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'The Resistance' That Doesn’t Resist War

'The Resistance' That Doesn’t Resist War

Dan Kovalik

Simultaneously with Trump’s Inauguration, the liberal “opposition” announced the beginning of “The Resistance” against Trump’s openly racist and xenophobic reign. Most notably, “The Resistance” protested in airports against Trump’s ban of immigrants from seven Muslim nations. I myself participated in such demonstrations.


Donna Smith, please take notes.

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Really good article.

“The Resistance” (that doesn’t resist war) is also remarkably selective in the elements of the home front that it deigns to support. Wall Street? No problem. Mass incarceration of African Americans and the poor? Not so much. The environment? You get the picture…

Two sides of the same coin.


To this author, I say …how about giving us all a break?

Kovalik talks of the ‘Resistance’ like it was an official organization rather than just people. But here is the bullsh*t! Who does he berate? Does he berate the mainstream media who is the legitimate target for criticism? No, he instead goes after people because it was really the media that was nearly universal about supporting Trump’s unconstitutional move. So where does he get his facts about how people feel? Did he survey people of the Resistance or did he just assume that because America didn’t erupt into a gigantic protest overnight that we don’t care?

So writing an article qualifies him to criticize others about their response to this issue? Did he first try to organize a protest himself and do the work involved? Amid all the things going on, what an educator should know is that the Trump strategy and agenda is obviously occurring in rapid fire repetition where people do not even realize what is happening half the time. Oh wait he wants to keep busy at his job and yet have other people take the time out from their lives and jobs to show their presence at a protest? The protest he organized maybe?

Trump learned very quickly to reduce the pleasures of the taunt after seeing how women marched in huge numbers in response to his bloviating and arrogance. Trump’s advisers have made great strides in getting Trump to play down his Royal Trump attitudes. Now he when he backtracks and lies he does it less boisterously.

But in the end it was our media that herded behind Trump’s lead on bombing Syria. The ordinary citizen is becoming pressured by the frequency and rapidity of Trump’s attacks. While he bombed Syria ( though it was a totally bogus attack other than it established that Trump wanted to test his unconstitutional limits ) at the same time Gorsuch was installed as a Supreme Court justice. Such a big thing that (think thirty more years of conservative attacks) appointment to the court. Rapid fire - keep people off balance Trump at work!

This author might remember what is being done to America by Trump. There is no quick fix to Trump either. Is there? If we can impeach…if we can do a lot of things. If we can march after hard working people have taken the time and effort to organize and publicize a march like the coming march for science…hopefully it will be successful and further educate people.

A pundit standing on a self erected pedestal should not castigate people who are fast becoming victims. We have very limited options available to us thanks to the undependable Democrats who betray us repeatedly. We do not have a free press any longer for the majority of news sources across the country either. We are all on our own out there and we could use encouragement and a sense of empowerment because there is no magic wand called the Resistance… it is just us people doing the best we can to push back against the very powerful.


The author is doing fine work pointing out that ending perpetual war is not the highest of priorities for many. I have noticed this as well for some time, and am frustrated by it as well. I have felt that our hypocrisy about this issue brutalizes not only the recipients of our attacks but ourselves as well. This, coupled with the money that goes into war has always struck me as a core reason why we are not a more humane society, as well as why we do not have the resources to address the many, many issues that need remedy.

The line I like best about your post is “thanks to the undependable Democrats who betray us repeatedly.” I agree completely. Saw Pelosi and Schumer side by side the other day–a modern variant of American Gothic. The old guard intimidates everyone into silence, except perhaps for Gabbard. The Dems have no courage, no vision, no integrity in my book.


There is no monolithic resistance. Criticism should be aimed more specifically. The Indivisible guidebook organization which now lists more than 5,000 groups across the nation is resisting the Trump agenda and resisting against war. So the resistance is resisting the war. Democratic politicians who are not resisting the war are going to hear some angry voices. The mainstream media isn’t the resistance. The main function of the media is to inform the pubic what the government is doing. It is up to the people to decide whether or not to resist.

The brutal truth that seems to have escaped the author and you after reading my post is that the mainstream media of this country was unbelievably uniform in support of Trump’s action. The Dems are not alone in betraying us but our media was simply non existent as a check and balance to politicians abusing the constitution.

