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The Return of Lesser Evilism


The Return of Lesser Evilism

Matt Taibbi

Jonathan Chait of New York magazine wrote a column about Ralph Nader earlier this week that uses some interesting language. Noting that it's now been 16 years since Nader ran for president and garnered enough dissenting votes to help elect George W. Bush, he wrote (emphasis mine):


A wonderful take on the current state of lazy thinking within the centrist wing of the democratic party. Voters should choose a candidate that aligns with their perspective; they owe the democratic party nothing. I intensely dislike HRC and Trump and I have decided that I will vote for neither. I will either write in Bernie Sanders name or vote for Jill Stein. This is the first time in 30 years I have not voted for the democratic presidential nominee. My loyality was taken for granted and all I get in return is tiresome lectures.


Chait is right (more than just politically) - we should just vote for ourselves or someone that represents our views and values. What neither Taibbi nor Chait consider is that the country needs to be renewed FROM THE STREETS. We get the slow incremental demise we deserve if fear drives our votes and we over-look the despicable pandering to the elites of the deadened country. Nader was the best candidate - Gore, Clinton's vp and establishment putz, was aligned with the neo-cons and neo-liberals that included the Feinstein/Boxer/Pelosi liberal wing, let alone the DLC klan of the party. Would Gore have resisted war? Dick Clinton went to a war of choice without a peep from him. He had enabled to roll back of air pollution standards. Where was his dissent to the Clinton debacle. Evil lurks in small minded party pols, not just vile, sleazy hacks like Dick and Killary.


To vote for lesser-evilism
One must see life through a prism
Badly fogged, half full of shit
Reflecting justice not a bit

Try to think outside the box
Like the sleek and wily fox
Reject the evils, more and less
To extricate us from this mess

Vote for one who's words do ring
of truths that make you want to sing
Who bores you not with platitudes
But lifts your spirits with his/her views


Really it depends on whether one think Nader's claim that both parties are virtually the same or not. If Nader full of baloney saying that or it is true. From my point of view Nader is full of baloney. I look at the records of both parties on the environment and wonder how a rational person could conclude that both parties are virtually the same. To me there is real choice. The Democrats are pro-environment and the Republicans are anti-environment. This certainly is clear on many issues involving regulation of pollution and it is crystal clear on the issue of climate change. Most Republicans either deny that global warming is occurring or deny that it is mainly caused by humans. Or they make the claim that we can't do anything about it. Donald Trump seems to claim it is a hoax. The Democrats believe in climate change, call it an existential threat, and want action. Two states with Democratic governors, California and New York, are leading the way in fighting climate change. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both are calling for a rapid transition to green energy and they want to implement the Paris climate agreement while Trump says he wants to rip it up. So Nader is plain wrong. There is clear choice between the parties. Action to fight climate change or a total denial of the reality of the greatest threat humans ever faced.


The Democratic Party under the rule of the DLC corporate/banker whore wing hasn't gotten flabby, it's gotten corrupted by big money and self interest, AKA greed. Did you really think those million dollar speeches to Goldman by Clinton were payment for the words? They were deferred payment for services rendered while in public office as SOS! (not that SOS, but Sec of State).

Ralph Nader didn't lose the election for Dems and Gore, the Democrats and Gore lost it because they didn't live up to the promise of what the party should be and is not! Gore couldn't even win his own state of Tennessee!

The lesser evil scam trump-card has been played effectively and cynically by the Dem Party establishment hacks even as they sold the party of FDR and Eleanor down the mother-lovin river of corruption and servitude to bankers/corporate excess and endless war-machine - turned the party into just another tool of big-money and depraved indifference to turn a profit at any cost!

The current charade of the psychopath, pathological liar and narcissist Trump, and war-criminal big-money call-girl Clinton is the lesser evil con gone awry - the only candidates worth a good-damn are Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein - they are the real deal in a contest between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb - regardless how many dollars he controls.........

Never Hillary! Never Trump! Sanders or Stein, and don't give me that "spoiler" rubbish!

