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'The Resistance' That Doesn’t Resist War

Well, almost every pud pounder in America has a hat, sweatshirt or a coat that commemorates the U.S.S. REAGAN battleship or the Air Force Reserve Squadron # 324 of the Rhode Island National Guard. And, if that’s not enough; jets last used when Sen. McCain was practicing his air-to-ground crashes, public parks and common areas are littered with war detritus. The garbage of our endless wars to end all wars is spread all over the planet, actually. Just stroll through the grounds and stick your nose down a barrel. Smell the winning, America?
This public warehouse of victories for the Empire, all of it, piles up like spent shell casings at the local shooting range. We’re going to win so much, all of us are going to get tired of winning, so so tired of winning.

You’re right that the author didn’t delve deeply into the media’s role besides pointing out:

The U.S. government and its compliant media ― who have lied us into nearly every war in memory ― .

However, the media’s abject failures at honest reporting does not excuse the failure of so many who were otherwise so quickly led to protest simply in reaction to Clinton’s loss, or to Trump’s ugly hostility to various identity groups and liberal values generally.

In fact, the author points quite accurately to the sad reality: that many so-called “liberals”, if they don’t perceive a personal impact or wound to their sense of identity, and/or if the issue is “remote” as in, it only affects peoples “over there”, they’ll remain complacent if they aren’t in fact actually joining in on the cheers for another display of American superiority.

It isn’t the author’s responsibility to organize resistance to Trump’s acts, any more than it is yours or mine. He’s doing his point in pointing out the needs. Perhaps he deserves a break.

The liberal resistance doesn’t have the money-power to counter conservative’s lies, deceit and war mongering.

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You raise cogent points. Add in that the media are diverted into a feeding frenzy about the Russians and the association culpability of various minions around the WH. Bombings every day? What bombings? Oh, this one event…oh… And all his other evil decisions and stunts each day…

It’s still the same old g–d— tail (the MSM) wagging the dog (public opinion, public policy, and in orange’s case, political impulses)…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The author wants to rail against… America in general apparently! He is all over the place with his references to something he calls the Resistance! It is not some organization where you can …Join today! The Resistance wants you!

Um? Who is he angry at exactly? Everybody? If you reread this relatively mediocre rant he castigated the US government and what he calls the Resistance both in the same sentence. Moreover, just what is he railing against? A useless attack on an airbase that was warned ahead of time anyway? Is he angry at Trump acting unilaterally without Congressional oversite? Is he angry at it happening with or without Congress - more war, in other words? Vietnam? Agent Orange? What is he even talking about?

Did it all happen as the media pushed to define it? The author wanted something more I guess? A huge demonstration against Trump maybe…but over what exactly? This attack that wasn’t a real attack was for show it seems. Try 59 cruise missiles in a densely populated city instead of a temporarily evacuated air base and people would have Reacted to the attack as expanding/more war.

What I objected to is this person heaping all this criticism on what he calls the Resistance. The Resistance is a state of mind and a perspective opposing these Trump conservatives as they betray America’s traditional representative government and substitute a billionaires corporate coup elite instead.

Reread the article and you will see that the author is critical of America more than anything else or it is just sloppy writing. In any case just what should have happened in the author’s mind? Should there have been impromptu demonstrations at airports again? A march in protest? What? And by whom? Who would organize such an immediate response to a false attack anyway? Did he try to organize people to join with his anger or did he expect other people to do so? Frankly most people are not sure what the heck happened btw.

But mostly I object to his labeling progressives and liberals as being the same as Dems and Repubs etc. so where did he conduct a poll of people’s attitudes on what Trunp did? By what measure does he claim that the Resistance is some sort of organized group who should have responded etc.

The fact is that the media (of which he is one of himself) is who failed to criticize not ordinary people. Will this guy now rail against the left every time Trump does something gross, stupid, malevolent, autocratic…the list would go on!

He wants to blame whom for what? It is ridiculous to suggest what he does.

It was the media, including the semi-liberal moderate press like NPR etc that rallied behind Trump immediately and literally swamped the airwaves with sycophantic support for Trump ignoring the Constitution!

Maybe you and others (this author included) should take notice that Trump and the Repubs are in a big rush to keep doing what they are doing. Rapid fire policy decisions, appointments, actions etc tend to pre-empt responses to Trump from whomever this undefined Resistance may be. The blame goes to a compliant uncritical media not the citizenry. The media informs us that there was not the response the author wanted. Think about that!

This was a media event and a distraction not even a real military attack.

Btw… how come the author skips over Gorsuch who was confirmed for the court during this media frenzy of support for Trump. There is no official Resistance … there is only people who are becoming scared that they are being betrayed whichever way they turn by those in power.

We agree but this time it is even worse than it was under Bush. The media fell into line so quickly that it was seriously dismaying. It was like they were all just waiting to cover everything about this incident except being critical of Trump’s grabbing greater power for himself at the expense of representative democracy.

