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The Resurrection of Dr. King

The Resurrection of Dr. King

Rev. John Dear

Over the last fifty years, there have been thousands of nonviolent movements for peace and justice that have made huge strides, and at the heart of every one of those movements stands the life, death and teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the global apostle of active nonviolence.

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It is crystal clear that many self-proclaimed Christians are not Christian at all and have learned nothing from the teachings of Jesus Christ and the remarkable life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


I doubt I’m the only one to come up with the link between JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcom X, and John Lennon at the time of their deaths…They all had the publics attention, and were calling for peace.
I wonder often, where this country would be if all of them had died naturally.


This essay addresses the enigma of a person killed before his or her time, and the inspiration that person’s life and death provide those who remain.

It is frustrating to fail to implement Dr. King’s ideals of peace and justice, and I’ve at times wondered how his spirit still lives, and drives us. I wondered that during a Sunday afternoon celebration of Dr. King’s life, in Steeple Square in Dubuque. His spirit and influence are real, as we few who gathered, perhaps 150, enjoyed remembering his accomplishments and influence.

As I read this essay by John Dear, I recalled that John was the only apostle not martyred.

Fake Christians have always bugged me. Religion isn’t any picnic either.
One story to piss you off:
Sister-in-law had a still born. She wasn’t up-to-date on her church tithing. Her church refused a burial because she wasn’t paid up. Sad, but true story.
Yeah, makes you want to punch someone.