justify their ends, When sectarian war broke out in Syria they must have salivated at the opportunity to go after one on the list.
Israel and the gulf states that support the Sunni's are funding ISIS and the ongoing opposition in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, of course with US help.
My guess is that we will see Clinton going after Assad with little concern that millions are dying, because Netenyahu wants it badly. Then what, on to Iran? That is the ultimate goal but Russia keeps getting in the way with solutions and offers of cooperation. That just won't do.
It's all so sick and delusional with no end in sight and a government controlled media that bolsters their insanity and provides them with cover.
This will not end well for the US.


I doubt it. They wouldn't have let Obama beat Hillary in the first place if he legitimately had desire for such changes. He was likely set up as a deliberate plant to "ease" us into a Clinton administration.


T'the truth is we are not responsible for the world. The article was so complex I couldn't tell what the point was. The U.S has screws up the middle east for a long time now. We are not good nation builders nor good neighbors. I am greatful that Obama has kept us out of the war. All the recent wars are fund raisers for the cabal.

John Hamer


Its all coming down hard; whatever comes to the imperialist empire is well deserved!


I'm confused by the open but never-closed quotation marks at the start of the fourth paragraph: “The Obama administration bears responsibility for this atrocity... Who is stating this? Where does the quote end?


The "war" in Yemen by the Saudi 'coalition" is funded, supported, and supplied by the US against the Houthi coalition is essentially air power bombing civilian areas. This also should be seen as the US supporting a sectarian war against tribal, very poor people. The Yemen war is also a product of the 6 nation, US deal with Iran on their non-existent nuclear weapons "program". The US chose to give approvals to both the Saudis and Israelis to commit war crimes and ethnic cleansing respectively, and arm both, and increase funding/foreign aid to limit the opposition of both to the 6 nation deal - and over 10 thousand have been killed and many others maimed.
The Obama administration seems to thrive on wars and military adventurism abroad, and repression, security-state apparatus, whistle-blower imprisonment and deceit at home.


Sorry Times, it was all about him and only about him. He would have signed on to any bloody agenda to get into office. The proxy wars, the drones, the deportations, the scams of Obama Care and the Home Affordability Act and now the TPP? His charm, his sweet words and his race kept us at bay for eight more years while the banksters and wall street recovered and BOOMED--they are bigger and better and richer than ever.


Feel what you must. Personally I'd rather be disillusioned and know the truth than know a sugar coated lie. At least then I know where to direct my anger.


Obomber is a bloody mass murderer; the dead and suffering in Middle East are the proof! No excuses for murder!


Pres. Hillary Clinton will start MORE WARS. The only question now is WILL "progressives"/liberals join and strengthen the ANTI-WAR movement & bring Hillary to heel...OR will they give her the same PASS that Pres. Obama has gotten for EXPANDING WARS? I'm nOT going to debate who to vote for. The only REAL debate is: what are progressives gong to DO in response to the Pro-War/Pro-Corproate Clinton Administration? Have we LEARNED ANYTHING after 8 years of Obama? Will we BE VIGILANT & PUT PRESSURE on Pres. Hillary Clinton? OR do we ONLY give a damn about war when a REPUBLICAN wages it?


When Obama got into office the U.S> was waging wars against TWO countries---now, it's SEVEN. Guess that pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize didn't work. Neither did "wwait & see" or "give him a chance". Progressives MUST ACT DIFFERENTLY towards Hillary Clinton:that is,.LEARN SOMETHING from 8 eyars of Obama. DEMOCRATS are NOT the "lesser evil"--they're the MROE EFFECTIVE EVIL. That is, they "get things done" for the1% that the GOP can only dream about....and they do it with progressives/liberals NOT PROTESTING THEM for it.


It's NOT
the press" who "must force obama & Hillary to acept responsibility" ("the press" is sued for PRO-WAR PROPAGANDA!!!). It's WE THE PEOPLE who must do it!Start organizing NOW to OPPOSE the WARMAKING of Pres,. Hillary "War Hawk" Clinton.l


The political disconnect between “we the people” and the politicians has been thoroughly documented, therefore no matter how outraged or even vocal we become, they can ignore us and continue their focus on fundraising (i.e.- soliciting bribes from corporate interests). The main-stream-media (even with their own corporate agenda) are however still dependent on the consumer - that would be us. The MSM is more susceptible to criticism and therefore affords us more leverage over politicians. Exposing them for their incompetence and unprofessionalism is exactly where they are vulnerable and offers a chance to reclaim the institution we historically depended on to hold the politicians accountable.