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The Remarkable Bernie Sanders Journey That Will Overcome the Crowning of Clinton


The Remarkable Bernie Sanders Journey That Will Overcome the Crowning of Clinton

RoseAnn DeMoro

It’s not over. Far from it. The economic and political establishment, which includes the Democratic National Committee (DNC), its Wall Street and corporate backers, and the major media, most of it now owned by a half dozen big corporations, have worked feverishly to turn the Democratic primary process into a coronation for Hillary Clinton.

Bottom line, they wanted to declare it over before actual voters could vote, but their carefully crafted strategy began to #FeelTheBern.


The ruling class trembles
in paneled boardrooms
the prevaricating pundits of prognostication
speak in tongues
to fewer and fewer ears.


Perfect RoseAnn DeMoro, thank you so much on behalf of us Bernie supporters who realize that he may be our last hope...


Do hate to disagree Norcal ... but I reckon that as of a few months ago ... its quite the opposite: first great hope. Its been a long time since the sunrise horizon looked so clear. - and the sun ain't even part ways up yet. Notice how the crowds still keep getting missed in the shadows?


I do,theoldgoat, but this feels to me like 1968 all over again and there will be something like an unraveling at the Democratic Convention.


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In addition to the sexism canard DeMoro listed, I would add a race canard, whereby whenever Bernie mentions anything that occurred during Obama Administration Clinton accuses him of criticizing Obama, which explains why many blacks are selecting Clinton in the primaries, and why Bernie has landed few punches against Clinton (who is running on an Obama third term platform). Analysts have concluded that Bernie will do better than Clinton against the GOP because the race canard won't work if Clinton attempts to use it against GOP opponents in the general election.


Is the American 'body politick' so sick that it needs a dreadful purge? I do not know.

Are the Republicans and the Democrats so much alike that they should both be swept aside?

Would the 'real good Americans', of whom there are so many, be angry enough to do something drastic if the Democratic National Committee, with its super delegates, is able to steal the nomination from Senator Bernie Sanders. Probably not?

Would the world and the U.S.A. survive such a horrible thing as a Trump presidency. Probably? Is it worth the risk?

Would a Trump presidency destroy the Republican Party, and/or teach the Democratic Party a lesson in democracy that it would remember for a while. I doubt it?

Should all the independents vote for Trump to teach several lessons?

"Desperate diseases, by desperate measures do find cure, or not at all".

It is an ill wind that blows no good.


43% of voters are Independent? Way more than either the Dems or Repubs! They should make Independents our official third party! They could also make it so that in a close run off like between Hillary and Bernie that the one knocked out by superdelegates automatically gets entered as an Independent candidate so that the people decide their elections.

We don't have to vote between only the choices made by the two parties anyway. We should be able to vote for either Trump or Cruz or rather Republican candidate Trump and Independent Republican candidate Cruz on one hand...


Democratic candidate Clinton and Independent Democrat candidate Sanders.

Four choices if the primary nominations are close like they are now.


I dont understand your point. Republican are exactly the ones that the Democratic candidate should direct their "race canard" as you call it. Bernie will do better becasue if he gets the nomination, he will get 99.8% of the black voters on his side - they certainly are not going to vote for a Republican - especially Trump.!


A study showed that the vast majority of independents strongly favor the Democratic Party or Republican Party. For one reason or another they don't want to register with a party. Perhaps less than 10% of voters could truly be called independent. If Clinton doesn't get the nomination she will support Sanders and if he doesn't get the nomination he will support Clinton. If Trump wins the nomination it does seem possible that the Republicans will run an independent candidate rather than have Trump win the presidency and take over the party. Many conservatives seem willing to lose this election to the Democrats as long that meant they would retain control of the Republican Party.


I am very much for Bernie and will vote for him in the general election if he is on the ballot.

This list of reasons and this whole article reads very much like a list of reasons why Bernie WILL NOT be the nominee.

The article should have been entitled "The Remarkable Coronation Efforts That Will Crown Hillary Despite the Bernie Sanders Journey".

The powers that reign have selected Hillary and so it shall be.

Hope I'm wrong.



And the 'Bernie supporters chanted "English Only'' canard.

And the 'I never saw Sanders during 60's civil rights activities but I saw Hillary and Bill' canard.

I guess Clinton supporters admire her so much they want to be just like her, so they lie.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.


It could do. Did you see John Pilger's argument that Clinton is more dangerous than Trump?

I haven't been through the posts yet. Has anyone bothered to mention why Hillary Clinton might just possibly have some extraordinary clout with Las Vegas casinos? What an odd little factoid to hang out in the essay here, without authorial comment. Is it really as obvious as that across the spectrum, that one does not mention it?

No, if Sanders really can pull that close, the big election is going to be in July.