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The Republican Carnival Comes to Town


The Republican Carnival Comes to Town

Robert Borosage

Donald Trump will be center stage in CNN’s Republican Presidential debate tonight, flanked this time by a surging, sinister Sen. Ted Cruz on his left and a flagging Dr. Ben Carson on his right. Once more Trump will claim the spotlight, with the others vying for time and attention.

Before getting too depressed by this preposterous turn of events, consider the following:

Donald Trump isn’t even close to becoming president of the U.S. Republicans may be nutty enough to nominate him, but even that is unlikely.


A sinister Ted Cruz...lol. Okay maybe it is serious but you still have to smile at the characterization.

Okay now I'm getting scared ... a autocratic oligarch, a sinister cynic and a fundamentalist doctor who believes cave men rode around on dinosaurs.

Hey this isn't funny!


"Yet, at this point, Trump has less popular support than Bernie Sanders. As Raw Story reported, Trump wins about 30.4 percent of Republican voters; Sanders about 30.8 percent of Democratic voters, but the latter vastly outnumber the former. Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight estimates that Trump is backed by about 6 to 8 percent of total voters. E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post estimates his base at 13 percent, similar in size to that of George Wallace."

These statistics are inordinately useful in warding off the hysteria coming from too many pundits who decry the state of America based on Trump's fan base. In other words, derogatory characterizations made to apply to ALL Americans generates from a pool of about 8% of voters.

If approximately 8% of the U.S. population is gay, how many here would be content to hear the frame, "WE are all gay"? (This analogy might succeed in driving home how these WE frames work.)

Once again, one can only imagine the poll numbers if Mr. Sanders had a fraction of the media time & spotlight allotted to the rich clown.


It's a new Reality TV show... and/or an audition for the next episode of The Munsters.


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I think your numbers are way off. Perhaps only one politicians is offering to improve lives, but there are thousands of people who perform unordinary acts of kindness on a daily basis, and thousands more who work as nurses, caregivers, teachers, genuinely empathetic therapists, and so much else. ALL of them seek to make a difference and improve lives.

Careful, this "one in 300 million" can sound like idol worship. Bernie isn't Elvis!


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As much as I enjoy the implosion of the bigot party I've got better things to do than let them turn my television into a toilet for any crap they want to spew.


The Munsters were stupid, not venal.


This Carnival is about fear, security and profits for the corporate establishment sponsors.


I can't stand it. I muted the volume halfway during Christie so now I won't have to suffer through Fiorina and Bush until Trump comes on.


You do have a point.


If Bernie had equal media coverage he would be crushing Hillary. That is unacceptable to the political establishment and their vested interests.

Support Bernie as if your life depends on it.