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The Republican War on Local Control


The Republican War on Local Control

Lucas Sczygelski

At a time when Democrats control both the legislature and governor’s office in just six states (compared with twenty-six states for Republicans) and stretches of America’s reliably purple hinterland have swung solid Republican, many cities remain left-leaning blue islands. And they’ve passed ordinances to prove it.


This is an effort spearheaded by ALEC. In Mississippi they have passed local pre-emption bills that forbids municipalities and counties from enacting any type of labor regulation, as discussed in the article, and a bill that bars localities from developing their own municipally owned internet broadband system. They say this was to protect local governments from fly-by-night schemers. HA!


Spot on.

If you live in MS. Welcome, there’s at least 2 more of us, from the coast.
( not that you’re not welcome, if you’re not from MS.)


All in the Koch Brothers agenda- When they get hold of A solid majority of State Governors, Attorney Generals and State Houses they will implement A Constitutional Convention to re-write the U.S. Constitution to their liking-
They must be STOPPED!!!


Of all the articles I’ve read today, this is the most frightening for anyone who cares about the remaining shreds of democracy. This is totalitarianism at it’s height. The Koch boys invention, ALEC, should be renamed “Instructions for Destruction of Freedom”. Say hi to your new rulers, Charles and David Koch, heads of the Renazican Party.