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The Republican Party as Presently Constituted Must Be Torn Down to Its Foundations. The Planet Depends on It.


Years ago I was saying that Rush Limbaugh was the most dangerous man in America. The Republican politicians are his henchmen, those who admire him are his troops wielding the power of their votes.
That disembodied voice coming over the radio day after day, hour after hour, spreading hate has brought us to a very dark place. His deliberate and successful efforts to capture and destroy the better nature of his listeners makes money for him, for his advertisers, and his radio stations. Trump is a lightweight compared to Limbaugh and his imitators.


And how about the media helping the corporations to help themselves to whatever is left in the pockets of the workers. We constantly hear the news report that the ‘economy’ is doing well and the Dow Jones is up, etc, etc. All said in a chirpy, upbeat voice. But when do we hear what that means for the worker. A company that becomes meaner and leaner by laying off workers, or making them part-time thus saving on benefits becomes more attractive to investors and its stock price rises. Meanwhile the employees are less able to balance their budgets, have less money to participate in the economy, and may be going into debt instead of being able to save. But as long as that Dow Jones keeps escalating, life is good. What a scam!




Yes, I think the most harm that Trump has inflicted on our country is that he has unleashed the dark side of human nature. We all have the ability to be selfish, judgmental, mean, acquisitive, etc. Trump’s presidency says to us that it’s okay to let that side override our good side, the one where we are generous, understanding, helpful, welcoming, etc. And Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and his ilk just encourage us to be our worst selves. Not pretty, but fun for those who choose to go with it.