We’d best be wary that our media has been inducted into Trump’s attempt to make the Presidency into a elitist monarchy! The death of representative democracy is occurring in many cuts.

Great article. I think he is talking about a huge percentage of the people.

Voting for either party was a vote for tyranny abroad. A vote for murder.

Abstaining or voting Green or Libertarian were the only votes against war.

The American people are the problem.

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Wereflea, look, I share your views about the media, including N"P"R. As has now long been the case, they- the owners, publishers, writers and talking heads alike - are derelict in any duties we might at least formerly ascribe to them. Worse, they’ve largely descended into the role of ministerial propagandists.

However I don’t view the article as you do. I didn’t read it as a general attack on “the left”, or on progressives in toto. Nor do I feel the “citizenry” to be so blameless. What about “Eternal Vigilance…”?

Surely you must also recognize that there are lots of people out there, emotionally crushed by the electoral results and now gladly joining marches against the misogynist “pussy grabber” with racist / fascist stripes, who’d eliminate privacy, public education, environmental protections and the social safety net in one fell swoop if he could; but who have been silent on injustices and horrors committed around the globe in our name. They were silent during the previous administrations (esp. when a “D” was in the WH), and they are still silent on these matters.

It’s not that there is NO information out there about our nation’s murderous behaviors - whether in Central America, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan or elsewhere. While they may not see it in USA Today or on MSNBC, or hear it on NPR, there are now plenty of sources for finding out what’s going on. Hell, I routinely post to FB articles re. our foreign policy misadventures from The Intercept, CounterPunch, and even (when it’s not simply parroting DNC propaganda) Common Dreams. Only a few of my mostly liberal-to-progressive friends (the very few who are similarly radical) ever bother to respond by liking, commenting or sharing to spread the word. The rest, sadly, must just think I’m a curmudgeon or nag who doesn’t like America or the Democratic Party (since the writers don’t let the latter off the hook and dare question the claims from Party leaders, the CIA, etc.).

It is this large segment of “liberal” folk who I fear would gladly return to their couches & TV sets if only Trump and the R’s could be suddenly replaced by Clinton and Team Blue. And if ‘radicals’ were then to try to Occupy public squares or block roadways, etc., they’d cluck and hiss in their fear about upsetting the apple cart on a Democratic Party watch. And the author rightly notes that while wrapped in the loose label of “resistance”, far too few will resist war.

Perhaps Phil Ochs had it right:

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You keep jumping to the general point of view while I confined myself to the specific. This ‘pre warned’ non attack is being used as a measure of war? That is bullsh*t in and of itself. That is what I mean as the specific. Then suddenly you and the author jump from this incident to some vague generalization about war? Hey do what you want but stop bringing me into that generalization. The fact remains that no… America didn’t come out in droves to protest a non-attack.

A non atrack!!! It wasn’t real. It was a media minded ploy and a distraction. It wasn’t War. It was hypocritical cynical and phony. Unfortunately it killed a few civilians who lived near the base and apparently weren’t warned.

Once again I ask whether you or the author attempted to organize people to protest this incident? The author criticizes whom? Himself? No but in fact he should as someone needs to organize even a small local protest yet he acts as if the whole country should be protesting a faked event as if it were carpet bombing a city.

This wasn’t war but it was something else. A ploy and a distraction as well as a faked attack. This wasn’t war except in legal terms. It was a test of Trump’s going beyond Congress. That should have been protested but with the Dems (and the Repubs) the way they are fat chance on that. This all happened so fast by the way. It still comes down to the 'mainstream media that needs to be blamed.

The U.S. has effectively created a permanent state of war. One need not wait till “the big one” is dropped, to resist war. I certainly won’t.

By your standard, it seems no one should observe or write anything in criticism of the status quo- unless they are personally organizing the masses.

While there is much to justify anger, I confess, I do not understand the focus of yours. Peace.

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I am commenting on what was written in a published article but you want to talk about generalities. I wrote about what was specifically being said in this one article.

I am truly sorry that you can’t see that difference as we agree about being against war.

Peace to you as well.

THE PEACE MOVEMENT HAS BEEN SADLY LACKING IN THIS NATION FOR WAY TOO LONG! Each day brings us more horrific news of our country’s atrocities around the world. and how dare a weapon of destruction be called a “mother” of anything! All of Congress is jumping for joy. enuf said!

What drove the war resistance in the 60’s ad very early 70’s was the compulsory draft for all young men. As more and more families found their progeny becoming cannon fodder for an increasingly pointless war, the contempt rose for both the military and its civilian leadership.
The military took its lumps and instituted the all volunteer military. Corporate America (who have long been the hand maidens of the military) also saw the chance to pitch in and make a handsome profit by deindustrializating the “homeland”.
Now “our boys” (and increasingly girls!) are just so many willing volunteers who are lured by the promise of something better than being a Wal-Mart greeter or running the fry, milkshake, and coffee machines at a McDonald’s restaurant.
There should be no doubt about it that this winning strategy from the military and corporate America has taken the fire out of any anti-war movement in the US.

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