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The Republicans’ Principle-Free Presidential Debate


The Republicans’ Principle-Free Presidential Debate

Amy Davidson

At one point during the gleefully principle-free Republican debate in Las Vegas, on Tuesday night, Hugh Hewitt, one of the moderators, tried to find out if Ben Carson had what it took to be President. Carson was a pediatric neurosurgeon and, people thought, a kind man, and that seemed to worry Hewitt. CNN had designed this debate—the fifth of the season and the first since the San Bernardino shootings—to be about protecting the country. “We’re talking about ruthless things tonight—carpet bombing, toughness, war,” Hewitt said, addressing Carson. “And people wonder, could you do that?


In the same way that low-lying countries are seeking compensation for their losses based on climate chaos-global warming style, I wonder if the prospect of a third world war provoked by these sorts of maniacs (who actually are taken seriously by what, 35% of the American voting public?) might not convince a region, say Australia, to give up ALL of its territory and devote that singular continent to all those who want wars.

Let this spiritually retarded component of mankind, from the Islamic world, the West, and even whatever portion exists in Asia duke it out on THAT continent. Give them all the arms and armaments they claim provide safety and security and let them at it. And let them leave the rest of us, the segment of human beings that do not want war... alone.

Yesterday I watched an interview with Julian Assange and he said something that I long ago offered to this forum: that if people genuinely wanted war, there would be no need for propaganda in order to promote it. And of course, it's promoted through harping on this idea of outside terror threats and enemies responsible for them. Mr. Assange said essentially the same thing in his own very erudite manner.

It's hard to believe people (Republican cannibals) can say these unapologetically blood-thirsty things. What is missing from any reference is that every one of these clowns calling for the murder of innocents not only claim to be Christians; they wear their brand like a football jersey.

Imagine if Jesus appeared to show them their enormous moral blind spots.

Just sickening.


At the risk of being realistic, after listening to the republicans ... I sure hope Bernie wins but if he doesn't then I am going to vote for the least objectionable republican... Hillary!

Yeah I said Hillary. All these people who have been spouting this ridiculous "don't participate in the duopoly" baloney had better start listening to what these republicans said they'd do.

The republicans are a hell of a lot worse than Hillary would be and thats the truth. I came away from watching the repubs feeling like I was watching the end of the America that I was born into. Yeah sure America has had problems but not like these! The repubs are really bad. One is worst than the other or dumber.

So yeah. I think we all should vote for Bernie but if he doesn't make it then yes we should all vote against any and all of the republicans... because things can get a lot worse than we ever thought they could. I saw it happen with Reagan and we all saw it happen with Bush/Cheney. Bad can always get worse and that is the truth!

Hillary might be too conservative but you get the sense that she is at least intelligent and won't take this country down the worst of paths like would any of these repubs.

Lol please address all hate mail to ..........................somebody else.


"..death by a thousand pricks."

Have more Republican candidates tossed their hats in the ring?


You are encouraging the DNC to continue moving right and selling out to the highest donors.

A vote for Clinton is a vote for Wall Street and the Military/Industrial complex.

I'm not voting for that.

That's why I'll vote for Stein if Sanders isn't on the ballot.

I've seen where the lesser-of-two-evils argument leads: To today's Democratic party.

They've been the lesser evil in so many elections they're now evil to the core.

They support more wars. They're in bed with the 1%.

Don't encourage that.

Don't vote for Hillary.


Yeah I know all that and know about not voting and about voting for alternative candidates so as to make a statement and about third parties on principle.

I know all that and I know about what Reagan did and how it changed America for the worse. I know what Bush/Cheney did and how we are still suffering from the effects of that.

These repubs are a game changer. What is with people that they would risk an autocratic oligarch taking the reins? And the royal comb over probably would appoint Cruz as a running mate for all the wall builders out there.

People are playing a deadly game and it may look innocent but listen to what they said last night.

Give me your poor tired masses ... and we will deport them, keep them from coming in, build a f'n wall to keep people out, put them in camps, surveil them and surveil you and what is it about the rise of fascism that people don't see here?

Hillary is at least smart and would be restrained by the history of being the first woman president that would be responsible for the overthrow of American democracy and the rise of fascism? I don't see that in her but I saw it in them last night.

If not Bernie then Hillary because Hadrian's wall didn't work and Antonine's wall was built first and that didn't work either.


The same argument gets raised every four years and every four years people look only at the current "most important election ever" and succumb to a short term view that encourages long-term disaster.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for a party that is Democratic in name only.

Yes, they mouth better platitudes about women, minorities and workers - then sell all of them out to the rich.

And why shouldn't they? No matter what they do some people are willing to vote for them because 'lesser-of-two-evils'.

They aren't the lesser of two evils, they're just the trailing edge.

Are you really going to vote for that?

Think your vote will have any chance of turning them around?


It won't.

Only a vote against that trend will have any chance of getting them to reverse course.

Don't vote to make the Dems a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall Street and the War machine.

Don't vote for Hillary.


Look at the reality that is facing us not the fantasy. Did you watch the debate last night? Fascism spoke and people cheered and applauded. Get f'n scared because it wasn't any joke.

