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The Revolt of Small Business Republicans


The Revolt of Small Business Republicans

Robert Reich

Can it be that America’s small businesses are finally waking up to the fact they’re being screwed by big businesses?

For years, small-business groups such as the National Federation of Independent Businesses have lined up behind big businesses lobbies.

They’ve contributed to the same Republican candidates and committees favored by big business.

And they’ve eagerly connected the Republican Party in Washington to its local business base. Retailers, building contractors, franchisees, wholesalers, and restaurant owners are the bedrock of local Republican politics.


If the “political realignment” Reich mentions in his final paragraph means small business owners shifting support from the GOP to the Democratic Party those business owners will be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.


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Bull crap. Most of the right-leaning Libertarians hate all government and therefore every possible form of regulation–and that includes the EPA and any remaining muscle left on the part of already eviscerated regulatory agencies to block fracking poisons from wells, and agricultural run-off into the water table, and all sorts of toxic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and new gen-tech hybrids from harming human, animal and ecosystem health. Many of these individuals also espouse right wing views that tend to hate Blacks, Latinos, and women… particularly their independence and sovereignty over their own bodies.

You presented a very narrowly framed argument that was less accurate about Libertarians and far more committed to just damning Progressives. The usual team sport, A = good = winner, B = bad = loser juvenile frame.


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I do not concur. Most Libertarians are Libertarians for the same reason I thought Ayn Rands books appealing when I was a teenager.

They have not grown up and remain locked forever in the mantra that the only interest is SELF interest, They are Libertarians because they elevate the self to the status of a cult. They remain infantalized. Today’s small business Libertarian is tomorrows Koch brothers Liberatarian. It the mindset that is wrong. I do not think it wise to form a coalition with that mindset.


So, small business owners are finally waking up to the fact that their business isn’t going to explode and go corporate/multi-national and that what politics that benefits those big businesses only puts them, the small businesses, at a disadvantage? I can only hope.


The fabulously wealthy wing of the Republican party, along with the media empire owned and/or rented by them, tells everybody what small business people believe. And then, of course, everybody believes what the media tells them.

Most small business people understand that they’re being squeezed by the big fish. The government makes the free market free if you buy the politicians and pricey if you’re not that rich. Yes, everybody likes it if you throw them a bone, but at some point even small business owners get mad at politicians in public.


I’ve tried to run small businesses in the USA. It’s impossible with three layers of government constantly harassing you on issues they don’t make the giants comply with. They keep you jumping through so many hoops, nothing can ever get resolved completely unless you waste all your time battling them over nothing. If you are large, you can hire a dream team to run interference for you. But Mom and Pop Shops have no prayer of competing with the Waltons (Wall-Street-Mart) who pay ZERO taxes and hi-jack public emergency rooms since they are too cheap to provide any meaningful health care.

I agree with those here who say progressives and labor should join with both Libertarians (the third largest party) and even Tea Party people to demand oppressive government be eliminated. We may disagree on who the enemy is, but I think we all agree that the banksters should be taken to the woodshed for a thrashing.

That could be our critical common ground.