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The Republicans’ Devious Tax Attack on the People


The Republicans’ Devious Tax Attack on the People

Ralph Nader

Slashing and burning in every direction, this legislation endangers the financial security of regular Americans of every age and every occupation.

"If this shameless lack of transparency proves successful, Congressional Republicans will succeed in driving Capitol Hill further under the dictatorship of the oligarchs, using the people’s delegated power against them."



This crowd knows not the meaning of the word shame.

Only, Money.

If anything should be greased, it’s the hinges on the jail cells we throw them all in.


Connecting the dots to World War Three:

  1. Trump warmongering, aggravating divisions worldwide, munitions build up, coddling, arming and rabble rousing right wing racist militants.
  2. Abject denial of global warming and catastrophic climate change sure to devastate communities worldwide, another form a warfare, sending refugees fleeing disaster into the crossbow target sights of likewise desperate nations.
  3. Continued support of globalization whereby dependence upon global trade for essential commodities - especially food and mechanized agriculture - can be disrupted at any time suitable to put entire nations at risk of starvation.
  4. Directing profits into giant businesses (like Amazon) which drive brick and mortar small businesses into bankruptcy whereby local economies haven’t the means to produce essential commodities.

We’re being led into World War Three because the billionaire class believe their livelihoods of privilege and luxury can only continue with a few billion less people on the planet, cowed and willing to work like slaves for food. Donald Trump is a modern day evil bastard Hitler financed into power by Charles and David Koch, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Jr, yes mister computer mind controller too, and their ilk.


“When faced with such hyper-partisan foul play, the Democrats should have shut the Senate down with a sit-in until they were given a reasonable amount of time to read this raid on the regular taxpayers, before the final vote.”

Yes, that would have been the thing to do, if they were truly interested in doing anything for the “little people”. But then they might not have gotten _their_big donations.


The looting of the American people, as bad as it already was, has just been given a big shot of steroids with this travesty of a tax scam funneling billions to corporations with no guarantees to offset the continued flow of funds to the top 1%. There’s just no way to fight this without resorting to violence and I’m too old for that anymore. I never was a proponent of violence anyway but enough’s enough. We are now witnessing, in real time, the corporate fascists, with the help of Congress and the conservative majority of the Supreme Court take over everything we hold dear. Fascism is here. Our freedoms are slipping away, one by one, turned over to corporate, financial, militaristic, oligarchs; inflicting wars everywhere to make a profit and laying waste to American life as we knew it. Where will it end? A toxic soup killing all life? Nuclear annihilation? A combination of both? The political ‘system’ is beyond repair, we need action, a real plan to save humanity, yet not many even see this problem. What’s wrong? Most everything!


Today I was called a “middle american” and a “working class” person by my reps office.


As Ralph Nader said many decades ago, there is very little difference between democrats and republicans.
They both believe that Capitalism is the answer.


Mr. Nader has succinctly lain down the root evils of the current situation. My fear as a 64 yo retired, disabled, well educated former health care professional, military officer and veteran, is that we truly are moving to an anarchic, fascistic dominated conflict, across the globe. This brewing crisis / macro situation is being fueled by an amoral group of humans running on unbridled, ego driven, conscience-lessness and a profound lack of humanity, There is neither love, care, or compassion in the hearts of these people. Some are “public servants” whom would serve only their own want and that of the trolls they serve; others are the manipulators and graspers behind the thrones of power. There are crimes and misdemeanors in all the high places ~ and tragically no public defender of merit. Persons in places of service try to serve and guard the interests of the citizen but are out classed and run over by the minions of hell serving themselves at the hog trough of “government”,

I am saddened and dissappointed beyond these meager words. The D’s have failed us for they are cut of similar cloth as the miscreants in power and humans of good will are stymied at every turn.

Thos Jefferson was right. Armed revolution may be the only cure. These bastards may cause an exacerbation of the cold WW3 which goes on at present and escalate it to nuclear conflict over the pathetic genital waving of Trump in a contest of empty container/little-boy-trump with nations and situations he cannot possibly comprehend the complexity of (i.e. Korea and the Sino Russian Hemangioma ((a vascular tumor of such enmeshment and vascular co-miggling as to be inextricable)).


Well said. And the worst of all: the leaders of the duopoly skillfully making Americans blame “the other team” rather than the real culprits, blindly banding behind the very leaders who are enacting all of this death and destruction, not seeing the glaring truth right in front of them. And so we sheep go willfully to our own slaughter.


Bravo! You just described well the destiny (and trail) of history!!


we truly have elevated “capitalism” to the behavior we reserve for religious belief. Blind, unreasoning faith.

Sadly, I consider myself somewhat religious but I bring more critical thinking to my practice of religion than people do toward capitalism.


No reason to be sad about it. While not particularly religious myself, for millions, it’s a meaningful part of life. That you think with faith gives what you say more merit in my eyes.


Maybe I missed it but this tax bill encourages companies to move abroad. This is a win win for the democrats. They wanted to lower the corporate tax for their donors,so they are doing this without any finger prints on the bill. And they can now campaign against republicans on this issue.

I don’t have a problem with a 20% tax rate for corporations,just get rid of all the loopholes. And what needs to be cut is the bloated military budget. Yet democrats and republicans just voted to increase the military budget by 80b for a total of 700 billion. This needs to become a real topic as people run for office. WHAT JUSTIFIES 700billion FOR THE MILITARY???------A National healthcare system with community health centers could create a lot more jobs.


I was too tired to write the other day. But now with renewed energy I won’t go quietly. I’ll write as much as possible on sites that don’t think I’m a troll,(well on occasion I’ll visit a known enemy’s site, for a chuckle) and continue to stir the masses as my lungs and feet are too damaged to get out much anymore. I say fight this massive right wing movement to destroy social structures so we have something left to call a country. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.


As companies have taken away pensions more older people are living on less. Social security payments need to be increased! There are people on social security living in the street. The people of this country should share in the wealth of this country. As these corporations get a lower tax they should pay a dividend to the owners of this country and i mean directly to the owners of this country. All those who make a profit and use the resources of this country should pay a dividend to the owners of this country.


The current extreme trump/R’Con regimes attack on the people has been long simmering - under both parties - with reckless vulture capitalism and the mantra of “growth” at the root of the abuses and crime. “Growth” has meant in the final analysis a taking from the vulnerable by new power wealth creates.

“Ordinary” people, many extraordinary, have had their lives destroyed - made unlivable with constant struggle, debt, and sacrifice to feed the capitalist monster of greed and duopoly political complicity.

This article shows how some people are ill-equipped to cope, try as they might - and but for the odious greed and self interest coupled with the ability of vast wealth to control public policy to enhance their already obscene wealth and advantages - that others must pay for. The linked article portrays just one such example among increasingly many…

A nation must be judged on how the least among them - the most vulnerable -are treated, not ignorant divisive calls to make it great…

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” - Mahatma Gandhi

“Our society must make it right and possible for old people not to fear the young or be deserted by them, for the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members” - Pearl S. Buck

“A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones" - Nelson Mandela

“A nation is judged not by how many billionaires and millionaires it has but by how it treats the most vulnerable people among us” - Bernie Sanders paraphrase


Sorry this is not a useful enlightening comment but…
It involves the picture at the head of this article…
I’d like to smush that smug self satisfied grin off the face of that little weasel Ryan.
The man has been on the ‘public dole’ since his wealthy attorney daddy died in his teens and began to collect SS payments…