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The Republican House of Horrors Offers a Terrifying Healthcare Vision


The Republican House of Horrors Offers a Terrifying Healthcare Vision

RoseAnn DeMoro

Halloween arrived early this year featuring the Republican house of horrors seeking to fulfill their long lust for repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

While there are legitimate criticisms of the ACA—notably the 28 million still uninsured and its abject failure to limit escalating out of pocket costs—the coverage gains made through the ACA, through Medicaid expansion and the crackdown on insurance abuses, are largely eviscerated by the GOP plan.


Just as Michael Moore keeps referring to Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania as the brexit states, perhaps California needs to start the secession process so Moore can start calling it (and other states wishing to join it) the CALEXIT states.


Just on the initial point: "This bill lets insurance shape what procedures doctors do, what drugs we take, and even which doctors we can see:" This actually does define Medicaid. Even when it comes to access to health care, Medicaid recipients can only turn to doctors who agree to take Medicaid recipients. In rural areas, it's not unusual for people to have significant problems finding a doctor who will willing to accept a new Medicaid patient.


Another Wolf in Wolf's clothing. One of the top Nurses in America should know.

Thank you RoseAnn.

People : Start calling your Congressmen and Senators now, and like Nancy Reagan said so many years ago, "Just say no."

Or, as Psychedelic Chicken would say, "Cluck No."


"– an improved Medicare for all system, much as the rest of the developed world assures healthcare for its people".

Just as an aside. The rest of the developed world seems to be trying to follow the USAian model of denial of health-care.

Sounds like Cuba had better build a wall to keep USAians out.

Who needs a wall to keep immigrants out of the USA? The USAian Dream is still, however, mythology writ large.


Here's an idea from Canada, with love: California can join Canada. We have so many mutual benefits like single payer healthcare. Think about it and let us know.


As an Oregonian, I say let Oregon join California.
Get Washington to join and have the entire west coast go on the Canadian health plan.


And then other states will follow, like New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado,... Love it.


It is already started...


I voted for Trump because he promised to go after corporate greed when he was campaigning to be the president.

While campaigning Trump said over and over that he was going to take on wall street because "THOSE CEOs ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER"

But after he won the presidency
He filled his cabnet up with billionaire CEOs.
And now those CEOs and Trump are working hard to protect corporations from paying there taxes leaving the American people with the tax bill for what is needed to run the country.

I and everyone who voted for Trump to end corporate greed have been betrayed.


One more failure before we do what every other industrialized nation has done and jettison the vampire insurance system. Those huge buildings that the insurance industry has built weren't built by providing needed health care they were built by the blood and sweat by the working classes who had union coverage or insurance as a job benefit or could to pay the premiums themselves. Those who couldn't pay the cost of insurance or the price of admission to a doctor's office either did without or relied on county hospitals who would take anyone. Those days are gone for the most part, and without the price of an entrance ticket citizens are out of luck. I have heard not one understandable argument for the extension of this pay it twice medical care this nation has allowed, through the corrupt campaign financing system, to develop into a morass of despair for so many of our citizens.
It is questionable if the gutless wonders we have stupidly sent to represent our interests in state and federal governments will ever manage to do anything that benefits their constituents without significant private sector gains ever again. The current Commander in Chief promised to diligently work for the average citizen but so far has done nothing but to make our future more questionable..


No kidding. And just what did you expect from someone who has a long history of lying, bullshitting and scamming? Did you REALLY expect a person who shafts the people who work for him to care about the working men and women? Of course not. The people who actually expected him to follow through are known as marks by the con artists.

I doubt "bigly" that you actually supported drumpf, but your point is made.


This bill lets insurance shape what procedures doctors do, what drugs we take, and even which doctors we can see.

Say it ain't so. The republicans would come between a person and his doctor? How could that be? Haven't the good repubs made it clear that they feel that the government should never do that, unless, of course, we're talking about a woman's uterus. Then all bets are off. For some reason the repubs spend a lot of time thinking about how to control all uteri, especially of women they aren't married to. Also, when doctors are interested in keeping people alive and ask about the availability of firearms in the house, then repubs somehow feel that it is ok to come between a doctor and his patient.


Another Trumpian finally realizes he/she's been had, and the orange cretin is just getting warmed up. Him and his billionaire buddies will be bleeding us proles like stuck pigs.


Dale, then don't mourn--organize! Organize your fellow Trump voters to join the resistance and push for single-payer healthcare now!


I agree, CA, OR and WA should develop their own single Payer health care system. Then I bet MN would want to join us too

Regarding CA becoming its own country...we certainly have the economy to do it.


And you didn't see that coming? The handwriting was on the wall...you should have had a better vetting system.


As a Minnesotan, I'd join you, but the right-wing knuckle-draggers are breeding like rabbits around our beloved state. In four more years we too may turn red!


Cry me a river. You voted for Trump. You voted everything we are getting. The racism of the Trump campaign was OK with you as long as he went after a few billionaires? He went after them, and put them in his cabinet. Trump was a great liar, but he was no great deceiver.


Dale didn't say anything about Single Payer. He just wants to go after those gosh darn CEOs.