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The Return of the Inexplicable Republican Best Friend

The Return of the Inexplicable Republican Best Friend

Adam Johnson

It’s a trope that dates back more than a decade, but the rise of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has seen a recent surge in the Inexplicable Republican Best Friend (IRPF), a specific genre of concern-trolling where a long-time Republican operative, politician or pundit offers “advice” to Democrats about how they should avoid going “too far left.”

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During the 1970s the corporations, their media and politicians refined the art of turning Ralph Nader and other progressives into pariahs. The playbook they developed then has served them well in each subsequent decade as part of their program to move the economic and political agenda ever rightward.

Looks like that playbook is being dusted off once again and circulated en masse.


The Right Wing pundits gave sage and friendly advice to those deemed on the left only because they deem those on the left as allies and not that far divorced in ideology from themselves. They , in conjunction with the Democratic Party , seek to redefine being on “the left” to nothing more then Reagan Republicanism.

In this way the true left is extinguished from Public Discourse and the people remain onlivious to what it really means and what it really should mean.


As a life-long FDR democrat, I don’t have any Republican Best Friends. I have, instead, many family members who are centrist Republicans, to borderline fascists. They often wonder aloud, why I’m such a “lefty” or a “commie” when they decry things like health care for all. Some of these relatives are on Medicare, some are younger than I am, but life-long Republicans because that’s all they have been exposed to. One of them, an uncle who was a very high producer for State Farm, had a very good heath care plan until his Parkinson’s, and his wife’s diabetes, got too expensive for State Farm, and they dropped their plans. They blame the Affordable Care Act in general, and Obama and Democrats, in particular. We can’t discuss anything remotely political without falling into an argument vortex. My younger cousins are almost entirely oblivious to the damage that has been done by Republicans and (in name only) Democrats.


After 2 years of Trump and the 1% giveaways the Republican party is in trouble, and they know it. GOP strategists realize their grip on the voting public is slipping, and a larger % of the voters aren’t buy it, and now realize that the “trickle down” is piss going down their backs. So they have no choice but to dust off their old playbook (as Ray says above) and endorse Centrist Dems (republican lite now days), and repeat, repeat, repeat. The repeating of a narrative has been a very effective tool for them in the past, we must not allow it to become effective this time.


You’re high bro. Trump & the GOP are positioned to win big in 2020, especially with the Democrats, the MSM, and virtually all of the so-called ‘liberal’ media Punching Left harder & faster than Muhammad Ali.

The Democrats would rather see Trump and his fascist pals win than allow a truly left-leaning candidate take office. Depend on that fact.


Yes. I was just trying to figure out a way to say that with the Political Compass:


Excellent article.

If only “progressives” and “democratic socialists” gave the duopolistic status quo something to truly be scared shitless about.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

The nightmare will come soon enough.


Oh crap not this again.

Maybe these " best friend types should ask themselves as gun nuts why James Earl Ray was permitted to buy a gun. Didn’t he have a criminal as well as a mental record?

smipypr, I feel for you. Have you watched Richard Wolff’s videos? He has a couple of websites. One is democracyatwork.com He’s also on youtube. He has brilliant commentary about our economy and various events that effect all of us. Dr. Wolff is a wonderful teacher and helps people focus on important issues and trends, good and bad. I find listening to him empowering and informative. It helps me center myself in this erratic political environment.
This is one small idea to help you clear your mind. I hope it is helpful for you.
There is no reasoning with diehard Republicans. They leave the thinking to TV commentators and GOP politicians. Eventually the GOP ideology will hit home with them and they may have to get off their high horse and admit they were wrong.

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No, I wish I was high. We will have to agree to disagree on Trump and the GOP. For two years they’ve burned their base voters, for those in denial, their tax returns are proof they were scammed with the tax cut. Trumps approval numbers have never gone above 50%, and are going down as we speak, the very reason the GOP is trying to distance themselves from him in the publics eye.
I’m not sure where this “liberal” media is you speak of, except on the web, I haven’t seen them for 40 years.
I do however agree with you’re description of the Dem party.

If you ever get to Memphis TN., go to the National Civil Rights Museum, it’s located at the old Lorain Motel where Dr. King was murdered. you will see evidence that 1) James earl Ray was given a gun, but never fired it, 2) There were snipers from the FBI, Memphis PD, and the US Army, and where their positions were in relation to the motel, 3) The angle of Rays room made it all but impossible for him to a delivered the killing shot, 4) The work of William Pepper, Rays lawyer, who even proved to Dr. Kings children he was not the killer.


Johnson’s always on the mark.


Republican lawyer Chris Truax sez:
… what the United States needs, it turns out, is to not have a progressive political agenda succeed, because that would only create a “permanent political canker sore.”

Senator McConnell’s attorney has called and demands you cease and desist utilizing a description copyrighted by his client.


The sad thing is, it doesn’t take a whole lot of convincing for establishment dems to veer right.

After all, the ‘pragmatic’ advice they get from republicans in bad faith is exactly the same as the ‘pragmatic’ marching orders they get from their big donor corporate masters.

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Good grief! The military and the FBI probably were involved because King was against the war in Viet Nam.

As long as they have fetus fetish they won’t change.

The Republicans need the duopoly, and thus any threat to the nature of an enabling Democratic Party is to be feared and loathed, no matter how far it may fall from a truly radical transformation.