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The Revolution Is Here: Democrats Ignore It at Their Peril

We don’t have a Department of Defense, we’re funding a Department of Offense.

Yes, but it’s an economic offense primarily against the citizens of the USA, with all those nasty terrorists and commies abroad serving only as an excuse (to the extent they even exist).

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I think crone is too harsh.
Definition of geezer
1 informal, US, humorous or mildly disparaging : an odd, eccentric, or unreasonable person (usually a man) ((but not always))

So someday, you can be a geezer too

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Democrats aren’t ignoring it. They’re denouncing it as “too radical.” That’s class solidarity.


Not sure I want to live that long under fascism, PP.

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My ongoing concern is that Warren continues to be treated as “equivalent” to Sanders in progressiveness. While her campaign platform is indeed adopting many of his stances, there are many important distinctions, and there are reasonable concerns about what they say about how progressive she really is.

I understand that CD may not want to alienate her supporters, but this tendency of implying a false equivalency of the two will only hurt progressives and forestall their objectives in the long run.

In any case, the LAST thing EW wants is a revolution, if one reads her history and her own words.

I hope that true progressives and all those who seek such things as a Medicare For All, a reduction of emphasis on American imperialism and greater emphasis on addressing the global problems that threaten us, will join together to persuade Warren to back Sanders. Absent that, progressives will be split and the nomination will likely be contested onto the Convention floor, where we shall all lose.


This is what I’ve been trying to argue since long before the 2016 election. We need to get wholeheartedly behind progressive causes & progressive candidates, & not settle for half measures. 3/4 of the electorate are anti-establishment. A large portion of the American population vote only when they’re highly motivated, & most of them would vote Democratic if they voted, & centrist, corporatist candidates fail to do the trick.

We haven’t had a true progressive major party nominee in nearly half a century, & we haven’t had a president that you can accurately call progressive in well over half a century. But the era of our greatest improvement in standard of living for all economic classes happened during our most progressive era from FDR to the '60s, when we became the undisputed #1 in the world in most measures of prosperity & well-being, & we’ve suffered a steady decline since 1980 with the steady corporatization of America & concomitant erosion of our democracy. Clearly progressivism is highly correlated with both prosperity & democracy, but we’ve failed to get that message out there.

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I would like to be optimistic about the people but California - a supposedly progressive democratic state - voted in recent years 1) to not only keep the death penalty but to accelerate it. 2) To prevent rent control and rental protection statewide 3) to not impose GMO labeling on food products. But then again this may actually go to the point of this article - that the people against the death penalty and for rent protection and food safety protection - do not go to the polls. They’ve given up. We need leadership that helps overturn the cynicism of the people about government and our society. I don’t see any Martin Luther King out there today.


Understanding American mindset, they won’t awake until they have lost everything. That is what woke us up. We lost everything in the 2008 depression. We are residential builders. I have many democratic friends who think we just need to get rid of trump. They haven’t suffered enough yet.

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It’s pretty strange trying to drive while trippin’. I remember driving home from a party in the early 70s while I was on blue microdot and mescaline. On the freeway it looked like a traffic jam approaching from the other direction…a solid stream of headlights until one car passed going the other direction. Good trails, lol. Exiting was a different story. When I came to the stop sign at the end of the ramp I couldn’t tell if I was stopped or still moving forward. Several people in the car with me told me we had come to a complete stop but it sure didn’t seem like it. I guess all in all I would recommend against driving under the influence of hallucinogens. Far too many uncertainties!!! Peace mi amigo!

Exactly natureboy! That money is so important to the establishment Dems that they will support republicans over progressives who want to get rid of the corruption caused by all this billionaire/Wall Street/big corporate donors cash. We need to make their peril greater than just losing bribe money…we need to increase that risk to losing their job by primarying them against good progressives.

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If crone is too harsh, how about geezess?

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“It was the policies and the hypocrisy of the neoliberals that drove them [centrists] to Trump in the first place. He’s their protest vote; their Molotov cocktail tossed in the face of Democrats who promised the moon around election time, then represented Wall Street, corporations, the ultra-rich and big banks the rest of the time.”

Right on the money. As Matt Taibbi wrote in his new book, Hate, Inc.: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another:

“Trump was a vote for anyone with a grudge, and in America, there is a spectacularly wide spectrum of grudges.
“I met one voter in Wisconsin who said the following: ‘I usually don’t vote, but I’m going Trump because fuck everything.’”

That’s what you end up with when neither party represents the interests of the vast majority of the electorate.

Is the feminine geezer, geezie ? Might be geezess

We need an etymologist. Where’s Noah Webster when ya need him?