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The Resistance Bookshelf


The Resistance Bookshelf

Bob Burnett

If you’re part of the Trump resistance, here are four books you should add to your summer reading list.


The advantage on focusing on resistance is it allows us to be united which is essential at this time with Trump as president since he is a threat to our democratic system and does not reject his strong support from white supremacists. Once we start discussing where we go from here it will cause serious divisions. There is no consensus about where we go from here. The more our side is divided the better it is for Trump. He has already seriously divided the country and certainly would benefit if his opponents on the left were divided. We cannot entirely avoid divisions on the left but focusing on resistance minimizes divisions. Once we get closer to the 2018 election that will be the time to focus more on where we go from here. Right now I would more or less follow Indivisible and concentrate hard on resisting the Trump/Bannon and McConnell/Ryan agendas.


The more "our side" focuses only on Trump, the better it is for the looting class of neocon and neoliberal warmongers who have destroyed this country, and who have received bipartisan support from "both sides" of the duopoly aisle.

  • Before Trump, Black Lives Mattered, and cops were not murdering with impunity.
  • Before Trump, the USA was not steered by the looting class into the worst wealth inequality and income inequality in the history of the country.
  • Before Trump, the USA was not stomping all over the world, starting horrific criminal wars, murdering millions, overthrowing democratic leaders and interfering in elections in dozens of countries.
  • Before Trump, there was no oligarchic looting class scamming homeowners, consumers and college students for TRILLIONS of dollars.
  • Before Trump, there was no congressional pandering to corporate plunderers, fossil-fuel interests, banksters, agro-chemical colonizers of life itself, or any other sell-out of the citizenry or the ecology.
  • Before Trump, America was Great!
  • Only since Trump was imposed on us by Putin, has America gone astray!
  • If only Clinton were President, America would be Great!

The focus on resistance only against Trump, is a distraction from the necessary focus on resistance to the bipartisan neocons and neoliberals who have looted and destroyed the USA and laid the groundwork for Trump.

Trump should be destroyed. That's grossly insufficient. Your call (and the corporate Democrats' and Clintonites' call) for silence and ignorance toward larger systemic problems, is repugnant.


If you don't know where you are going,
any road will take you there.


Again, it's not just Trump, the neo-liberal economic system was ushered in starting with Nixon's removal of the metal,(silver) backing of the dollar in 1971. Then Reagan gave the wealthy a huge boost starting in the 1980's. The 'system' has been going on for many years and no one politician is to blame. It's the whole 'system' that needs overhauling.


I've just added a couple of more books to my reading list this summer. If I can't do anything to halt the insanity of the extortion of the lower 85% at least I'll add to my understanding of the mess.


Dividing the regular folk is a big part of the rulers strategy. Keeping debt levels high, job insecurity, expensive education, are all ploys used by our rulers to keep us all at bay. Older than the proverbial hills. Time for all of regular folks to draw our own 'line-in-the-sand'. Get a semblance of 'democracy' back to 'the people'.


For the Resistance: