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The Return of the Federal Death Penalty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/15/return-federal-death-penalty

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Another symptom of Hate the disease.

So many problems with this article. Left out:

  1. Finally, someone has considered that we should honor the decision of the jurors, who found that the most just sanction for these horrendous murders was death.

  2. It has been, well known, for about 20 years that the “exoneration” claims from death row are about 76% false.

  3. mass killings with assault weapons make up about 0.1% of murders in the US. We’ll save huge numbers of more innocents by keeping violent criminals locked up much longer, no longer a “politically correct” position. That is not to say that we cannot do a better job at preventing mass shootings. It just provides some perspective.

  4. In every state, whereby the governor and legislature outlawed the death penalty, the majority of the population supported the death penalty.

  5. The US death penalty cannot be revenge, as both judges and jurors can have no connection to any of the individuals or circumstances of the murders, must presume the defendant innocent, with the defendant given super due process protections, within pre trial, trial, appeals and within executive considerations in commutation and pardon, all of which negate any revenge factor, as is very well known.

  6. Never has the deterrent effect of any major sanction, inclusive of execution been negated nor can they be.

  7. Execution brings three closures. that being the closure of the legal process, a closure founded in justice, the sanction, and the closure of the murderer, now, never having the ability to harm anyone, ever again - a very big deal. No thinking person could possibly believe that the loved ones of the murder victim could have emotional and psychological closure to the lost of that loved one, based upon the just sanction of the murderer. It helps, but not to such a degree.

  8. It makes complete sense that 50% of those on death row come from only 2% of counties. Very few counties have the vast majority of murders, where there is, by far, the largest concentration of the population. Everyone knows that major urban centers are where the vast majority of murders occur.

  9. white victims are the majority in death penalty cases because they are the majority in capital murders. No surprise. Somebody needs to fact check/vet the Washington data.

  10. Prejean thinks that Barr doesn’t know how the courts work. Does anyone, with any sense, believe that?

  11. Virginia has executed 113 murderers, since 1976, within 7 years of full appeals, prior to execution - with no hint of an innocent executed. It has been 16 years since the last federal execution.

None of the federal cases are being fast tracked, as, wrongly, stated by Prejean.

  1. The article has this:

"Said Stevenson on “Democracy Now!,” “The death penalty is lynching’s stepson.”

Well, no.

For the modern death penalty era, post Gregg v Georgia (1976):

White murderers are twice as likely to be executed as are black murderers and are executed at a rate 41% higher than black death row inmates.