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The Republican Party as Presently Constituted Must Be Torn Down to Its Foundations. The Planet Depends on It.


The Republican Party as Presently Constituted Must Be Torn Down to Its Foundations. The Planet Depends on It.

Charles P. Pierce

So, over the weekend, another child died in the custody of the United States because of the president*'s brainless immigration policy. The president* flew halfway around the world for a 30-minute photo-op with some soldiers because he was shamed into doing so, and this was shortly after he was shamed into submarining a deal on the southern border by Rush Limbaugh and a chorus of lower primates. At this point, I think he could be shamed into jumping off the Truman Balcony dressed as Queen Mathilde of Belgium.


As having been suggesting to friends. Thank you, Charles Pierce.
And while we’re at it, let’s investigate the corporation (itself) and how we can mitigate or (if it’s not too much to ask) end its aggressively hostile effect on our country.


So now The New York Times takes a look at the damage done by Trump. Where were they 2 years ago?
Trump hasn’t sidestepped who he’s been his whole life, the people of the northeast knew what he was about, and so did the Times. As wide as their readership is, they could have warned most of the country, but they wouldn’t and didn’t, shame on them.


It is up to the voters to make the Republican Party as it now is irrelevant. It puts party over country and supports a president who is a fascist and sides completely with the interests of big business, The voters are unlikely to do this, however, because the hate, fear, and lies that Republicans use to win elections are very powerful. Hate and fear affects the emotions and it is on the basis of emotions that most votes are cast, and the lies are meant to provide a basis for the hate and fear. Voters without the experience of higher education and those who live in rural areas seem to be particularly vulnerable to the Republican strategy.


Yes, the Republican Party that once was is a distant memory. The DINO Democratic Party is also a sold-out “once-was”

The present system of government, Of, By, and For profits above all else coupled with a political system that now runs on wealth as its center, and perpetuates the rule of greed and wealth, is what must be torn-down!

Add the corruption of political religious extremism, a Fourth Estate that has been bought-out by self-interest, and an education “system” that has also been usurped to serve wealth and “jobs”, and a security-state apparatus that has turned us against each other - all factors in what now is a politics corrupted probably beyond the ability of the people to save

The entrenched DINO sellouts also serve what is worst and most destructive in our republic as well as RepubliCons…just with a “kinder & gentler” screwing…


This Corporate war on the middle class, working class and poor was won 35+ years ago. Its’ commanders name is Ronnie " Trickle Down " Reagaconomics ( I left the con in because he was the best one the Republicans ever produced ). That’s just the facts, Corporatocracy-spin be damned.
Trump’s bunch is just the night shift mop up crew. Ya’ know, " only the best people " for a nasty, dirty job.The pilfering of the economy and the destruction of the environment is still unrelenting and continuously rolling on.


I wondered how long it would take for it’s the Democrats fault because… their clones, or something. Read Mr. Pierce again, thank you.
You can hate them all you want, but Mr. Trump wouldn’t have gotten out of the 1st debate running as a Democrat.
Little green birds are taught at an early age to turn around, so as not to shit in their only nest. Especially so when they are non-fliers, pretty much.


Yes. I get that, but Trump’s business model is a special kind of screwed up. Like I said The Times was very knowledgeable about it, with him operating in their back yard and failed to educate the voters in the rest of the country, who may not have known about his BS business practice’s. A total fail on their part, …or not


I’m no supporter or subscriber to the Times, anymore. And, your points are certainly valid.
Judith…we hardly knew ye.


Not sure what you are saying, but it seems highly critical. If you will, please explain. I don’t “hate them” (apparently Democrats) but wish whatever marginal environmental protections could have been made more robust to not allow the trump regime to so easily reverse and gut the rules and roll-back so much! That is very disappointing!

“Because” what please? If you are saying I am somehow just “blaming Democrats” and not the political system that dominates both parties, you need to read my comment again.

As Pierce ended with: “The philosophy behind these acts of destruction has to be wrung out of our politics”…I agree entirely about the R’Con party being smashed into oblivion…along with the system that allows/tolerates and empowers such atrocities!

I constantly write about environmental issues and how they affect our nation and planet and advocate for radical comprehensive change…


Everything Obama has tried to put forth, Trump has attempted to roll back. We’re dealing with a lunatic whose father was a Klansman. He courts, and attracts, the sickest people in our country and exploits their mental illnesses and prejudices. He’ll literally say and possibly do almost anything.
The Democrats are oftentimes pathetic and lack the elements of courage, but they’re not sickos.
They’re not Republican lite, anymore.


The Republican party must be torn down beyond its foundations, and banned.

Its leaders must be prosecuted and either imprisoned or reveal everything they know, turn over all documents and profits, and agree never to hold another position of responsibility in government, business, or non-profit, through a truth and reconciliation process. The emotional illness they manifest has to be treated en masse so that civilization has a chance of surviving past this crisis.


The question then, is: What institution or agency or court has the authority to do so?


Some people still don’t seem to appreciate how far the Republicans have shifted to the right. After all, it was Richard Nixon who signed the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, etc and he was in office when the EPA was created. This was of curse before Limbaugh, Hannity, the and rest began their rants on radios tuned in all across the nation. Those shows were basically the sound track for the lives of millions of Americans. And since then Newt Gingrich, the Koch brothers, the Tea Party, etc have pushed the Republicans even further to right. It is critical that in Russia politics shifted from left to right, from communism to fascism with a period of democracy in between. Donald Trump in effect is the link between right wing America and right wing Russia. It is generally acknowledged that Russia is now a kleptocracy and it would appear that Trump;is trying to drive the US in that direction. His foreign policy seems designed to serve Russian interests. His reaction to Putin is like his reaction to no other world leader as if they are on the same page. This is a very dangerous situation and American democracy is truly in peril.


