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The Revolution Isn't Over: Here’s How It Can Be Sustained – and Why It Must Be


The Revolution Isn't Over: Here’s How It Can Be Sustained – and Why It Must Be

John Atcheson

After the June 7th primaries, it looks like Clinton is going to be the Democrats’ nominee. Political operatives in the Party are declaring the Sanders revolution to be finished, salivating over his donor list, and calling on him and his supporters to close ranks and join the Party in the fight against Trump.


Good ideas. All the more reason for a Progressive Populist Alliance operating both in and separately from the Democrats, as I suggested in my letter to Bernie:

Dear Bernie,

First, a deep and heartfelt thanks for everything you have achieved in consolidation our movement. Going forward, in my humble opinion -- and please take it to the convention - but following that, I hope you will consider the formation and solidification of a political block -- a Progressive Populist Alliance, which could include both Democrats like those in the Progressive Caucus and independents. This may or may not lead to the formation of a political party or at least a counter the DLC within the Democrats.

My thought is that this formation would provide a base for our movement and push electoral reform along with the issues you have helped bring to the fore: Climate, fracking, Medicare for All, Social Security expansion . . .

Thank you again as a supporter and long time progressive activist.


Maybe the 'revolution' such as it was, failed Bernie? How about that as reality? How about as people saw voter suppression and shenanigans and dirty tricks in the voting booth and a media bias against Bernie ...that Americans didn't do sh*t about any of it? How about that ended the 'movement' - the 'revolution' - and the one and only real fight against oligarchy that actually counted? How about that? How about blaming ourselves as citizens? How about for all the talk of carrying on later and Bernie serving as a sacrifice to help the tiny Green Party or whatever, that the Greens, the progressives, the democrats, the media who still try to report the news instead of manipulate the news and the Bernie supporters and the public in general... Let our country down and took Bernie with it? How about that?

Nobody took to the streets to protest the dirty tricks, the voter suppression or the media blackout of Bernie? Sure people went to meetings but it was OUR votes and OUR right to vote and choose whom we wished to vote for that was at stake. It wasn't up to Bernie to tell us to protest.

It was up to us and we didn't! We didn't care that much!

Why not? We will ask that question a lot of times in the ensuing years ahead.

Why the hell not?


The youth need to stay engaged. The establishment will throw enormous resources into countering said engagement. Social media will further splinter just to provide more divide and conquer cover for business as usual. Please figure this out, youth. You have the most at stake. You need to do the heavy lifting. I will do my share, too--for a future of PEACE.


Indeed. Sanders should only go as far as endorsing ISSUES at the convention while announcing an alliance for continued struggle.

(I hope he reads this site).


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Recall that the most influential driver of FDR's New Deal was 10% of US voters voting for socialists and communists. FDR and Congress had an excuse for tossing the 99% more crumbs than the 99% ever received before or since...to keep the US from going commie.

Every Murkin voter has had the same opportunity that I have had to vote third party in the past seven presidential elections. i took the opportunity, while too many Murkins didn't take it and the result has been each election delivering a more evil winner than the previous election.

Withholding votes from corporate Democrats and Republicans is the only way to reverse the endless expansion of evil.


Indeed it must be. All good ideas to be sure. I am anxiously waiting for Bernie to give some idea about where he wants to take this revolution after the convention.
One thing I think is being underestimated is Hillary's anger at the bother she's been through trying to undermine his campaign. My guess is there will be consequences. Rules will tighten regarding protests, free speech and any other way we have of planning change. Right now Google, Yahoo, and other search engines will redirect your search to a Hillary page if you type in certain web sites. Try uspoliticsdaily.com. You cannot reach that page from any engine, I tried. It has essentially been blocked. This information control will intensify under Clinton as she will not tolerate being criticized.
For those who think it's a conspiracy theory that the media have been involved in helping her campaign just look around at the many ways they have run interference for her. It is truly horrifying. When we lose the press we lose free speech and free thought. The walls are closing in and she is intent on being in charge while it happens.
We need money out of politics and break up the monopoly on media before we can address the rest of the problems. That won't be easy.
If Bernie endorses her I will vote Green Party. He pretty much has to if he plans to go back to the senate. But we don't have to.


