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The Republican War Against Government Supported Health Care


The Republican War Against Government Supported Health Care

Kenneth Peres

After a short summer hiatus, the battle over health care policy reemerged with a passion last week when Senator Sanders introduced a version of “single payer” universal health care coverage and Senators Cassidy and Graham introduced yet another bill attempting to repeal Obamacare. These are just the latest eruptions of a longstanding war both for and against government supported comprehensive healthcare coverage and quality health care.


And where is the money from all this slashing going to go? Very likely to increased military expenditure. I keep thinking–how can we beat these cretans at their own game? How can we completely bypass markets and health insurance companies? How can we take our lives in our own hands and ignore the system? Is it possible? Progressive groups put on our thinking caps and find the way through this jungle of heartless ideologues who believe they have all the power!


And these are the very same people who continually talk about “The Sanctity of Human Life” when it comes to women’s choice! “Life at conception, death at birth,” should be the republican motto.


If you help all those who need it, the rich won’t be able to take all that wealth for themselves. What is wrong with you? How can you deny the rich what they deserve, slavery for everyone else.


Let’s face facts: Republicans are waging economic war on all but “their kind”. You may interpret that several different ways. Most of them overlap.

They obviously don’t believe in government “…of, by, and for the people.” Just some people. You know who these sub-groups are. They overlap quite a bit too.

If one really cares deeply about Progressive ideas and values, one must not forget that the Republicans are not your friend. They, like the good “free market” capitalists they are, will use you,
and discard you like yesterday’s McDonald’s wrapper.


Great counterpunch article on the Dems as health care Trojan Horses–piling into Bernie’s tent but w an objective of destroying medicare for all. Even today recvd a reply from Senator Murray who fully backs the public option–which is not medicare for all and preserves the insurance market. So don’t lose the focus; the Dems are the ones you have to change. The R’s are not worth your time to educate.


Spot on. Corporate Ds are “the more effective evil,” as Glen Ford at the Black Agenda Report astutely observed, because, of the two allowed parties, they sometimes take pains to address the concerns of the 99%.

Their true allegiances, however, are clear from a superficial analysis of recent D positions on health care—before Sen. Murray’s support of a “public option,” there was PPACA/Obamacare (originally a bill written by the Koch-funded Heritage Foundation and signed into law in Massachussetts by then-Gov. Romney), the purpose of which was to put true single-payer health care out of reach for at least another generation on behalf of the insurance/pharma cartels. Strident calls to “save ACA” are just marking time at best, when we have to move forward with all deliberate speed.

Meanwhile, where is the discussion of HR 676, introduced by Rep. John Conyers in every session of Congress since the Battle of Agincourt? The allegiances of so-called “liberal media” are also clear, and not with us.


Thank you Mr. Peres. Excellent.


I totally agree! Any “Universal” healthcare plan should be devoid of insurance companies. I heard rumors that the so called Single Payer plan that Bernie Sanders introduced would simply herd all pre-existing conditions and low income recipients into one pile…and the insurance companies would still have the others. Sad.