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The Revolution May Not Be Televised, But Bernie Sanders Is Going All The Way


The Revolution May Not Be Televised, But Bernie Sanders Is Going All The Way

Tom Weis

First the political powers that be tried to count Bernie Sanders out after Super Tuesday, only to watch him come roaring back with a Michigan miracle that shocked the political world. After being given a 1 in 100 chance by pollsters of winning the Wolverine State, Sanders knocked down the Clinton machine in one of the biggest political upsets in modern American history.


Shrillary will implode and I am well stocked with popcorn!


Thank you for your article. It is encouraging to hear this reassurance. It seems as if everyone has forgotten how our country came to this place in time. I can never forgive Hillary’s vote for the Iraq war. Look at Hillary’s list of contributors and you will know who and what she represents. Bernie has fought for those with no voice since he was a very young man. He never changed his message.


There is still a long time and many potential scenarios yet to play-out in this critical election. Bernie is playing his cards brilliantly, it is the people that have not done their part. Media blackout, DNC favoritism & corruption, cultural & age brainwashing, electoral manipulations have all played a part in this. Many are doing all they can to support Bernie, but we need more people to wake-up and see where their/our future is - not with the old DLC corporate sell-out, warmonger Dems and not with the delusional egomaniac blowhard…

The future depends on building the coalition needed to win and get the common good back into focus. GO BERNIE and all the Sadernistas!


Yes, and when it’s not a blackout it’s deliberate biased distortion. I turned on MSNBC this morning and learned that Bernie’s Seattle rally drew ‘over ten thousand’. When the 17,500 capacity venue is sold out and local news sources reporting that, including spillover, the crowd was between 20,000 and 30,000 to then report that he drew ‘more than 10,000’ is like saying the sun is hotter than a light bulb.

The media coverage of the Sanders campaign, In the words of Woody Allen, is “a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham”.


The media, even some of the left leaning outlets, have gone post mortem on Sanders, expelling why he’s already lost the nomination and are now focusing on Hillary’s strategy to beat Trump, despite the fact that Hillary remains very vulnerable. Indeed, the DNC and party establishment are keeping their fingers crossed that their “next scandal waiting to happen” candidate can make it to November without imploding. They stubbornly ignore all the red flags with Clinton as long as she keeps the money train rolling for the party. If Bernie wants to keep his revolution going, he’ll need to find a way to do it without the Democratic Party.


Let’s do all we can to get through the Primary Season. I have never seen my chosen candidate make it as far as Bernie Sanders has in the process. Based on my personal experience, the odds favor the preordained
guarantor of the status quo. I haven’t seen a decent Democrat even get close to the nomination in my lifetime, and now I feel hope even through my jaded experience. Thank you for that Bernie!
I can’t see any logical reason for nominating the extremely polarizing Hillary Clinton other than to place a Republican in office for their turn as POTUS. Hillary will most certainly implode under the weight of her past performance and support of all things Reagan. It won’t be pretty if the Dems again select a Candidate that has nothing new to say to generate any enthusiasm. What will the campaign message be? Everything’s fine? Look I’m a woman? I’m better than the Republican?
I want to share with you my joy at seeing my young daughters and elderly father engaged in the election process and would hate to see them have their hopes dashed like mine before them.
Go Bernie!


In the arch of history - Bernie Sanders has already won - whether or not it adds the White House capture. Also, the article mentions 2 million donors…from what I remember of Bernie’s speeches that number is 5 million. Can anyone verify this? It’s an important number.


Hillary’s implosion will include choking on her own baggage that Trump will wrap around her neck. She has more baggage than all of Trump’s GOP contenders combined, and Trump has loved every minute of wrapping their baggage around their necks. Trump’s only leverage against Bernie will be calling him a socialist. The more voters hear from Bernie, the less effective that strategy will become as the socialism boogeyman becomes less scary to more voters. Expect Trump to join Clinton in amping up his attacks on Bernie in the coming weeks.

Whenever Bernie gets close to addressing Clinton’s most vulnerable history, she pulls the “criticizing Obama” card which pushes him back, knowing that he may lose some Democrats’ primary votes if he doesn’t. In the general election pulling the “criticizing Obama” card will be tantamount to Clinton handing a burglar the keys to her house…Obama’s legacy will provide the traction Trump needs to walk all over Clinton.


I have seen stats showing 2 million individual donors making 5 million separate donations. I have co-workers who send Sanders money every time they pay their monthly Obamacare extortion, or hear Hillary telling us to suck it up.


The 5 million figure is the number of individual donations, often people donate more than once. The 2 million is the number of individuals who have donated.


And over in the non-MSM media . . .


See my essay:
[3/20] more-of-the-same-with-hillary-clinton-will-not-be-good-for-america

If it comes to Clinton with Sanders as VEEP, maybe.
Would she accept VEEP to Bernie’s President?


Adding insult to injury during her pitch to AIPAC this morning Clinton criticized Trump for proposing his neutrality with Israel and Palestine.


The biggest media black out is the aipac gathering. Npr finally mentioned it this morning but barely.


Yes, so true and all of the Hillary supporters will watch in horror and frustration as the horrible Republicans smear their candidate with her own dirt. They will then ask all to support her to oppose the other corporate whore who will be worse?
I am so sick of voting against someone and want so much to vote FOR someone instead. Sanders is the first candidate in my lifetime that is worthy of my vote. All others have faded from the process too early on to even get noticed. "Dennis “did you really see a UFO?” Kucinich never got past the first few primaries. Instead we got Kerry “reporting for duty”. I am to the point of no longer being able to stomach a vote for a corporate democrat to oppose a corporate republican.


While I have never voted GOP, the last time I voted FOR a Democrat was Mondale in 1984. Although I believed (and still do) that Ross Perot would be a better President than Clinton, I voted against Bush 41 by reluctantly marking the Clinton box in 1992, only to experience the worst case of buyer’s remorse ever when Clinton zealously pushed NAFTA through, resulting in the Democrats losing control of Congress for the first time in four decades. I have voted third party ever since, and just as you expressed, I would love to vote FOR a New Deal Democrat.


Often things look more clear when you are observing from outside the fish bowl, compared to being inside the fish bowl.


Interesting question. Obviously there may be all kinds of biases into how these individuals are selected, and self-selected. But I wonder if one element at play here is their transformed sense of possibility, resulting from seeing other ways of doing things, wherever they may be. Living abroad will often rock your world, and get you out of this psychology of obedience that many of us become part of.


The ruling political elite is desperate for Bernie’s campaign to end, and the more $ Bernie gets from the grass roots people like me, the more desperate they will become.

You know that is the only thing the corrupt political, elites in the DNC, like Debbie Wasserman, who will sell out Bernie for 30 pieces of silver, understand is $.

To all who can financially support Bernie, please keep on because we will have no chance to vote for Bernie unless the DNC, and their Wall Street walker is denied the nomination for POTUS.

The next three months are crucial, and as I heard a preacher say one time and since I am preaching to the choir: give until it hurts…and then double it!