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'The Revolution Has Begun': After Super Tuesday Wins, Sanders Looks Ahead



Bernie--ever faithful to his principles, family, and nation.


I still have not seen any reports on MSM that Bernie is more electable vs. Republicans than Hillary or that he leads Hillary in national polls. This is a travesty.


Corporate America will do everything it can to stop Sanders. They would prefer Cruz or Rubio to Sanders if they can't get Hillary. And really, any of these three choices would be just fine with them.
Go Bernie!


and hat tip to Bernie2016tv who offer an alternative to MSM live coverage of elections.
Was in Minnesota and it was amazing!
The Sanders win in Oklahoma speaks volumes. People are connecting the dots (or the fault lines!) OK now has the most earthquakes in the world. The earth is literally giving way beneath the feet of those in OK due to greed fueled hydraulic fracturing. Sanders is the ONLY candidate who has consistently opposed (and wants to ban) fracking (http://grist.org/article/bernie-sanders-is-the-only-presidential-candidate-to-oppose-fracking/)
Unlike Secretary Clinton:


Unfortunately, constitutional issues aside, a complete US-wide ban of hydraulic fracturing and therefore all gas and oil production from shale, is unrealistic. Cars once emitted awful levels of pollutants. Was there ever a ban proposed on cars? There is very little gas left except shale-gas and a ban on fracking would leave a major part of the US unable to heat their homes. Will the ban include a government program to install alternate heating systems in every home?

Much tougher regulations are needed and proposing such is realistic, unlike calls for a total ban.


Who is more electable is probably anybody's guess, particularly it the opponent is Donald Trump, but in the last two national polls Clinton had big leads of 22 points (Rasmussen Reports) and 17 points (CNN/ORC) so the less said about national polls in the MSM the better it is for Sanders.


Odd, but polls cited here had Sanders ahead of Clinton in electability against Trump.

edit: Thanks for the up-votes, but I was really hoping for a discussion over which polls might be the correct ones.


Way to go Bernie. You make us proud. Despite all the obstacle thrown in your way by the power elite driving the ship of state into the ground, your voice resonates and people are hearing the message. The inside-the-beltway know-it-alls hate Bernie as he lays bare the rot in our political structure. Frankly, if HRC actually cared about this country, she would drop out, enabling the process of renewal so desperately needed within the democratic party. I sent another 50 dollars your way today.


Let's remember, southern states Hillary won all went Repub in 2012 (Mass. a "tie"), hardly reason to claim her "electability" over Bernie - just more smoke and BS from the Red Queen. The states Sanders won (notably Oklahoma) are those needed to win the national election, and the most critical states are yet to come! It's NOT over yet - don't buy the lies and "inevitability" garbage from Dem/Hillary shills!

Now if we can convince the "super-delegates", nay-sayers, and "real-left" to "look ahead" and not continue to trash Bernie and his/our issues, we may yet forge the coalition to elect Sanders! Clinton and her masters rely on such dissension!
Bernie may not be the perfect candidate but he is damn close and the only one with the national platform to win......and I do give credit and respect to Jill Stein for her integrity and commitment!
Liz Warren: stand-up for Bernie and his/your/our issues now!

The Dem establishment , the DLC, corporate/banker/Wall St wing, the corrupt media, the usual party hacks, all who work and profit in one way or another will do everything to manipulate, lie and pander, to destroy Sanders' (our) political revolution! Any coalition is built on unity, not division and endless criticism that may or may-not be accurate, relevant, or warranted!

The longest journey begins with a single step........


If this isn't enough for you, then you must be a troll.


It really is not unrealistic when Tesla motors themselves is coming out with a more affordable vehicle that costs 35k, before credits. Plus it would help to raise oil prices per barrel stabilizing the market AND wall st.
We have been running amuck with drilling since the repukes made it easier to get those permits/leases.


Hillary wins in low-education anti-union states! She's unstoppable!

And she's a woman. More bombing; more warfare! Hooray!


Very muddled comment - what do you mean?

"Sanders -- who enjoys the most positive favorable rating of any presidential candidate in the field, according to the poll -- tops all three Republicans by wide margins: 57% to 40% against Cruz, 55% to 43% against Trump, and 53% to 45% against Rubio. Sanders fares better than Clinton in each match-up among men, younger voters and independents."


Yunzer, you made me laugh, thank you.
And to answer your question re: banning cars, yes (I say this tongue-in-cheek) kind of;

I don’t have time to adequately address your proclamation re: fracking (gotta get back to work) but perhaps we won’t have to worry about it given CO2 has been hovering around 403ppm of late. Ecosystems are in exponential collapse mode. But we will do whatever it takes to keep those cars going and those homes toasty warm for humans, yes? Yunzer, have you been around places that have been fracked? Or experienced the water/air post fracking? I have. https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/problems/fracking

“Fracking speeds up human-caused climate change, thanks to methane leaks alone. Remember, natural gas is mostly methane, (CH4), a super-potent greenhouse gas, which traps 86 times as much heat as CO2 over a 20-year period. So even small leaks in the natural gas production and delivery system can have a large climate impact — enough to gut the entire benefit of switching from coal-fired power to gas.”



I think Skippy is on your side. No doubt the MSM is not pushing the story of Bernie ahead of HRC against the clown party candidates, and I believe this is because Bernie is the candidate at the top of their list of unacceptable possibilities.

  1. Hillary Clinton held serve. Super Tuesday was specifically designed decades ago to serve the interests of the insiders, of the conservatives, of the Southerners. It worked!

  2. Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Arkansas, where Hillary was the state's first lady for two terms, 19 delegates to 9 delegates. Sanders beat Clinton in Vermont by 10 delegates to zero delegates. Apparently everybody in Vermont was free to vote for Hillary in privacy but that particular idea just didn't occur to anyone.


One more thing-----you might want to consider the Vote4Energy campaign! Over and out.


Bernie is driving the Democratic party to the left. He's helping give "socialism" a fair hearing. He is the leader of the progressive movement.


Right now there is an oil/ gas glut with gas prices lowest in years. Won't be runningvput anytime soon. Interestingly, though there has been a slight uptick in consumption, it has not been much to this point.

Ban it. It needs to stay in the ground.