It was not all that surprising that the craven (if not phony as opposition) Dems hurried to fail us but it was the unquestioning uniformity of the media that is the scariest thing. Everybody reads 1984 and says tsk tsk about the way Big Brother manipulates and controls facts but what can people do if everywhere they looked they heard and saw newsrooms and pundits blithely ignoring the fact that Trump acted unconstitutionally? Moreover that this whole incident has an unreality to it… a falseness to the way it is described as an attack. It almost seemed like it was a faked attack yet the media said nothing about how useless it was or about what it was supposed to accomplish either. That matters because it illustrates that it was a test of Trump’s power. It was an unconstitutional act! It was hardly a military attack though.

It isn’t us that should be criticized. We are fast losing our trusted institutions that analyze things for us and paramount in that biased analysis is the loss of a free press that acts as the voice of the people. We no longer expect to see a press that tells us the truth but instead one that openly promotes the party line. The press of this generation acts as the voice of the ruling elite not of the people.

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“The brutal truth that seems to have escaped the author and you after reading my post is that the mainstream media of this country was unbelievably uniform in support of Trump’s action.”

From the article:
‘The U.S. government and its compliant media ― who have lied us into nearly every war in memory ― said that Assad carried out the attack, and so it must be true. As a refresher, here is a partial list of the wars we have gotten into over the years and the lies which preceded them… Literally, millions have died based upon lies told by our government and “free” press.’

It seems clear from the entire piece that he’s criticizing those that call themselves ‘the Resistance’, but who have failed to resist, and indeed supported Trump’s (and Obama’s, and…) war. Which would include virtually the entire Democratic leadership and liberal outlets like MSNBC.

I’m not sure I follow you either.


All of the posters here make valid points. Watching this administration is not only dehumanizing, but sickening. Reading or hearing of the atrocious actions they are taking makes me literally sick to my stomach.

Taking actions to ‘Resist’ the insanity played out each day is a must, for anyone who values the freedoms granted us in the Constitution.

The upcoming ‘March for Science’ will be one of many marches needed to bring about our country’s return to believing in Peace and Prosperity for all, and not just the 1% who are the beneficiaries of everything this administration has done these last three months.

There will be a need for, a ‘March for Equality’ to bring awareness to how nothing been done currently benefits the bottom 99%.

There must be a ‘March for Peace’, decrying our military attacking countries posing no threat to ours, and condemning threats to others in order to have them threaten us, creating tension where none existed.

There will need to be a ‘March for Resignations’ for all of the obvious reasons. Trump is using the media to create a group-hate situation in the United States. Unless we resist this, the consequences for us, our children, and our grandchildren may be dire.

Marches nationwide to condemn the Media’s role in instigating War as well as justifying and promoting Trumps lies must be organized, and the organization of mass boycotts of any corporation supporting the insanity that is Trump must begin and constantly be reinforced.

As Lrx mentioned, the Indivisible group is one of many to join and work with.

There is strength in our numbers.

We must never forget that.


You use the term >>> ‘…those that call themselves the Resistance but who have failed to resist…’ and then you include the Dems? The Dems may have glommed on to the idea of resistance but it was not their idea. They seek to co-op it and perhaps even to control it but they are phonies and people know it.

Nevertheless my point was that what people ‘see’ as the Resistance that failed to resist is in fact the media that failed to criticize what our politicians did. I do not see the point in blaming the people when they were presented with a single viewpoint by the media. Our media is conservative and we are losing our democracy because of that fact.

So tell me, just what were people supposed to have done anyway? You do see how other things were going on at the same time. Gorsuch’s confirmation is truly a big time moment in history which we will regret. While it was happening the media was flooded with discussion of a faked military attack ( we warned the target which is bizarre) and which accomplished literally nothing - not even taking out the runways nor destroying jets except for a few that were unable to fly in repair sheds.

Resist how? We need the pundits to start criticizing the media that employs them because we are losing our democracy …by not having a free press.

This incident illustrates best just how effective a controlled press affects things.

Democracy needs a free press. As yet we are still blessed with news sources like Common Dreams and others where people can learn and read about what the vast majority of Americans actually miss out on fromthe mainstream media outlets.

