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The Resistance Abroad: Expats Rejecting Trump Administration


The Resistance Abroad: Expats Rejecting Trump Administration

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With actions big and small, it's clear that resistance within the U.S. to the Trump administration is swelling. But outside the nation's borders, expats are rising up to express opposition as well.

"There's something like 8 million Americans abroad," Roxanne Matiz, an American who attended a Nov. 19 protest in Paris, said to Vice. "I don't think they should be silenced just because they are not currently in the States."


I would feel better if they were not aligning with the Democrat Party who have failed “we the people” by their arrogance and collusion with Wall Street and corporate interests.


‘We want to distance ourselves as much as possible from [President] Donald Trump’


I agree! The “D” in democrat should not be capitalized. Normal people do not hang around with election stealers.


So what if a psychiatrist is “in the White House”? Sociopaths don’t go to a psychiatrist because “there’s nothing wrong with me.” Lmao…how far down the line of succession would you need to go to find someone who would willingly seek psychiatric or psychological help? The OC (Orange Cabal) is full of sociopaths and psychopaths, none of whom would ever seek therapy. A psychiatrist is going to see what Orange does and confront him with “My son, you’ve been working too hard, and your lies, your paranoia, and your delusions are getting out of hand. Why don’t you come talk to me?” Right, especially one chosen by the OC itself.

Now, if you want to talk about Orange or the OC’s victims, a lot of them could use therapy–ya think our taxes could pay for them!!!


It is not just Yankees overseas who dislike Agent Orange,but others as well. He has been excluded from the House of Commons in the UK and most people with whom I talk think he is not the right man for the job…


Americans are renouncing US citizenship in record numbers because of Obama, not Trump, specifically through the enforcement of Citizenship Based Taxation through the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.