Bernie or Bust it all up! No Justice, NO Peace! Occupy Philly!


Trump won't be so bad, Vote the bastards Out!


The Democratic Party will never end the false accusations that Nader cost Gore the election, just as the Party will blame Sanders if Clinton is not the 45th POTUS.

Bill Clinton's eight years of regressive legislation and perjury pushed many voters away from the Democratic Party. The Party knew they could blame Nader so they passed on the opportunity for a Florida recount.

Anybody who continues to believe that Nader owes anybody an apology, deserves to have Trump as the 45th POTUS.


Dems (and repubs) care more about holding power than doing anything constructive with it.


Two duds running for Prez -what a surprise! Trump is awful and Hillary will run a center-right campaign with little or nothing for progressives. Now is the time to vote for a third party - preferably Green.


Voting for the lesser-evil thoroughly trashes democracy, especially so when a candidate is available who reflects one's own views.

It's the outsmarting of oneself.


I was confused - Taibbi thinks Nader deserves blame for Bush, but then says lesser evilism doesn't work either?


And once again, and it really pisses me off to have to explain this to Taibbi,

1) Nader voters in 2000 reported that without Nader on the ballot, they would have split evenly between Gore, Bush, and staying home.




OK then. Pretty much what I had in mind, thanks.
NeverHillary, NeverTrump
Bernie or Greens is right.


"...maybe there's something wrong with the Democratic Party" is simply milquetoast, and the article entire is far and away too kind to the #LesserEvil croakers within the Dems and among its progressive critics as well. There's a more serious discussion of "Lesser Evil Voting" to be found here: http://johnhalle.com/outragesandinterludes/?p=1065 ...

and Don't miss my comments here http://johnhalle.com/outragesandinterludes/?p=1065#comment-17318 et seq. down the page.

A more forceful assertion that "there is no lesser evil" in this race, well worth the read, can be found here: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/06/17/no-lesser-evil-not-this-time/

Really, there are compelling reasons to vote your conscience. Where oh where does Lesser Evil Voting ever end??


Posted this on another thread, I think it's relevant here also. Interesting article from Robert Parry:

"some of the most thoughtful left and progressive figures have begun to speak favorably of aspects of Trump’s foreign policy. Let us hear from these heretics, among them William Greider, Glen Ford, John Pilger, Jean Bricmont, Stephen F. Cohen and William Blum."

My concern is the MSM, MIC, PNAC, and the beltway establishment, all like Clinton and hate Trump. I suggest vote Green.


Gosh! I wish I'd said all that! Absolument!!!! I feel totally relieved of any guilt in resenting Hillary's playing footsies with financiers, et al. Now there's the real spoiler! Bern, baby, Bern!!!


"...maybe there's something wrong with the Democratic Party not ...Bernie Sanders."

In my view, the Democratic Party Leadership, a mere nano-fraction of the approximately 35 million registered Democratic Party Members, is what's wrong with the Democratic Party.

The massive surge of Democratic enthusiasm that Bernie inspired has been knee capped by the entrenched, corrupt political hacks whose dirty hands are now controlling the Democratic Party (and their Primaries).


"The Democratic Party leaders have trained their followers to perceive everything in terms of one single end-game equation: If you don't support us, you're supporting Bush/Rove/Cheney/Palin/Insert Evil Republican Here."

Oh, really? Well THIS time around if we support Hillary we are DIRECTLY supporting Bush/Rove/Cheney since she out-neo-cons them all!

Since I do not, and will not, support Clinton or Trump, I will not be voting for either of them. Simple as that. If one of the major parties wants to put forth a candidate who represents my views and values, I'll vote for that person. If they don't, I'll vote for one of the other people on the ballot--or write someone in. And the Dem-Rep-Establishment will have only themselves to blame for putting forth candidates that people of conscience simply cannot support.

Yes! to whoever said it here..."Bernie or Bust it all up!"


The republicans are capitalists, and capitalism will destroy Earth. The democrats are capitalists, and capitalism will destroy Earth.