Hillary is NOT a repub although she is too conservative for my taste she is at least intelligent. That is necessary to be a president. There is much being risked with this crop of republicans. They aren't even pretending to be for democracy.


I really don't think that Hillary would act any differently that Trump, Bush or Cruz. She's a ruthless leader who has killed indiscriminately for years. W
Wouldn't it be nice if a commentator just once asked... "Could you make the tough decisions and stand up to the military industrial complex instead of caving into them like every president has since WW11?" or... "Could you walk away from corporate America's demand for endless war and reduce the military budget?" But alas, the narrative doesn't allow for critical thinking or philosophical debates of any kind.
Personally, I won't vote at all if HRC usurps Bernie in the primaries. What's the point? To prop up the illusion that the U.S. is a functioning democracy?


I would like to hear that question asked too. Nevertheless there is a point in voting. Several. Reagan is one. Bush/Cheney is another. Each time repubs have gotten in they have attempted to dismantle some aspect of American democracy.

I am beginning to think that most people do not really believe that fascism can actually happen in America. Oh yeah they do complain about it and warn people about it but it is like they really don't believe it truly could happen.

We heard walls and detention camps (geez think about that), uber surveillance, warrantless searches, suspension of rights and liberties and all the rest.

Hillary is a conservative but she isn't a fascist. That is reality. It gets scary from here on in. The dividing line has been crossed. They talked fascism as if it were normal.

I want Bernie but damn... I'm not stupid either. I would vote for Hillary rather than a Trump or Cruz or possibly a Trump/Cruz ticket. This was shameful for American politicians to talk this way.

Ask yourself how was it that people couldn't see what Mussolini was doing? Or Franco or even Hitler? If you compare their speeches, you will hear certain xenophobic triggers and plays for additional powers never before used by our democracy.

Bernie is best but Hillary is not a fascist while the repubs are trying to be.


Yes, instead of corporations supporting the state, Hillary favors the state supporting corporations.

So she isn't a fascist - just like all the other Republicans.


Do you understand the basic formula for fascism? It is the collaboration of industry and the military to control the economy and security of society, because, of course, they set economic policy and have a ruthless security apparatus. Naturally they are able to do this as they are smarter than everyone else. Yes, Hilary is a Fascist!


People love to talk that college dorm extremism and hyperbole. I'm thinking like the rich kid revolutionary who spends his summers on the family yacht and plays the radical during the year... talk is fun for some but they don't really believe it.

There were some bad tidings on display at last night's debate. Detention camps mean rounding people up. Walls? Walls??? Messed up stuff. Return to the way America used to be crap? Hitlerian crap!

Every fascist came in easy and promised good things, security, return to a supposed dignity and superior place in the world and so on.

Yeah Hillary isn't a fascist and America is too conservative which is why I want Bernie to win but if he doesn't ... I sure as hell don't want a fascist to win.

I'm funny that way.


A formula huh? A formula? Essay question: What is the fascist formula?

Sorry I've been out of school too long to describe life like that or to describe history in textbook formulas.

Walls do it. Warrantless surveillance of everyone and anyone at any time does it. Exclusion based on race, origin and faith does it. Deporting based on faith does it. Rounding up people and putting them in detention camps does it.

Can't think of a textbook formula but with my list ... I figure I don't need one.


I've been out school for close to 50 years; I do pay attention, however. Perhaps the term has become watered down with overuse and hyperbole, which does not alter the fact that Hilary is a fascist.


I would say that she supports oligarchy/plutocracy which is not quite the same as fascism. In fairness to you it may only be a matter of degree between oligarch and fascism but there are those matters of degree just the same.

In other words we already have oligarchy and plutocracy but we don't have overt fascism. Taking big pac money ala Citizen's United may not be democracy but it doesn't mean that it is fascism.

Fascism is a blunt hammer as well as a sword. It bludgeons opposition. Walls, detention camps, roundups and deportations... a sledgehammer.

To me owing the oligarchs favors is typical for American politicians but walls and detention camps and all the rest is not.

I heard double plus ungood last night ... we have been warned.


That's one thing those pricks got right !


There's nothing funny about enabling the Dems in their rush to the right.

Which is exactly what you're doing.

I will NEVER vote for Clinton.


You ignored what I wrote to repeat your post. Okay if repeating the same thing is your idea of discussion then you've discussed it as best you are able... again.

I was discussing who we are facing if Bernie doesn't make it. The choice between Hillary and fascists... then the choice is pretty straight forwards.

I fear fascism... I've never seen it loom so close. Detention camps? Walls? Total Information Awareness surveillance.

Hillary isn't in that group. I give her that much credit. She favors the rich but then a lot of Americans do btw. We are a greedy lot.

However there were triggers said that should send shivers down the spines of all progressives. Detention camps? Roundups? Deportations based on race or creed? That isn't Hillary that I have seen.

People should be very concerned that it was all said so openly.



Rather than exchanging insults let's simply focus on what we agree on and work to see our preferred candidate gets the nomination.

Sanders for President 2016