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The Resurrection of Jeremy Corbyn: Truth Can Be an Effective Political Weapon


The Resurrection of Jeremy Corbyn: Truth Can Be an Effective Political Weapon

Mark Weisbrot

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK’s Labour Party, has made a remarkable comeback after his political obituary had been written and widely accepted as recently as seven weeks ago. Although the Tories, led by Theresa May, will still have the largest number of seats, they have lost their majority, after calling the election in the belief that they would increase it. Labour has picked up at least 29 seats. The result is a hung parliament, and it is not yet clear whether a coalition government will be formed or new elections will have to be held.


I am enormously grateful to Common Dreams for existing!


Weisbrot has it exactly right. We will never build anything of substance, without building it on a foundation of truth about what is actually happening in the world.

In the first CD thread asserting Corbyn and Labour had pushed May and the Conservatives out of a majority in the UK parliament, i wrote:

"Here's to speaking the blunt truth, and building on that foundation."


It's good news that Corbyn staged a comeback, but don't be too quick to chalk it up to bunnies-and-rainbows liberalism. The British voters are in bad mood and likely voted for Corbyn as a throw-the-bums-out gesture.The voters are especially angered by the British government's apparent helplessness to stop terrorist attacks in London. It's unlikely this latest gain for Corbyn will translate into more support for Muslim immigrants -- just the opposite. More Brits are demanding tough action against radical immigrants and terrorists alike and will keep voting in alternative politicians until someone in power fully reflects their concerns.


Wonderfully apt description of 'bell-end Boris'. And his attack on Corbyn was sheer hypocrisy as exposed in an hilarious way by this tv interview of the Conservative Defence Minister about Corbyn's comments:


Weisbrot - great peices as usual. Would love to hear his current take on Venezuela as he is one of the few credible sources on what has been and is happening there.


And if there were a respectable mainstream media, they would ALL point out the blatant opportunistic hypocrisy of Boris Johnson.


Venezuela is rarely mentioned here in the US, most likely that elements of the US are working to destabilize the government of the country. That's what they do, destroy countries to swoop in a take the resources. Perhaps the governments of the US and the UK could figure out a way to end hostilities in Syria and give the people a reason to stay instead of leaving death and destruction. It could go a long way for all concerned. I'm not placing any bets on it though.


You might be interested in reading Bush vs. Chavez by Eva Golinger. There were also a lot of articles (I think some here on CD, but I can't recall specifically) about what the NED was doing in Venezuela, including the IRI, which claimed it was a "bridge" for the very short-lived coup against Chavez.

I don't want to get into conspiracy terriotry, but I'm very interested in how quickly consumer goods return to Venezuela after Maduro is ejected from office (however that eventually happens).


I'm not going into Venezuela other than to say, ipso facto, regarding U.S. intentions to our Southern neighbors.They are treated as psuedo-colonies, imo. Often, even worse if we covet something more.
As to the Corbyn & Labour remarkable comeback: he spoke the truth, laid the blame where it belonged and showed real warrior instincts and courage. And, he unified a base of about 43% of voters. Who now are encouraged and emboldened, perhaps momentously. They have a moral upper hand and a moral advantage, as well. That's a real tough base!
The Manifesto is vital, too. It demands something of those who seek power. It's stronger than a party's platform and planks , which have no strong compliance methods concerning individual candidates. It says loud and clear ( To wit: if you want our support these are the rules of the road ) this is the reality of our collective ambitions and you're either on the bus, or not. Period. End of story. A disciplined message promotes such truthfulness and cohesiveness. Especially with a stark contrast.
As for our MSM: they're currently a disaster for honest progressive policy discussions. There's a disgusting cult of personality and a worship of elites that narrows, comprises and distorts, that infects their coverage of national policy. MSNBC is particularly galling, trying to have a very public three-way with moderate Republican women the targets, currently. As if- the Trump 52%ers. Ugh!
That is probably good for ratings, but leaves the left /left-center in the lurch. Pretty sad for Bernie folks and the Americans the Clintonistas/Obamabots have decided are going to be the real " left behinds " in political discussions.
As Weisbrot points out, our MSM is part of the problem and not the solution. But Corbyn broke through their fog, progressives can, as well.
Incidentally, Labour ended up with a +32. Good show!


And if only we had an honest politician, like Corbin, here in the US.

There is a really good write-up on Corbin in The New Yorker:
The Book of Jeremy Corbyn by Anthony Lane.


Lucky, we have Senator Bernie Sanders!


Thanks, johnm; my sentiments too!

Thanks to Comments in this forum for helping inform on the present political problems in Venezuela, begun by politicscorner. Mark Weisbrot brings credibility in his news and commentaries on politics in Mexico and Central and South America.


Great article Mr Weisbrot.

The truth has been staring us in the face for a long time. Like the War on (some) Drugs, the War on Terror is plainly a propaganda war waged on the public by the Ruling Crass media owners.

Direct Democracy


If only we in the U.S. could get another fair and balanced policy for the MSM. Short of that, reversing the consolidation into a handful of military contractors would also do.


Nader used to say we own the public airwaves. How did they become private property?

Direct Democracy


Indeed. Even though there are at times where I feel CD occasionally fall into the media hype pitfalls so many outlets fall into it is indeed one of the best news sources today and the commentators here are good at picking up on any slack CD has.