Well, that certainly is one important question.

First, we have to agree that we’re ruled by an oligarchy, not a democracy or any kind of republic.

The public has been hoodwinked; the alleged goals and reality set up by rich white males in charge from the start were wildly at odds with the structures and means supposedly set up to achieve them. Consciously or un, they were actually set up to achieve the goals of the rich white males. Consciously or un, the US and all the state governments were a con job meant to change the names of the rulers and their job titles but leave the racist patriarchal oligarchic structure essentially intact. The British East India Company that had effectively infiltrated Parliament and the monarchy has become Exxon, Koch and Bayer, with the same penetration (sexual innuendo intended) into all branches and all levels of all governments.

We have an essentially fascist government, but we believe ultimate sovereignty rests in the people, and since I don’t know of any agency that both can and will act on and implement that, it must be the people’s responsibility. Anything peaceful we do to dismantle fascism is justified.

Demonstrations, boycotts, strikes, parallel structures of government and business, blockades, direct actions of all kinds, and whatever other peaceful means it takes should be used to remove Republicans from power in corporations, and all 3 branches and at all levels of government. The first step is to reverse the gerrymandering and voter suppression they’ve instituted and prosecute those responsible, presenting them with the out of a truth and reconciliation process. In exchange for no prison they would reveal all, turn over all documents and profits, and agree never to hold another position of responsibility in business, government or non-profit.)

Currently, for practical purposes each government agency is owned by the industry it’s supposed to regulate; overall rule is by fossil fuel, agro-chemical and banking corporations, backed, if needed, by the military-industrial-psychological complex. So the other first step is that all corporations will have to be reconstituted in forms that serve the public good and are subject to termination if they don’t. (That includes the Republican party.) Taking the chartering process seriously, for example, maybe making B Corps more of a model for all corps.

The Constitution will have to be drastically amended or re-written–no more Electoral College or small-state bias, no more equal Senate representation for each state. (Right now the least populous 21 states have a strong red tilt because they’re rural, less educated, gerrymandered, and bribed, extorted, and indoctrinated by the broad and powerful ag and land system agencies owned by the fossil and fissile fuel and agrochemical corporations. Those 21 states combined equal California’s population but obviously have 42 US Senators to California’s 2–a gross misrepresentation. By itself that would have been enough to start and keep rolling the slow coup that the right has been executing since 1964, but it’s also allowed them to commit all the other illegal, unconstitutional and anti-democratic moves the Republican party has made.

For example, we now have the ability to program the system to give each citizen exactly the same vote on all issues, regardless of the number of sitting representatives. California’s 2 senators could be given the same voting power in the Senate as the 42 small-state Senators.

Once the people of the US have power again, to prevent a recurrence of that concentration of wealth and power that’s destroying the entire biosphere we’ll need to restructure the government, and rededicate media, education, and culture to equalize all—politically and economically. We also need to gear up our psychotherapeutic system to heal the complex emotional illness that causes and is caused by civilization and that concentration of power and wealth, and compels people to destroy.

This is an unparalleled and previously unimaginable crisis; we need to move beyond our current preconceptions and abilities and do whatever is necessary.


Thank you for your detailed response. To elaborate on one of your many pertinent examples: “[t]he chartering process” indeed should be taken seriously. Clearly, it is not. One essential enforcement should be upon mainstream media networks and newspapers, and that is that they would be required to donate x amount of their air/print time to all political candidates. This would relieve candidates of having to raise so much money (almost entirely from deep-pocketed corporations, who of course expect a return on their investment) for election (and re-election), AND would deprive the media org’s of the huge profits they make from such political advertising.


Absolutely. Money out of politics is a necessary step toward money out of everything.


Yeah, Obama tried (“attempted”) to do some decent things, but compromised so much he became and/or was always, a tool of the status quo. His environmental record was late, spotty and obviously so weak/timid, they are being reversed (not “attempted”) and gutted by the odious trump & co. What good are half measures with no freakin teeth!? Like master Yoda said “Do or do not! There is no Try”

I absolutely agree the R’Cons are deranged and trump is a pathological malignant moron in his entire being…a threat to all life on earth given the position of power he is in…there is no doubt in my mind of either. Neither is there any doubt the present political system dominated by wealth encourages and empowers greed, exploitation, division and subverts politics to serve the 1% and universal greed, including Obama, the Clintons and other DINO collaborators.That truth affects politicians of both parties. One says straight-up “we will screw you”, the other claims “we serve the people” but screw us behind our backs and closed-doors! trump & R’cons are entirely corrupt, extremist,and depraved, while the “other party” are merely weak, pathetic, craven, and complicit to the corrupt system, especially in its entrenched “leadership” more often than not…“compromising” leadership and progressive popular issues/actions to death…


I would only add that until the majority of Americans realize that they are ruled by a fascist, oligarchy backed by a military dictatorship, nothing will change.


Yes, Trump and the philosophy of the Republican Party really express the darker side of human nature, selfishness, disguised as righteousness. They support policies which favor the monied class and then blame the victims of those policies. To top it off so many claim to be Christians. What would Jesus say? He would have none of it. The hypocrisy is staggering. For sincere believers in the Republican way, the inability to think clearly is like a disease that has no cure.