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The Referendum That Might Have Headed Off Flint’s Water Crisis


The Referendum That Might Have Headed Off Flint’s Water Crisis

The tragic lead poisoning of the Flint water supply in Michigan is a study in bureaucratic bungling, racial inequity and national media inattention. But the fallout from the crisis has obscured another lesson: There are consequences when those in power are able simply to circumvent the public will.


The fact that the Referendum that might've altered a horrific water crisis in Flint that's a clear danger to the local residents is really down and dirty....and beyond disgusting, to boot! The people of Flint, MI, and other places like it are human beings, too! They deserve to be treated as humans, and to be given potable water for themselves and their children to drink, etc.,


Fascism a formidable opponent when money is to be had.


This year - what with the poisoning of Flint by political fiat by a 'politician' with utter contempt for democracy, and the Trump as a plausible presidential candidate attracting support from the Ku Klux Klan and having obvious connections with organised crime, i.e. the Mafia, not to mention his grandfather's pimping and brothel-keeping etc - I am discovering that the USA's claims to be a 'democracy' are pretty thin.
After all, an informed and educated electorate would hardly vote for a Trump- especially as he is clearly hell-bent on destroying the independent media!
Without a free press, and freedom of association and speech, how can there be any form of democracy or liberty?
Trump and Snyder have this in common: their utter contempt for the voice of the people. Flint today, the rest of the states tomorrow.


The city sent out water bills with no discount for the lead. Since the GOP runs things like a corporation the price for river water stayed as high as the price of clean water purchased from Detroit so that the city could make a profit from the poison.


Good point but profit was only part of the story.
What of the huuuge need of the fracking industry - Koch etc -. for almost unlimited quantities of water, clean water which that industry would then pollute, so badly it has to be taken out of the water cycle permanently?
It seems that Snyder and his collaborators were happy to supply that industry with whatever it wanted.
No doubt Trump too would also be happy to supply their requirements.
Look out for more methane plumes, and more cities suffering like Flint.
What a future!
So long as production for profit is how we run this crazy world, it looks as if we can only expect more of the same and worse.