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The Resistance Rolls On With Nationwide 'Stop the #SwampCabinet' Actions


The Resistance Rolls On With Nationwide 'Stop the #SwampCabinet' Actions

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Building on a growing resistance movement, more than 100 actions are planned nationwide for Tuesday to demand U.S. senators vote against President Donald Trump's controversial cabinet picks.


Hey, T-dump and spawn: how does it feel to be the most reviled, unpopular, and loathsome president and progeny in our nation's history? Better hunker down in the WH or T-dump Tower where you can live out your short-lived fantasy nightmare free from the worldwide protestation of your tyranny.


Apologies , but I have to quote the entertainer in chief. "Where were all of you before the vote in November ?"

Perhaps it is the crowd which likes resisting as oppose to achieving? The more resistance the happier you are. Clinton would have had reliable achieved policies and goals , instead we have marches.


You have some chutzpah to compare the two after all Trump has done in just two days. What is it called now "alternative facts"?


"Alternative facts" again ? Clinton won by almost 4 million votes. If you wish to install your leader , you should not be pro democracy. I know it is hard and bitter feeling to see your candidate lose, but that is what sometimes happens in democracy.

DNC did not create this crap, Putin and Snowden did! and ultra leftist were used as "useful idiots" smearing Clinton in the process.


Do you remember when it was polled, that Bernie would have beaten Trump in the election by 6 points compared to Clinton's 2.8 points?


Sanders was and is a left wing populist and perhaps a left wing would have won a right wing. Nevertheless he lost in primaries, sorry it is water under the bridge, yet importantly democracy prevailed. Clinton polled very strongly against Trump with the lowest estimate of a win in 70%? It did not work out, polling by Sanders over Trump most likely resulted in the same.


Mad Dog Mattis was confirmed on a vote of 98-1. One Dem opposed on merely procedural issues. If Dems truly opposed tRUMP and his Insane Clown appointments they would vote against them every time. This would confirm sincerity and would create solidarity with public that one actually has principles. But Dem actions only confirm one reality. tRUMP is a 1% Club member and the financial objectives of the 1% rule. The 99% can eat cake. Isn't it obvious that Dems do not represent the 99% and have just been passively shuttling us into the incinerators one day at a time?


Highly unlikely I think. Anyway, whats done is done. All anyone can do now is resist Trump and his cronies anyway possible.


America has elected the modern day Nero.


Republicans could show them how, but the problem is they are both owned by the same money.


The number that gets thrown around is that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million people.
That is only counting those who voted either Democrat or Republican.
I have heard that the number of people who voted for either Jill Stein or Gary Johnson was around 4 million.
If that is correct, then trump lost the popular vote by close to 7 million.
Probably the majority of those who were not allowed to vote would not have voted for Trump.


I'm concerned that all this opposition is being channeled into the narrow perspective and time frame of cabinet appointments. When they are all voted in, what then?

Of course, there is some overlap in people, and positions, but I would hope there is more to the opposition to TD's policies than the isolated and fragmented 'resistance' being reported on here, many of which will be in liberal states where there is relatively less need for pressuring senators.

It's the policies not the particular people that need to be an ongoing focus for opposition.


Hohohohoho! Trump is an all-USAian phenomenom. Clinton was a bagwoman for the banksters, as a great many knew.


Sanders was no more left-wing than were the British Tory Party Prime Ministers Sir Anthonyt Eden and Sir Harold MacMillan, who held to the obligations to maintain Britains "socialised" health system and free tuition fees and cost-of living grants for university students, as well as running the nationalised British Railways, nationalised coal mines and nationalised electricity system, among others.


Joseph, You are absolutely correct. The Democratic Party establishment, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the Alternative Facts MSM that takes directions from the Democrats are responsible for Trump. Bernie and Jane Sanders would now be in the White House. Let's be absolutely clear on that, as Bernie would say. None of these groups want to take any responsibility at all. Yes, we must now fight every day for four years or more, but, never put your hopes in the Democrats or Republicans. They are both never going to move this country forward for the masses.


Thanks for those numbers Sandy. This only reinforces my assertion that the Democratic Party Establishment isn't worth anyone's trust.


Who are the 'useful idiots'? Those who bought all the 'alternative facts' from the Republicans and Democrats if you want to be honest about it. Can you believe 120 million people voted for Establishment Politics for another four years? What is wrong with the people in this country that they keep voting for liers and thieves? Pray for a Giant Meteor.


It is a juvenile view of thinking everyone is an idiot. We do live in a democracy where majority rules .


Not everyone Airedale. Those that continue, election after election, to vote for enhancing the lifestyles of the rich and unethical, frankly, disgust me. Know what's adorable? You still believe we live in a Democracy. It's clear, you, didn't listen to Bernie at all. I only have a relatively short time left here on Earth. If you want real change for the better, you have to 'Think' better.