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The Republican Foreign Policy Consensus: Lunacy


The Republican Foreign Policy Consensus: Lunacy

Robert Borosage

Before turning on the Republican debate on Wednesday night, I had begun writing an article on Hillary Clinton’s alarmingly bellicose foreign policy ideas. But Hillary’s hawkish stance is a portrait of restraint in contrast to the adolescent muscle flexing and locker room taunts that mark the foreign policy exchanges of the Republican presidential contenders in their most recent debate.


Lunacy indeed! The competition to be the most lavish at spilling other people's blood was reminiscent of a Dickensian asylum.

Several of them appear to need a rabies shot...


If Bernie doesn't counter all this militaristic, war on terror, unending war rhetoric with some foreign policy sanity, we might as well just launch the missiles and end it all now.


So we have the monstrously delusional and ignorant running the country, all the folks with any savvy or wisdom sitting on the sidelines commenting away as the whack jobs destroy the planet and ruin any future we may have. Is this the inevitable end of Homo sapiens, death by idiocy?


They do not care how much blood is spilled as long as the inside of their wallet remains green.


remember the lust over osama bin laden's death or how about awlaki and son and how about the ramp up of drone activity both home and abroad. i guess those are republicans sneeking into the democrat white house creating all kinds of problems for obama's legacy. what is lunacy is thinking that you can change this fascist system by voting for a democrat OR a republican. think revolution and start a process of political reality.


"and Trump is right, our allies are increasingly free riders, happy to let us do all the fighting"

So the author believes that we should all run around fighting for the USA's foreign policy blunderers?

To the author I say fight your own goddamned wars and, preferably, keep them in your own country.


The Republican candidates appear to consider George W Bush an example of a fine president, one to emulate on foreign policy.

This is the George Bush that suggested we employ the use of tactical nuclear weapons. In other words, a battlefield nuclear weapon. A kinder gentler nuclear weapon, if you will. This was such an insane suggestion that he was immediately shouted down much as he was when he wanted to privatize Social Security.

We can't allow any of these candidates anywhere near the White House.


Surprisingly, Trump (along with Carson and Paul) didn't display the flagrant militarism of the majority re Libya and Iran...almost balances his other opinions. Only...Kasich, Trump and Paul
dared summon a few words of caution about the folly of the Iraq war, the need to work with allies, or acknowledge some limit on U.S. power.


No lunatics here, stupid probably, but most likely just willing to say anything to be president.


And they get to keep the millions they didn't spend on their campaign.