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The Refugees of Flint's Water Crisis


The Refugees of Flint's Water Crisis

Michelle Chen

After being slowly poisoned by their government, the people of Flint, Michigan are finally getting some relief. But like the water itself, the crisis is spreading steadily and converging with an environmental crisis of global proportions.


Many years ago there were serious discussions of "point of use treatment systems" for citizens and businesses. When I first learned of the POUTS model, I was horrified at the cruelty of expecting everyone to be a water chemist with testing facilities or the ability to outsource the service. It was the proverbial privateers wanting to place a troll on every tap to funnel money their way. This tragedy in Flint needs to remain in the public eye, as it can serve as testament to the idiocy of privatization. To the engineers and chemists who did not prevent this result, shame on you! You were trained better than that. Did you sleep through your ethics classes? You are pathetic cowards to NOT have FOUGHT TO WIN that fight.


Just think. The USA spent millions of dollars destroying Iraq's water supply. The residents of Flint did not have to be bombed by the USA to destroy their water supply but got given their poisoned water at a low cost and they still grumble. What an ungrateful attitude towards the US government.


Any city administrator that allows water to continue for years to be delivered through lead pipes is a clown of the worst sort.


You are far too kind to Snyder and his crew!
They didn't just "allow" this to happen and continue. They insisted on doing this, against local opposition. And they did their best to suppress reports of the health problems being caused to so many children. And they knew that this harm is irreversible - there is no cure, no treatment that can restore their health!
All this they knew, and indeed should have been able to predict.
It was their decision not to use phosphate to prevent the polluted water from eroding the lead pipes.
Everyone in Michigan must have known that the Flint River was seriously polluted after the auto industry operated there for so long. Other cities had used phosphate to prevent polluted water eroding lead from old water pipes. So why did Snyder and co suppose their criminal actions would be without consequences?
"Clowns"? It's not funny.