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The Resistance Must Be Digitized


The Resistance Must Be Digitized

Malkia Cyril , Joseph Torres

Over the past two months, millions of people have taken to the streets to challenge our nation’s authoritarian new president.

From the women’s marches that took place across the country and around the world to the mass protests against the Muslim ban and immigration raids, people are resisting the neo-fascist agenda President Trump is unleashing on our nation.

A primary reason why millions have been able to mobilize so quickly is because they have the ability to use the open internet to communicate to the masses and organize a resistance.


Excellent article but a lousy title.

This article illustrates the true danger of this coup. Trump uses our democratic institutions to destroy democracy. The spirit of representative democracy is not served by appointments such as this one. We are again betrayed as a nation even though the appointment is technically legal.

The corporate coup proceeds apace and America will be the weaker for it. Our strength is not just in corporations. Our strength is in being a free people and Trump is destroying that sense of ourselves with this blatant corporate coup.


The ultimate goal of the corporate oligarchs isnt just money. It is to end independent (or alternative) media. Also to do whatever necessary to inhibit progressives from organizing online.

The answer may be for the overwhelmingly progressive blue states (Calif, Oregon, NY, Mass, etc) to collaborate and set up their own seperate system, ala Canada, UK, Australia, New Zeland, etc).
Even individual progressive cities might be able to do this.

The red states would be initially left behind in this, so we would have to start where it is politically viable.

I realize it would be a battle to do this, so I want all of you progressive techno-geeks out there to comment on the possibilities, limitations, legal issues, etc.


The MSM IS the enemy of the people. What bubble are you in?
Take the RED pill.
Take the RED pill.
Damn it.
Take the RED one.