In my opinion the Dems are running scared that they have made a historical blunder that they may not be able to recover from. They abandoned the more popular democrat in the election and tried to promote an unpopular candidate by saying she was at least better than the Repubs… and it backfired on all of us.

America may face a form of fascism in the future because of that betrayal of democracy. I don’t think of the Dems as the Resistance. I pray that we are better than that as a free people.

I hope you realize just how uniform has been the reporting by the media. I have never seen anything quite like it. There were always critical voices but they are available only on progressive media sites not the mainstream media. If you think the way the media is acting in concert is the same as it used to be then you are wrong. Think of Walter Cronkite telling America on the six o’clock news that Vietnam was wrong etc.!

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Certainly. I don’t disagree, though I’m not sure the people know it yet. Some of them do. But I fear and expect that the Democrats will co-opt much of that energy from groups like the Indivisible /Action Together formations and funnel it into campaigns next year similar to the Ossoff one in Georgia.

I think I see your point. You think his criticism is too broad. (He in fact includes himself in “The Resistance” - hadn’t noticed that on the first reading.) Okay.

Sorry for the added edit at the end of my response to you. I hope you noticed it after the fact etc.

And, incredibly, he was cheered on by Republicans and Democrats alike, his polls shot up, and “The Resistance” was mute if not supportive of Trump’s “act of courage.” Trump the monster was now legit because he committed a monstrous act. Incredible! - Dan Kovalik

Let’s see how Democrat/Republican ‘leaders’ respond to the Trump regime’s use of a MOAB weapon of mass destruction which produced an explosive power the equivalent of 21,000 pounds of TNT and killing people over a 1 mile radius.

Thanks to Trump, folk where I work are organizing in our community. Here the focus is on the devastating impact of ICE raids on our community but folks understand the connections.

Now, back to organizing for an emergency protest.

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Yes. Before Westinghouse and Viacom, when there was such a thing in the mainstream TV press as journalistic integrity. Before news became all about profit and entertainment.

We live in frightening times.


And be sure and thank Tulsi Gabbard for being the voice of reason in asking for proof and a UN investigation.


Great piece from Kovalik, I agree completely with it. And it’s good to see it on a widely read site like HuffPost, which is not usually up to this level of honesty.

On the one hand, rank & file voters in the US are victims of the media & sick political system.

But on the other hand, the fact that Obama expanded & intensified Bush’s War Of Terror for 8 years, while most so-called progressives and mainstream Dems either ignored it or cheered him on, deserves mentioning.

I still don’t get why rank & file voters bought Obama’s excuses for expanding the Afghan War, or starting new wars in Libya & Syria. Having been so recently snookered by the media in Iraq, they should have called bullsh1t, & in 2012, at minimum, Obama should have been ‘primaried.’

So while the general public is less culpable than the media & the DeFacto Military Dictatorship Formerly Known as USA, we still need to wake up & ask why we acted as enablers for handsome & articulate warmonger who gave us pseudo national health care.


Agree completely w you re media coverage and omissions. The media does report much of our military activity–not analytically, not with insight and cause/effect awareness, and most often merely by quoting the authorities who approved this or that attack. That for me is enough: that the attacks, the bombs, the continual meddling and interventions that occur because we have a compelling, capitalist need to control far distant others…continues, expands, goes on perpetually it seems. Those simplistic reports are enough for me to get the picture. But obviously, not enough for many of our fellow citizens who can’t be too bothered.

We as a society have become desensitized to war, except of course for the people in the service.

Sadly, frustratingly, that’s the truth about so much of the self-laudatory “resistance” that sprang up even before the inauguration. So many were comfortable & silent when atrocities were committed under Obama and they will probably be mostly silent about Trump’s ongoing military atrocities. Out of sight, out of mind…and it’s “over there”…after all, why should they care about actual justice, especially outside our borders.

Of course, while ignorance isn’t really an excuse, it is fostered by a media and talking heads that have always been lapdogs for the White House, especially when it comes to military action - you know, it’s that “American Exceptionalism” mindset. We only use force for global good, right? And those aren’t murdered innocent civilians, they’re just unfortunate collateral damage in the War of Good vs. Evil.