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The Real Way the 2016 Election Is Rigged


Representative government means oligarchy stays in control. Direct democracy means We the People take control.


While the focus of the article is on the rigging of the House of Representatives by Republicans via gerrymandering, it seems that the Democrats cannot get much progressive legislation passed even when they have a majority in both the House and Senate as occurred during the 2008-2010 period. In fact, a super majority in the Senate (i.e. 60 seats) seems to be the requirement when Democrats are in the majority. Anyone care to explain why?


To rephrase my question, why have the Democrats so infrequently used the filibuster in the Senate, especially during Bush’s reign, while the Republicans essentially asserted this power full-time in the Senate between 2008-2010 when the Congress was controlled by the Democrats? Why don’t the Democrats play hardball like the Republicans when they are in power instead of voting for disasters like the Iraq war, Bush tax cuts, and on an on?

The main criticism of Democrats is that they are either spineless when confronting Republicons or collusive with them and thus not trustworthy.

See the following for an interesting historical perspective


Another useful article from MotherJones demonstrating how the election is rigged even when Democrats are in control of the House, Senate, and White House


Daley sez: “Even if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in a landslide, there are simply not enough competitive districts remaining to give the Democrats any chance at winning the House.”

If I have this right, you’re saying the oligarchs will “win” the presidency and the oligarchs will “win” the House. Bet I know who loses.


The farce which masqueraded as the 2016 Democrat presidential primary is the template for how these do these things all the way down the ballot. That’s why “Democrats” like Andrew Cuomo, Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Jay Nixon, Claire McCaskill, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Ruben Hinojosa and Patrick Murphy control the so-called party.

And the presence of all that scum on the Democratic ticket is the main reason why they don’t have a prayer of capturing the House in the fall. And probably not the Senate, either.


Sure, I mean that Trump supporters might say they are voting for Clinton, just to try and make Dems overconfident. I doubt it happens much in the other direction.


Could you please work on your sentence structure. Sloppy writing and sloppy thinking go hand in hand.


That’s it! That’s it! You’ve exposed our entire game! Do you have some nefarious connection with the deep state?


It feels to me like patriotism is about on the same level as that disgusting phrase that everyone keeps regurgitating to vets whenever they see them – “Thank you for your service!” Being patriotic and blessing this country shouldn’t have to be shouted from the rooftops, it should be evident in the way we treat our fellow man – no matter WHAT country we come from! And how about if we STOP thanking our vets for their service and SHOW them by respecting them enough to call an end to wars? That’s why I said “gag me with a spoon” – if we really cared about what’s happening in the ME we would be doing whatever we could to stop these wars for oil, and supremacy, and MONEY!
And thank you for seeing the humor in my original comment :sunglasses:


Hey, don’t insult my booful furbabies by lumping them in with that pond scum :smiling_imp:


That’s true if the article was about HRC but this article is actually about the congressional gerrymandering that all-but guarantees the GOP will retain the house irrespective of how well the presidential candidates do in a particular state.


One wonders how much this gerrymandering is given the nod by the DNC. After all, if the dems are to retain power, they need excuses for their neocon decisions.


Almost everyone agrees with that but the only way to be rid of it would be a Constitutional Amendment and to my current knowledge no one has written one and started circulating petitions to get it on the ballot. It would be a grand opportunity to kill two bad birds with one legislative stone: the Electoral College and Citizens United.


Impeccable accounting of this mess.


I think this cuts to the chase. Bernie Sanders simply drew attention to the obvious and, once the media could no longer ignore or ridicule him, bested the democratic party in half the time Clinton had to build momentum. They had to cheat. Jill Stein has it all (true progressive, honest, forthright, brilliant, principled—and woman) and nobody over fifty seems to have ever heard of her. She seems to be getting a little exposure now, with three weeks left till the voting begins.



I don’t think so Jazzbo. They are literally trying to oust as many existing members of congress as possible. I guess time will tell.


So true that only most younger people know who Dr. Jill Stein is! I mentioned her name to an older person the other day who asked me if I supported Trump or Hillary and when I responded I supported Dr. Jill Stein, he responded: " DR. WHO"?


Thanks for the video, George is spot on!