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The Revolving Door: Biden's National Security Nominees Cashed In on Government Service—and Now They're Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/28/revolving-door-bidens-national-security-nominees-want-back-after-cashing-out


Blah, blah, blah—let’s talk about ethics now. We have executive branch officers running our government worth an estimated $5 billion, collectively, and a President screaming about an election being stolen while golfing daily at taxpayer expense. The same president is subsidizing travel and expenses through a leadership PAC that’s supposed to be fighting frivolous legal battles to overturn votes in several states, money he’s collecting from voters. But yeah, Biden needs to answer questions about people who left government and didn’t serve hamburgers at McDonalds.


Changing the conversation is not making Democratic malfeasance go away.


So, because Trump was corrupt, you believe we should permit Biden the same privilege?
So you’re saying the race to the bottom should continue?

Normally you’re just a DNC shill, but this is fucking ridiculous. Corrupt is corrupt. It doesn’t matter whether they have a billion in the bank, or mere millions.

Status quo Joe. I expected nothing more.


What is corrupt about people making a living? Why shouldn’t Biden choose successful people with broad experience? This is smear by allegation. Every one of Biden’s nominees will have to 1) fill out financial disclosure statements; 2) be vetted by the FBI; and 3) go through the Senate confirmation process, where no doubt client lists will be disclosed in committee, just not to the NYTimes and David Sirota. There are good reasons for the latter, including legal and contractual ones. This is all fake, double-standard, preening, garbage.


Yep, I’d thought, a couple dozen of us posted relevant links, about our grave concerns… only to be vilified for seeing the obvious truth? God knows, Debbie sneered what we’d ALL known, as far back as Boss Daily, Dixiecrats, Henry Wallace. When these dead-eyed slaverings kleptocrat BRAG in best-selling tell-all books… or under oath, right before “reaching across the table” for multi-million dollar gigs on FOX or ComCast’s evil twin. It’s hilarious to have phony Libertarian, neoConfederate reactionaries call us RooskiBots, trolling for K Street? I’m just wondering, if it’s still just 37¢ a post?





You mean this phony conversation where the new rule is former government officials aren’t allowed to work in the private sector and are required to disclose client lists to David Sirota and the NYTimes if they do? They are default assumed corrupt if they do the first, and default assumed corrupt if they do not do the latter? That conversation?

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You mean piggies that enriched themselves at the government trough, and now are back for more?
Joe Biden was elected to bring competence and confidence back to the US government. By relying on nothing but career insiders he does a disservice to all those who voted for him. He is already proving our worst fears were justified.
How is replacing republican profiteer with a democratic one serving the nation better? You hold the bar way too low Mr Third Way. And that is why we got a Donald Trump. Anything short of revolutionary leadership will lead to another one.


[quote=“KC2669, post:5, topic:84581”]
“What is corrupt about people making a living?”[/quote]
When you are making a living selling influence to corporations seeking to do (even more) business with the government then you are by definition corrupt. When the rewards collected are of a different order of magnitude to those found in salaried positions, and these rewards are being paid out of the invoices charged to the taxpayer then the presumption is going to be that you are corrupt.
What do you think?:


Look, we have whole agencies that have been hollowed out under Trump, like the State Department. Smart people that know how to run them are good, not bad. They attract talent, understand the regulatory and policy-making processes, and will not take a year or more to get up to speed. If you recall, Trump’s first year in office he put “outsiders” in places who did not know how to do those things. They lost battles in Court and wasted limited time as a result. Obviously, as a progressive, I’m happy that happened, but Biden can’t afford a year long training session for “outsiders” who don’t know what they are doing.


You can say the same thing in defense of everyone in the Trump administration. Hey Mnuchin was “just making a living” and was vetted. Devos was “just making a living and was vetted”.Once again your true colors show. Nothing more then a DNC shill , opposed to it when it the Republicans doing it, but all for it when it a Democrat. No wonder the USA such a mess.


Revolving door is a factor in the problem of fascism.


“Status Quo Joe Disappoints.”

Lesser Evil, or just Evil?


So will we be hearing about “phony news” from the democrat maga-equivalents for the next 4 years?


Nothing changes only the names!


A surge in propaganda, for sure.


I could do that, but I won’t because I’m not limited in my thinking to gotcha double-standards and ignorant claims. Ben Carson knew zero about housing policy, he wasted years at HUD. It took the Trump administration years to issue new policies via the administrative process as a result. Carson made it through the confirmation process for one reason—a Republican Senate let him. At EPA, they couldn’t get moving on new NEPA regulations because Trump appointed an idiot grifter to the job, also appointed by a Republican Senate. You see, circumstances were not the same, and it’s easy to see that if you look a little bit.


The more effective evil!


I don’t know what you are talking about, but look forward to lists of clients being sent to David Sirota for vetting since we’ve decided not doing so is corrupt.

I agree! But you don’t go far enough. Why make these dedicated profiteers public servants wait until they’re out of office before they start collecting their rewards for all their hard work creating and expanding unnecessary wars for the weapons manufacturers and consultants public good?

They should be able to keep their private sector employment while working in the government so they don’t have to wait! After all, if their employers are willing to pay them extra while they’re spending all their time working for them us, why should we complain?

I mean we all know the act of leaving government, working for contractors, returning to government is so demanding – why subject them and the rest of us to the unnecessary pretense?

In fact, why even bother with the unnecessary wars and conflicts? Why not just reward them with untold millions just for being selected for public office? That seems much more efficient, and cheaper, too. I’m pretty sure Trump was trying to pioneer just that innovation – so why not perfect it for him?

Everyone wins!