At the very least the Democratic Party will never allow anybody who has not previously been a card carrying Democrat in good standing to enter a primary.


With respect, I don't think it works that way.

I don't see any reason why the establishment figures should look on 3rd party votes as any different from no-votes. There is a substantial number of people who do not vote for the two authorized parties. Much of that is widely recognized to be due to apathy and/or a rejection of the political system. Voter turnout is not encouraged, all they need to do is win the elections, which they do handily.


Absolutely. The Red Queen must lose for real change in the party to begin. Concentrate our disgust and loathing for Hillary in a massive turnout for the Greens in the Fall. Hopefully she loses by the margin that the Greens get in the election. That will send a clear message that the left means business and will no longer be dismissed by the establishment. We must come to be feared by the Democratic Party as much as the Republicans fear their base. #NeverHillary.


After suggesting it is too early to rush into their arms all lovey dovey, he says, in effect, let's get ourselves organized a little better, pile up some money, and rush into their arms singing a chorus of kumbaya!

NO! Not now! Not ever!

The only way to negotiate with Wall Street's puppets is with power. Here is where we start.


After we do those things, including telling them their rotten fundamentalist devotions to Wall Street are repugnant to everything in our heritage and everything we can imagine may help us through the Sixth Great Extinction, then tell them to go straight to H%$# and stop bothering us, for we have serious, adult-only civic work on our hands.

And ignore their every phone call, email, tweet, letter, whatever.

Instead, discuss with our neighbors and our sister and brother Berners what the next steps are.

If you suppose the writer of the article this is a response to should care to join the revolution, fine, good luck telling us how he might help us instead of apologizing for why we should be drooling over Wall Street puppets.


References are being made to "old" voter machines. No doubt establishment pols will come up with a "new" way of voting to insure a "new" way of controlling the outcome of elections. Seems like we must spend a lot of effort to make sure the vote is counted accurately and promptly. California, Arizona, and New York are just the worse examples. All voting machines must leave a paper trail, and all votes publicly audited by members of all participating parties present. Until we can trust the vote, we can accomplish nothing. Personally, I think Bernie did win the election. Remember, major media stopped the exit polls, and there are still 2 million California votes to be counted. Why are we depending on MSM to do the election polls, anyway? Is that a law?


Yes, the "majority" have been brainwashed by the "news sources full of lies" for so long that they don't ever ask questions. A lie repeated three times and not challenged becomes a fact.

"Its not what you don't know that gets you in trouble,
its what you know for sure that just ain't so" - Mark Twain

Progressives need to keep challenging the facts that aren't.


I am not one for conspiracy theories, but when something like this happens, it makes one wonder....


Illinois and most states have one primary, that includes contested races for all offices, local, statewide, and Congressional. California, I am sure has one primary, so the disaster occurring there impacts all the down ballot races.


I don't think that's the Dem elects' problem, Ray. They know well enough who he is. They do not like his New Deal-style policies.


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Contemplating a more perfect union will need to first discuss the ideas of democracy, justice, law and government. We will not be able to progress without knowing where we are and why the corporate system is both collapsing and winning.

It sounds good to assign campaign finance funding publicly in order to accomplish what Bernie Sanders has shown us about autonomous democracy financing. Bernie showed us what our vision of democracy already knew must be possible.

$27 per donation and ready to go.

Will autonomous democracy allow the old and tired political parties to use the same modern fund raising technics Bernie tapped into? Sure, of course.

Will autonomous democracy be effected if institutionalized politics in charge of endless war, climate collapse and austerity uses Bernie's fund raising ideas with the people? Not at all.

A new way of looking at government and a more perfect union will be approaching a shared new story before there can be public funding of political campaigns. At this point it would be better to ask Bernie to ask the people if they would like to contribute to a campaign finance academy for independent politicians?


Thank you and I would add another very important adjustment we need. Break up the media ownership of our media i.e. tv, cable, newspapers, magazines et all of the public airways. Break up the conglomerates that now miserably mis inform we the people. Ownership is in a very few hands and encircle all of the above outlets.